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On review of all the subjects I have chosen to take, as well as how they interconnect with one another, it is evident that I will be given a fine grasp of the diversity of culture all over the world as well as a view of economy from different standpoints and aspects of the business world. By taking banking, this will give me an overview of how the banking industry is widely connected and interrelated. I will see how it functions in a first world economy, such as of that of United States, and be able to cross-compare and contrast it with other developing countries all over the world.

This will go hand-in-hand with finance. I will be able to see the interplay of economy with currency and how these factors affect the financial standpoint of a nation. The movement of money matters is central to the development and funding of a nation toward growth. Banking and finance will give me perspective on how the industry moves, and what aspects are needed to render it successful as seen in some countries compared to others.

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Accounting, economics and statistics are also good add-ons.

The view of business must be holistic and complementing my knowledge with an understanding of these will certainly make my grasp of the business world clearer. Although different countries manage their economy in different ways, the events of the world play their effect on the economy of all countries. By my study, I will be able to understand how each economy is connected, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each nation in terms of financial management.

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In sum total, my overall major is a concentration on International Management and a minor on sociology. As I learn the different aspects of business through all these subjects, I can complement my learning with sociology and an understanding of people, allowing me to apply my understanding of the similarities and differences of people to that of the different economics in different nations and cultures, giving me an all-around grasp of global management, economics and what led each nation to where it is today.

Global Awareness Throughout my review of this course and the subjects involved, I have been truly made aware of the differences of each nation in terms of economy and management. What is interesting though is that I have also discovered how despite the avid differences between them all, there are strings that interconnect each economy to one another in such a way that events in one nation can be felt by nations all over the world.

Although the world seems like a big place, at the end of the way, each country’s success and failure is tied to one another. I’ve seen that although countries like the United States or United Kingdom may show a first world economy, this is not true of the many other countries in the world. Growing up in a first world country, it is easy to get accustomed to seeing the building of new infrastructure, the development of new medical breakthroughs and the advancement in technology.

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