Global awareness about education

Education has become the foundation for socio economic development in the 21st century. Awareness in education varies with each state and continent, South Asia as a region is home to a mass of illiteracy with some 412 million illiterate adults while the situation in Europe or North America is completely opposite. But in order for us to make these estimates we have to keep in mind the definition of a literate person. Literate person is defined as one who can write a simple letter and read a mere newspaper but then again, there is no mechanism to confirm the credentials of a person who claims to be literate.


Pakistan’s illiteracy rate remains not only alarming, but concerning too, as over the years it has failed to make a noticeable improvement and still remains at 57%. 25 million children are currently out of school while 3 million have never seen the inside of a classroom. Only a small percentage of individuals exist, and those too from the elite class who afford high grade private education while the majority have never even joined school.

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The conditions in the rural areas are the worst as the people are not aware of the benefits and the government’s impotency only encourages this. Lack of education only gives rise to other issues such as a higher crime rate; failure to improve the percentage of women educated also keeps them not only suppressed but more prone to domestic violence. Under the 18th amendment, the government re-emphasizes the importance of education but seized to make such a difference.

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To summarize, it is lack of opportunity and will that serves as a barrier to education and literacy.

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Global awareness about education

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