Science essay (Science month 2013-2014)

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Make a Move Now
Science, technology and innovation played a major role in building great nations, spreading global modernization and shaping the world where we live. Other countries used those as stepping stones to attain success, why can’t we?

Two out of the three things mentioned earlier, science and technology are already around us and also involved in our everyday lives. The third thing, innovation, is what we need. Something new, unique and would stand out among the rest. We could attain this but we lack something.

The Pearl of the Orient is a homeland of gifted, intellectual and talented individuals, so we are not underdogs in terms of brilliance and ideas. But intelligence is not the only thing we need to make Philippines an innovative country. If we try to look at the famous innovators, their ace is not their brains but their courage and persistence. They were able to take risks, even with their reputation and money at stake, and that pushed them toward success.

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I think that this is what the theme of this year’s Science Month tells us, to be the J. P. Morgan, Westinghouse, and Henry Ford of this nation. In short, it tells us that we, the present generation are most probably the great innovators that would make this nation a better one. We are the ones that will polish the dusty pearl, making it shine brighter than anything else.

I hope that the message would leave a mark in our minds. We, the holders of the future of this nation will be the ones who will start the innovation in our own, different ways.

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We should make this country a smarter one and if we really want to do it, we must make a move now.

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Science essay (Science month 2013-2014)

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