What You Need to Train as an Engineer

Engineering uses a combination of mathematics and scientific knowledge to solve real-life problems. Engineers design, invent, and build the solution to achieve their overall goal. Some of the many tasks that require engineering include the development of roads, machines, vehicles, and bridges. Like many other careers, engineering has a variety of fields to go into, some major ones include; mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering.

Once you determine the field of engineering you want to further your education in, there are many responsibilities that are associated with it.

Responsibilities in the work area include; making sure the work is maintained clean, safe, and organized. Furthermore, conducting daily maintenance of machinery, helping plan, coordinate and execute engineering projects. In addition, working with management to develop project budget, using engineering equipment safely to avoid any unnecessary accidents, and analyzing problems along with suggesting a correct way to solve it.

In order to become an engineer, many institutions require you to earn a bachelor’s degree in any engineering program.

A possible institution to attend would be McMaster university. The grade 11/12 high school courses that are required to enter an engineering program are ENG3U/4U, MCV3U/4U, SCH3U/4U, SPH3U/4U at the university level.

Once you enter your first year of university or college, some courses that are common to take are; Calculus, chemistry, physics, drafting, and statics. There are many future possibilities for engineering, the reason for this is because as our knowledge about technology increases there will also be a need for more engineers.

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In addition, articles state that civil engineering jobs will have an increase of 8.4 percent between 2014-2024.

There are different salary amounts for each of the engineering fields. For example, Mechanical engineers earn money based on their experience and expertise. There are three roles with the highest salaries which are design specialists, supervisors, and managers which earn about 150,000 a year. Also the level of education you have also affects your salary, people with master’s degrees often have higher salaries than people with a bachelor’s degree. Therefore most mechanical engineers often earn between 50,000-150,000 a year.

To conclude, I think this is an interesting career to choose for me because I find engineering really fascinating and amazing to be around.

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