Engineering Essay Topics

Why Do I Want to Become an Engineer?

Why do I want to become an engineer? Is a question I often ask myself and often have difficulty answering. When other people are asked with this question, they would have instant answers such as: It’s been my dream since I was little, I like machines, It’s because of LEGO., My father is an engineer.,… View Article

Homework on Engineering Ethics

There are several situations in which a code of ethics becomes an important development tool for engineers in resolving moral dilemmas they encounter in the course of their profession. Engineering as a profession. A code of ethics becomes necessary due to the nature and purpose of engineering as a profession. Different professionals have different concepts… View Article

Concepts of Engineering

1. Microorganisms:                                     Currently, scientists are now working on several new research areas. One area involves using microorganisms to make some compounds less dangerous to the environment. Although coal may be our most plentiful fossil fuel, most of the nation’s vast Easter reserve cannot meet air-pollution standards because it emits too much sulfur when it… View Article

Engineering Project Management

.) Why do most people get the order of development that is from objectives/constrains to scope, back the front? Does it means that they don’t know what they are doing, but rather they are going to through motions in a mechanical/ unit thinking fashion? Or are the people unaware of the components of systematic problem… View Article

Mining Engineer

1. Introduction Concerning the development of field of study, this paper will elaborate several issues regarding the mining engineer. They include the background of mining engineering, the requirements needed to be mining engineer, earnings for mining engineer professional and many others. 2. Education/Training Mining engineering like other engineering degree requires the mastery of several subjects… View Article

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Growing up, every role model and spokesperson constantly reiterated that we, as individuals, could be whoever we wanted to be.  We could grow up to be doctors, lawyers, firefighters, or any other plethora of occupations that tickled our fancy. With those seeds firmly planted in our young minds, we began our eternal quest to search… View Article

The Role of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells in Scientific Researches

Nowadays the role of biochemistry is swiftly increasing due to a great number of developments and discoveries. The science is successfully developing due to researchers in tissue engineering and, consequently, stem cell researches. It is known that biochemistry aims at improving and replacing biological functions and, therefore, stem cells and tissue engineering both are the… View Article

Civil Engineering

Introduction This research aims to identify and highlight the career opportunities awaiting fresh graduates of civil engineering. This research further aims to look at the specific jobs that are available for them, amount of work load, basic salaries and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of particular choice of specialized civil engineering practice such as structural,… View Article

The Tower and the Bridge: The New Art of Structural Engineering’

How nature, science, materials and forms can collaborate under the pressure of economic and technological constraints to form aesthetically precious and socially important structures? David P. Billington provides a brilliant in its depth and scope account of all possible interactions between human genius, engineering models, and architectural means. His book ‘The Tower and the Bridge:… View Article

Use of linear algebra in electrical circuit engineering

To begin with we shall present Kirchhoff’s Laws. Kirchhoff’s Current Law (First Law): The algebraic sum of all currents at any branch point is zero. Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (Second Law): The algebraic sum of all voltage changes around a loop is zero. Electrical engineers use Kirchoff`s current law and Kirchoff`s voltage law to write a… View Article

Managerial Skills

In order for managers to be effective, they must have a clear understanding of whether different skills are important in their managerial role. In addition, managers must have a mutual understanding of the skills and responsibilities necessary for other managers across similar and different organizational levels and functions ([10] Kraut et al. , 1989). If… View Article

Electronic gadgets and items

I have come to a point in life that many people have not. I have made a firm decision to recommit myself to pursuing my dreams. While there are those who believe that with an ounce of luck and a ton of persistence anything can be accomplished, I believe that there is no reason to… View Article

Problems Related to Parallel Databases and Counter-measures

Abstract The use of parallel databases for data management has become more common as it has more benefits than those of its precursor—the mainframe computers. It is more beneficial both to the programmer and owner of the system because of its low cost and high-standard performance as compared to traditional systems. However, maintaining such system… View Article

Professional Writing and Composition: Meeting Announcement

An announcement letter can be forwarded to inform a person of the itinerary of the meeting (, 2007). It can be transmitted to reveal happenings such as banquets, weddings etc. It can also be written to convey to the community about the results of a competition, a changes in the institutional regulations, to call a… View Article

Career Goals

Have you ever had a goal in life you just had to reach? Well my goals in life are to join the navy and become a civil engineer. I realize that there are numerous ways to become a civil engineer, but I chose to join the navy because I feel it would be most beneficial… View Article

Civil Engineering Pesonal Statement

It was this quote by Theodore von Karman in my high school physics book that sparked my interest in engineering. Engineering allows for the designing and constructing of structures that most people could only dream of but they could not live without. From bridges spanning oceans to connect countries to artificial islands on which building… View Article

Darpa Challenge

When designing an autonomous vehicle, navigation is the key factor. First an autonomous vehicle must be able to locate and since obstacles it will encounter. The design of our vehicle must require the integrations of many sensors, actuators, controller, and software for all the devices to work together. Having a team of mechanics, electrical engineers,… View Article

Evolution of Surveying Equipment

Graphometer: A graphometer is a surveying instrument which consists of a semi-circle which has been divided into degrees and minutes, and has a pair of sight veins at either end as well as a movable alidade with a pair of sights at either end. It was used to calculate distances by means of triangulation and… View Article

Fishing Reel

The Fishing reel is a very simple machine in theory, but when you crack it open to explore all of its features it is very complex. There are a lot of moving parts in the fishing reel and it relies on every single one of them. If one of the parts is knocked loose or… View Article

Thinking Like an Engineeering

Summary of Michael Davis’ “Thinking like an Engineer” January 31, 2005 By: Harley Christensen © 2005 www. harleyc. com Engineers have long considered themselves to be “professionals”, made possible by their near general adoption and use, formal affiliations aside, of a code of ethics. Varying code of ethics drafts are effective only through the actions… View Article

Mechanical Engineering Paper

Career in mechanical engineering involves grappling with various aspects of the technical and practical work. The job of a mechanical engineer involves widespread handling of machines and components which have a direct relation with power by producing it, transmitting it or even making use of power. The major concern of mechanical engineers is bent towards… View Article

Reverse Engineering Paper

Reverse engineering is a process by which one understands the complete mechanism of a system by dismantling the system down into its components. The goal of reverse engineering was not to alter the system in any way but to understand the mechanism of the machine in order try and improve it. A stapler is a… View Article

Verification vs Validation

Verification ensures that the system (software, hardware, documentation, and personnel) complies with an organization’s standards and processes, relying on review of non-executable methods. Validation physically ensures that the system operates according to plan by executing the system functions through a series of tests that can be observed and evaluated. Verification answers the question, “Did we… View Article

Architecture design

Introduction Architecture design is used to define how options can be used to improve the hardware and software specifications. This paper will describe the application architecture and process design. A detailed observation is necessary to determine what kind of hardware can accommodate the software and it is a critical part of the system development life… View Article

Design of Pliers

Introduction: The first project of the semester is the design and analysis of a pair of pliers, these pliers are to have the ability to tighten/untighten nuts or bolts, and cut through wires. Group 10 is to make a design for these pliers, make a 3D cad model on a design software package. The group… View Article

Engineering and Me

Many of my friends watch American Idol with passion. Some of the girls I know watch How Do I Look? But none of that interests me. I am a How Do They Do It? junkie. That is not to say that I watch a lot of television. In fact I do not, I simply do… View Article

Mechanical Engineering and Agriculture

Engineering is a rapidly developing career field. There are many reasons why I would like to become an engineer. I am interested in SIUE’s Mechanical Engineering program. Mechanical Engineering is an exciting career field. In my youth, I was constantly designing and building an assortment of contraptions out of LEGO’s and K’NEX pieces. These objects… View Article

Personal Statement: Participated in a Nasa Space Camp

At the age of five, a young boy from India boarded his first flight while travelling from Chennai to Hong Kong. He developed a strong interest in aircrafts. In the year 2008, this young boy from India was inspired when he participated in a NASA space camp. This boy and his friends were awarded the… View Article

Statement of Purpose

“If you want something you would reach it”. It is an Iranian proverb that I have always believed in and placed it in my mind in all my endeavors. Now, I have decided to pursue my education in one of the best American universities, Georgia Institute of Technology. I am applying for admission to Ph.D…. View Article

Geotechnical Engineering

Starting primarily on the formal definition, geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the elements of the behavior, characteristics, and nature of earth materials involved in each structure construction and formation. Among the functions and services involved in this aspect are the critical investigation and observation of subsurface condition and materials,… View Article