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Purpose of Zoo and It`s Evaluation
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Since their inception, the purpose of zoos has evolved from glorified menageries to centers for conservation, education, and preservation. Because most zoos are dependent on visitor dollars to keep their gates open, risking visitor alienation through exhibit messaging is not often done. Instead, majority of zoos focus on animal-related education that essentially transfers knowledge from the zoo to its visitors, rather than challenge visitors to reflect on the impacts humans have on the world (Esson & Moss, 2013). In a…...
Investigating the promotional techniques and materials used by Bristol Zoo
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Pages • 4
Techniques Bristol Zoo is not only targeting local people but people from further away as well. They do this well with the techniques that they use for advertising the zoo. Customers start off coming from Bristol and it expands to Avon and Somerset to an even wider range. Advertising Bristol Zoo uses press releases for advertising new events going on at the zoo and new animals that may have been added. They have a website, leaflets and the most common…...
It Is Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages?
Words • 618
Pages • 3
Try to imagine your whole life confined to a cage no bigger than yourself. This is where you live and this is your home forever. There is no room to move, run or play. It is like a prison. This is how many animals live. Egg laying hens are typically jammed into caged filled sheds by the hundreds of thousands. Their cages are so tiny they can’t even spread their wings. Virtually unable to move, these animals can’t perch, nest…...
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Zoological Park Analysis
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Pages • 3
A zoo is a place where animals live in capacity and are put on display for people to view. The word 'zoo' is short for 'zoological park.' Nowadays, there are many zoos build in our country such as Zoo Negara Malaysia, Zoo Taiping and Jong's Crocodile Farm. In reality, zoo animals are large, exotic and beautiful, but in their native environments they are not. Pushed into long-lasting glass enclosures, locked behind walls, and often lonely, most animal activists contend that…...
AnimalsParkSocial IssuesZoo
Functions of Zoo
Words • 399
Pages • 2
Modern Zoo's have more functions than just displaying animals to entertain people. People have always associated zoo's with collecting and caging of wild animals. The first modern zoo was opened on 1793 in Paris, France and this changed the common people's perception of zoo. It was at this time that several zoologists wanted to study and research about animals and that gave zoo's a different purpose. Following are some of the functions of zoo's other than public entertainment. Modern zoo's…...
Zoos are Prisons for Animals
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Although wild animals have been detained for thousands of years, the first modern zoo opened in 1763 in Paris, France. When people became more interested in science and natural history, zoos functioned as a way to show and study animals. Today, zoos offer opportunities for public education and entertainment, as well as scientific research and conservation. But the question is why do we take them for their own purposes. Here are some of my points about why we should not…...
HuntingPrisonWild AnimalsZoo
Should Animals be kept in Controlled Environment?
Words • 525
Pages • 3
I have been visiting zoos and aquariums since I was a child. I always thought that the animals in zoos were well taken care of and they were better off than being in the wild. As I get older, my views have changed on the subject. I now know when animals are captured for human research or enjoyment, they are taken from their families and forced to inhabit man-made environments that only artificially resemble their natural habitats. These animals aren't…...
AnimalsEnvironmentHuntingWild AnimalsZoo
The Role of Zoos in Modern Society
Words • 418
Pages • 2
Modern zoos have more functions than just displaying animals to entertain people. People have always associated zoos with collecting and caging wild animals. The first modern zoo was opened in 1793 in Paris, France and this changed the common people’s perception of the zoo. It was at this time that several zoologists wanted to study and research animals and that gave the zoo’s a different purpose. The following are some of the functions of zoos other than public entertainment. Modern…...
Role In Society As SisterSocietyWild AnimalsZoo
The Conservation Mission of Zoos
Words • 496
Pages • 2
Breeding Programmes - When endangered species are encouraged to breed together in places like zoos to help conserve their species. Endangered species - a species of animal that’s at serious risk of extinction. Breeding programmes for Endangered species These are necessary to help conserve a species to prevent them from going extinct and it means that eventually they can be reintroduced back into the wild. It means that fewer animals need to be transported from the wild for the zoo.…...
EcologyEnvironmental IssuesNatural resourcesNatureZoo
The SWOT Analysis at Colchester Zoo
Words • 540
Pages • 3
The strengths at Colchester zoo are: Colchester zoo has become number one zoo in the South East of England, Where it attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. All of these visitors love to come to see the famous baby Elephant, Elephants have babies every forty years or so, so this is your chance to see a baby Elephant for yourself . Another Strength at Colchester zoo has to be that the zoo is reasonably priced; the…...
Swot AnalysisZoo
Print media analysis of ‘Zoo’ magazine
Words • 769
Pages • 4
  Each terrestrial channel has a column showing every programme to be shown on the day, yet there are no descriptions of daytime television programmes, because the intended audience are presumed to be at work, and these programmes are generally aimed at the female audience. Programmes that may be of interest are highlighted in bold print, and the programmes that the writers presume will be of interest to the audience are boxed - off and coloured yellow. These programmes are…...
MagazineMusicPrint Media And Electronic MediaZoo
The Mysteries of Chester Zoo’s ‘Twilight Zone’ explained
Words • 2739
Pages • 11
Problem: how to balance the needs of both the bats and visitors to the Twilight Zone at Chester Zoo by keeping them both comfortable. As a rule of thumb, nocturnal animal exhibits in zoos in the past have always been somewhat of a disappointment. Many times in the past, people have tried to peer into pitch-black glass cubes to catch glimpses of elusive dark-dwelling creatures, or into brightly lit ones, that only result in the animals doing their best to…...
LDV reflection (3rd May 2004-16th May 2004)
Words • 1402
Pages • 6
Assignment, assignment and more assignments had been clogging our minds this fortnight. With datelines for Social Studies and Numerical Literacy in tow, it seems that I'm wishing I have 25 hours in a day. These two weeks, we had been focusing in the topic of environment and many activities focused in this topic. For example, we had been doing an activity from the course book about birds in danger. Taken from the course book, this activity required us to read…...
Animals Are Happy and Better in Jungle
Words • 1193
Pages • 5
"The Jungle" portrays the lower ranks of the industrial world as the scene of a naked struggle for survival. Where workers not only are forced to compete with each other but, if they falter, are hard pressed to keep starvation from their door and a roof over their heads. With unions weak and cheap labor plentiful, a social Darwinist state of "the survival of the fittest" exists. The real story revolves around the integration and eventual disintegration of Jurgis Rudkis…...
The Zoom in Popular Cinema: A Question of Performance
Words • 605
Pages • 3
Paul WILLEMEN’s article The zoom in popular cinema: a question of performance (London: Routledge Publisher, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2013) is about zoom in popular cinema. Zoom is seen as a rhetorical tool, indicative of a discourse performance, and therefore evokes a long-debated theory of literature, namely the question of 'announcement marks' associated with narrative performance. The writers of this article gave examples of Turkish films in his article. This films are Tarkan film series of Kartal Tibet who is the…...
Zoos: Protection for Endangered Species
Words • 322
Pages • 2
The recent Living Planet Indexreportauthored by the World Wildlife Fund and the London Zoological Society paints a disturbing picture: globally, on average, vertebrate species populations have declined 52% since 1970. Over-exploitation, habitat destruction and alteration, global climate change, and other pressures have created conditions that scientists now suggest signal asixth mass extinctionepisode for our planet. If dire steps are not taken, then the time is not far that we would lose our planet's species. The existence of zoos is since…...
Interview Date 21032019Duration 1 hourPersons in attendance ·
Words • 2020
Pages • 9
Interview Date: 21/03/2019Duration: 1 hourPersons in attendance:· Saswat Tripathi· Sagun Rupakheti· Utsab Dahal· Paribhasha Pradhan· Dijee Tamang Lama· Saugat Adhikari· Subodh TimilsinaThe detailed interview with Mr. Thomas Smith is presented below with questions and their responses respectively.Interviewer Question Number Question - Client ResponseSaswat 01 How long have you been visiting the zoo?My first visit was in 2012 i.e.7 years ago.Saswat 02 How often do you visit the zoo?I frequent the zoo about 3-4 times a year.Saswat 03 What are the…...
Digital MarketingInterviewZoo
Extinction and Animals
Words • 455
Pages • 2
Should we keep animals in zoo? Zoos may seems like a inhumane way to keep animal... locked up. But the plus side to zoos are they help stop animals from becoming extinct. They are also used for animal research which can help repopulate some species back into the wild. For : - Zoo life does not prepare animals for the challenges of life in the wild. For example, two rare lynxes released into the wild in Colorado died from starvation even…...
Zoos and Aquariums
Words • 1101
Pages • 5
Zoos have always been a place of tourism where the public can go learn more about wildlife. According to Randall L. Eaton, President of the Orca Society at the University of Washington, zoos are a place of recreation that strives to protect wildlife to the best of its abilities. However, they have been under speculation on whether they're a haven for animals or a danger to them, therefore creating a debate on whether they should promote zoos to protect endangered…...
A Visit To An AquariumDolphinZoo
The Analysis of The Zoo Story
Words • 714
Pages • 3
The Zoo Story shows the personalities of the two characters, Jerry and Peter. Jerry showed that he did not have a good background when it comes to his family and the way he lives his life. He sees Peter as a man that has not seen the harsh realities of life. Jerry views his family as something that is not worth remembering as he spoke to Peter. His words,  “I have no feeling about any of it that I care…...
Observing Primates at the Zoo
Words • 932
Pages • 4
Going to the zoo has always been a favorite American past time. Families would sometimes retreat to this place where animals from the wild are caged and enjoy how these animals interact with each other. While man has always been at the top of the pyramid, the wonder of seeing these animals live and relate with others in their species has time and again drawn old and young children alike. Among the animals closest to man are the gorillas, baboons…...
Chapter Eight Summary of Zoobiquity by Barbara Natterson Hororwitz
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
Chapter eight, Grooming Gone Wild, of the book Zoobiquity by Barbara Natterson Hororwitz and Kathryn Bowers, was about the grooming habits of both animals and humans and how sometimes they can be taken too far. The main theme of the novel overall would be how animals can help solve human social issues. The chapter opens with an anecdote to “Feather Picking disorder” where birds picked at their own feathers even though it caused them pain. She connects the symptoms of…...
Zookeeper’s Wife
Words • 1462
Pages • 6
To consider a story about the Holocaust to be lovely appears grotesque and ironic. However, Diane Ackerman’s non-fiction work The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story, begs to differ. Ackerman presents the true story of compassion and its polar opposite very wisely, and in an manner that manages to be both grim and exuberant. The tale to be told set Ackerman up for greatness, and she executes its telling impeccably. The story begins in the summer of 1935 in Warsaw, Poland,…...
HistoryNazi GermanyWarWifeZoo
Zoot Suit Riots
Words • 607
Pages • 3
Zoot suits, associated with the Mexican race, consisted of a long jacket that reached almost to the knees, pants with a "tight stuff cuff", a "wide, flat hat, and Dutch-toe shoes" (Berger 193). These zoot suits were worn by the Mexican youth who were accused of murder on August 2, 1942. People claimed that Jose Diaz was murdered by a gang that had broken up a party at Sleepy Lagoon ranch located close to Los Angeles. However, even though the…...
CrimeLos AngelesViolenceZoo
Chester Zoo Marketing Mix
Words • 444
Pages • 2
The marketing mix is a business tool which takes into consideration different elements that go into a business promoting a brand and its products. Marketing is constantly evolving with the idea of the marketing mix first founded through Cuiliton's (1948) research to then be developed into the 4Ps which can be seen as the fundamental elements of marketing; product, price, promotion and place was discovered by McCarthy (1960) and finally be labelled its name 'the marketing mix' by Borden (1964)…...
What Is Your Opinion of Zoos?
Words • 408
Pages • 2
Recently, zoos have come under a considerable amount of criticism from animal activists, who claim that it is unfair to keep animals in cages and that the money spent on protecting them in their natural environment. Zoologists, on the other hand, insist that zoos benefit not only human beings from an educational standpoint, but that they protect the animals themselves. What is your opinion of zoos? Nowadays, there has been a great deal of controversy about the animals’ rights and…...
Appearance in Reality in Hoch’s “Zoo”
Words • 508
Pages • 3
What is the difference between a reality and an illusion? Sometimes people believe a distinctive difference between the two exists i. e. tangible or nontangible. However, the same people might agree that a difference does not exist when considering borderlines for example. The lines aren’t actually lines drawn into the ground; moreover, hypothetical lines drawn on a map. Not only can illusions become realities, but our perceived appearances and illusions have the ability to produce realities. Esteemed authors such as…...
Let the Zoo Elephants Go
Words • 473
Pages • 2
In Les Schobert's article entitled "Let the Zoo's Elephants Go" She discusses how national zoo is only embarrassing itself in the way that cares for its elephants. She covers how elephants are euthanized for foot problems that become debilitating. Which are caused from inadequate conditions in which they have been held. She informs us of the needs of elephants and how they may need to walk as much as 30 miles per day, in a landscape that covers as much…...
The Morality of Zoos
Words • 858
Pages • 4
The word zoo is a fairly broad term. Zoos are most commonly thought of as an attraction rather than a means for education. More importantly, they are rarely associated with the survival of the human race. While zoos are a form of entertainment for the public and a taxable industry for the government; most of them do in fact research the animals they have in their captivity. This research can be beneficial and life saving for humans and if it…...
MoralityPhilosophical TheoriesUtilitarianismZoo
Are Zoos Cruel or Educational
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Zoos are cruel because of recent incidents that have happened creating the deaths and injuries of some animals. In the 2005 DreamWorks move, Madagascar, a group of zoo animals wanted to leave the zoo for a day to explore New York little did they know there one day escape turned into an adventure greater than they could have every imagine. While exploring New York they were accidentally shipped to the island of Madagascar. Though they were among other animals that…...
Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos
Words • 612
Pages • 3
Animals love being in their natural habitat; the wild. Far too many wild animals are kept in zoos being poorly treated and tried to shape into domestic pets. Majority of the enclosures are too small for the animals inside them. So many animals lose their natural instincts and then then if they are returned to the wild for any reason they don’t know how to act or hunt as a wild animal. People say it’s okay to have animals in…...
AnimalsWild AnimalsZoo
Arguments for and Against Keeping Animals in Zoos
Words • 978
Pages • 4
Zооs аrguе thаt thеy sаvе еndаngеrеd spеciеs аnd еducаtе thе public, but аnimаl rights аctivists bеliеvе thе cоsts оutwеigh thе bеnеfits, аnd the viоlatiоn оf thе right оf thе individuаl аnimаls is unjustifiаblе. Rоаdsidе zооs, pеtting zооs, аnd smаllеr аnimаl еxhibitоrs tеnd tо kееp thе аnimаls in smаllеr pеns оr cаgеs. Sоmеtimеs, bаrrеn cоncrеtе аnd mеtal bаrs is аll а tigеr оr bеаr will knоw fоr thеir еntirе livеs, Lаrgеr, аccrеditеd zооs try tо distаncе thеmsеlvеs frоm thеsе оpеrаtiоns by…...
Should Zoos Be Banned
Words • 536
Pages • 3
1. Zoos have many educational benefits. - You are able to see the animals that are from foreign countries that you might not be able to travel to and even if you do get a chance to travel to those countries it is not assured to see the animals that are in the zoo. Examples of these animals are: Pandas, Penguins, Polar bears, etc. - In a zoo, you can observe how animals behave in their habitat. Although you can…...
We Shouldn’t Kept Animals in Zoos
Words • 263
Pages • 2
For many people, the zoo is a source of fond memories and funny childhood anecdote like the swinging monkey, growling tigers and the others animals. Some people and I see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. Firstly, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because most people go to the zoo purely for their entertainment and truly I think that animals weren’t created for our entertainment and it’s cruel to keep these animals in an artificial environment…...
Zoo or Prison
Words • 413
Pages • 2
Individuals constantly say that animals are our good friends; that is why we want to go to zoos to see those animals. But are the animals pleased about being secured cages and being seen by people daily? Or do they wish to live in the environments that they are expected to live? Naturally we are never ever able to understand what an animal thinks, however I understand one thing for sure, I don't desire to reside in a cage and…...
Exotic Animals as Pets
Words • 1483
Pages • 6
Danger, danger! Animals are cute, but not all are domesticated to own as pets. Dogs are a man’s best friend, people suggest cats are an old lonely lady’s answer to everything, and everyone has a dream to own a tiger or lion. However, people should not be allowed to own exotic animals as pets. Owning exotic animals can cause an endangerment to the animal, an endangerment to the owner, and an endangerment to the community. Many people love and own…...
Marketing of Zoo
Words • 617
Pages • 3
Q .Which tools and media would you use to attract visitors to see Gorilla Kingdom? Answer: First I would like to say something about the actual gorilla kingdom that the ZSL London zoo has created to boost the animal diversity that it is having. Gorilla kingdom is a new product offering by the zoo authorities in which not only gorilla but the scenic beauty of the area also in which it has been conceptualised is an eye catching sort of…...
Lack of Freedom
Words • 533
Pages • 3
First negative effect of capturing animals is lack of freedom. The animals should be in the place where they belong. An animals staying in the cage seem kind of tortured. Of course, they are tortured and for sure, it is hard time for animals to stay in the cage for the rest of their lives. “When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free” (Hughes). Wild animals are supposed to live wildlife, supposed to…...
FreedomPandaWild AnimalsZoo
Endangered Animals and Species That Need Protection
Words • 1455
Pages • 6
There are many endangered animals in the world today, which play important roles in our environment and in our lives. Humans are the main cause of these animals becoming extinct, but with the help of the government and caring people some of these animals have increased in numbers and have been taken off the endangered species list. Many people think that they cannot do anything to help these poor animals, but they are wrong. There are many ways in which…...
AnimalBirdEndangered AnimalsExtinctionHuntingZoo
Animal captivity
Words • 266
Pages • 2
TI am a lifelong fan of good zoos (note the adjective) and have visited dozens of zoos, safari parks and aquaria around the world. I also spent a number of years working as a volunteer keeper at two zoos in the U.K. and my own interests now span to the history of zoological collections and their design, architecture and research so it is probably fair to say I’m firmly in the pro-zoo camp. However, I am perfectly willing to recognise…...
AnimalAnimal WelfareZoo
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What Is Your Opinion of Zoos?
...The other side of the coin is the captivity the animals face. No matter how nice the zoo and the stuff are, the room is limited for zoo animals, which can be especially troublesome for large animals that are prone to roaming. Taking animals out of th...

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