October Cancer Awareness Month Special Occasion Speech

Thank you for joining us today as the City of Mobile takes part in the Race for the Cure Walk in event of October Cancer Awareness Month. This is a special event for numerous factors however the most significant is that we have actually picked as a neighborhood to make a distinction and to reveal our own capability to be heroes. People define heroism in many individualized ways and the world is full of heroes that make a considerable effect and have exceptional traits of all kinds.

Our own designated heroes affect our state of mind and affect our thoughts and our actions. It is powerful and influential.

To me, a true hero changes the world and offers hope and peace in the most tough scenarios. Today we commemorate undying love and the spirit of a woman that has altered the world. It takes an unique person, a real hero, to take an individual tragedy and turn that experience into something so favorable that it affects the life of millions.

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Today our walk is led by Nancy Goodman Brinker, she was a common private impacted by cancer when she lost her sis to breast cancer in 1983. She has actually been content to be unnoticed however has actually not stood to let hope be overlooked.

Her heroism is driven by individual loss and an effective pledge. As a brother or sister survivor of this dreadful thing called cancer, she picked to take her loss and make it a win for the world.

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You might not recognize Mrs. Brinker’s name, however you might be really knowledgeable about her sis’s name– Susan G. Komen. When Susan died of breast cancer in her mid-thirties, Nancy promised her sis that she would do all she could to help the half-million ladies worldwide who are detected with breast cancer every year. She continues to commit her life to “finding a cure”.

She is concerned as the leader of the global breast cancer movement. Christopher Reeve, also understood as Superman, once stated, “A hero is a common person who finds the strength to persevere and sustain in spite of overwhelming barriers.” In 1983, she began an uphill struggle without Web, without mobile phone, without the social acceptance of talking openly about “breast cancer”. However, she continued devoted to keeping her promise to her sister and began the Race for the Remedy series. One of the many terrific things the Susan G.

Komen Race for the Cure Series does is raise significant funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. This program celebrates breast cancer survivors and honors those who have lost their battle with this disease. Today, research grants dispensed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation have contributed to new treatments that have led to a marked decrease in the mortality rate. The organization she began in her sister’s memory has invested more than $2. 2 billion in breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment. The Susan G.

Komen Foundation gives patients all over the world the strength and support they need to fight and it gives hope to the families and survivors. There are so many illnesses and diseases that do not have cures even in today’s modern society with medical advances at their all time high. With symptoms that are not at all easy to live with and make day-to-day life very difficult. Even with all of the technology we have now it seems like it is just not possible to find a cure. Sometimes giving up seems like all that there is left to do for these people in pain.

Most times just making him or her as comfortable as possible seems best. But some people, great and brave people, press on and cling to what others find so impossible to see. These are ordinary people like Mrs. Brinker that “Race for a Cure” and surround themselves with pink, and embrace the miracles of modern medicine. This is the real heroism of our world. Nancy Brinker gave the world an option to make themselves heroes to others. She gave them a way to find hope and these every day heroes educate and bring awareness and they pride themselves in celebrating every small step towards a cure.

Cancer is deadly, and people should do everything in their power to help find a cure. There is not a single person on this earth that has not been affected by cancer. Ghandi said, ‘be the change you want to see in your world. ” Everyone should choose to “be the change” and choose to be a hero, even if it’s for someone you do not know. Today, we are privileged to have Nancy Brinker lead us as we walk together in the City of Mobile’s Race for the Cure Walk and I am honored to be among so many heroes… each of you. Thank you, Mrs. Brinker, for being here with us today.

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October Cancer Awareness Month Special Occasion Speech

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