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Great expectations as the opening of a novel
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
The criminal's constant threats towards Pip shows how desperate he is for food, and how in need he is for some help or hospitality. Then, Pip says 'Good night sir' and the criminal responds in saying 'much of that! ' almost in a friendly, bantering type of way, just to lighten the mood. He then says something humorous 'I wish I was a frog, or a eel' and makes a joke out of having to stay the night in the…...
FrogGreat ExpectationsNovels
Death of a Naturalist – Heaney
Words • 1124
Pages • 5
This poem is a fertile mixture of imagery, sounds and an impression created by nature on a person's mind. Heaney sensualises an outstanding feel of the physical wonders of nature. As he wanders along the pathways of salient discovery, Heaney's imagination bursts into life. This poem is actually very ironic, in its whole, as Heaney effectively carves a mountain out of a molehill of the episode about the frogs, a product of his enticing figments. In the first section of…...
Comparison Between Frog and Nightingale
Words • 345
Pages • 2
The comparison between frog and nightingale describes and explains us the human society and leaves a shocking, hard to believe truth about humans. It appears that the nightingale is a talented artist who is hardworking and very obliging while the frog that is her mentor, trains her, organizes her shows and critically reviews her work is a very cunning creature. The frog is money minded, greedy, and of a selfish nature. Frog is opportunistic which can be seen when he…...
ComparisonFrogPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophy
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An Individual’s Achievement of Self-Knowledge
Words • 420
Pages • 2
A study of the theme of achievement of self-knowledge in the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.An Individual's Achievement of Self-Knowledge An important theme is an individual's achievement of self-knowledge as a result of undergoing an ordeal. As Rev. Hale sits through the proceedings of the court in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, his views change drastically. When Rev. Hale first arrives in Salem, he is very objective about the whole situation of witchery. He questions Tituba and…...
AchievementFrogMass HysteriaSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
The Frog Boys
Words • 236
Pages • 1
In March 26/1991, was a public holiday in South Korea for local elections, and the 5 boys decided to spend the day searching for frog eggs in the streams of Mount Waryong in Dalseo on the western outskirts of Daegu. Later that day, a parent of the children called the police and informed them of the disappearance of his son and colleagues on Mount Waryong, President Roh Tae-woo sent 300, 000 police and military forces to search for the boys,…...
Snakes Have Been Feared by People
Words • 858
Pages • 4
Since time immemorial, snakes have been feared by people from different parts of the world for various reasons, with a great number having not seen snakes before in their lives. These reasons arise from both religious and personal factors. The bible uses snakes as a symbol of evil and commands man to crash the head of the snake (Genesis 3:15) thus some people will not think twice when it comes to killing them. Snake bites cases are rampant in not…...
Malevu S
Words • 1306
Pages • 6
Surname and initials: S.N MalevuStudent number: 2015314046Module code: BIOL 3724Task: current trends in speciationTitle: The fighting of a fungunal scourge in amphibians.Panamanian gold frogIMAGE CREDIT: Flicker / Brian GratwickeAbstractThe fungunal scourage affect a lot of the amphibian population. The disease is the result of a bacteria found to live on the skin of the frogs. The disease is also known to be responsible for the declining of amphibian species which includes the Panamanian gold frog. The frog disease source is…...
AnimalsBiologyEvolutionFrogNatural Selection
Frog and the Nightingale
Words • 3090
Pages • 13
The book is widely regarded as a classic in India since its first publication in 1946, and provides a broad view of Indian history, philosophy and culture, as viewed from the eyes of a liberal Indian fighting for the independence of his country. In The Discovery of India, Nehru argued that India was a historic nation with a right to sovereignty. (Calhoun, Craig, Nations Matter: Culture, History and the Cosmopolitan Dream, Routledge. In this book, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru tries to…...
Sankofa Film Analysis
Words • 944
Pages • 4
Who is Haile Germia? Haile Germia is an Ethiopian filmmaker, film director, screenwriter who was born March 4, 1946 and raised in Gondar, Ethiopia who now lives in the United States. He immigrated here to the United States in 1968 to pursue acting, and enrolled in the Goodman School of Drama located in Chicago. He is best known for his film Sankofa which raised a lot of awareness to the African American community. He is also known for the Los…...
Film AnalysisFrogOroonokoSlavery
Summary – The Frog and the Nightingale
Words • 321
Pages • 2
Once upon a time, there lived a frog in Bingle Bog, who croaked all night long from the foot of a sumac tree, in his loud and unpleasant voice. All the creatures hated his “singing” but endured it as they had no other option. He was so stubborn and shameless that nothing from stones to insults to prayers could stop him from singing. One night, a nightingale came to the tree and sang in such a beautiful, melodious voice, that…...
Measurement of Compound Action Potentials from the Frog Sciatic Nerve
Words • 1355
Pages • 6
Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to examine how the compound action potentials propagate down the sciatic nerve of a frog based on varying stimuli. Before the nerve could be tested it needed to be extracted from the thigh of the frog and then submerged in saline. Several varying stimuli were used and recorded by a software package. The second experiment requires a constant stimulus with varying reference pin locations. From this the velocity of the action potential propagated…...
Perpetual Help System
Words • 701
Pages • 3
1. What do you think is the function of the nictating membrane, and why ? The nictitating membrane is a protective, semi-transparent third eyelid. It allows vision while giving the eye extra protection. In the case of frogs, the protection is needed when the frog is out of the water. The clear nictitating membrane allows the frog to keep looking for prey - and looking out for herons and other hunters! - while its eyes are protected from dust and…...
The Life Cycle of a Frog
Words • 981
Pages • 4
Diagram of the Frog Life Cycle| Mom and Dad Frog Decide to Have Baby FrogsThe life cycle of a frog starts when mom and dad frog fall in love and decide to have baby frogs. Okay, nobody really knows if frogs fall in love, but it’s okay to think that they do. Mom and dad frog will mate, either in the water or in a tree, depending on what kind of frogs they are. You know this is happening when…...
The Frog Life Cycle Process
Words • 483
Pages • 2
In Biology, we know the term metamorphosis which is the transformation process of animal’s body structure from the immature one to the adult form. This transformation process is done through cell growth and differentiation. This process usually happens in some insect’s life, such as butterfly. But there’s also amphibian, like frogs, which is also do metamorphosis in their life cycle. Frogs have some phases in their life cycle, part of the metamorphosis, which is interesting to be learned. Frog’s life…...
The pathway of air in amphibians, birds, fish, and humans.
Words • 1374
Pages • 6
How are they alike, and different? Is one more efficient than another? Gills/Lungs?HumansIn humans air travels into the mouth, or nose, and into the nasal cavity, followed by pharynx. The pharynx is where food and air cross paths. The pharynx increases the chance of choking, but also allows breathing when exercising and respiration though the mouth, if the nose is closed. Next, epiglottis opens allowing air to move into the glottis, and pass the larynx (voice box). After this air…...
BirdFrogHumanRespiratory System
Single Effect in Short Story Hop-Frog
Words • 338
Pages • 2
Edgar Allan Poe believed that a short story should be written to create a single effect. He believed that every detail or incident of the story should contribute to the effect. The overall effect of "Hop-Frog" is the theme of revenge that is seen throughout the story. There are certain details and situations in the story that add to creating this effect. At the beginning of the story, Poe shows us how Hop-Frog has been mistreated by the king just…...
FrogShort StoryThe Masque Of The Red Death
Alcoholism and its effects on society
Words • 1407
Pages • 6
The alcohol is a terrible disease that effects not only your own body and mental health but also it effects everybody who surrounds you. By being an alcoholic you are experiencing all different types of problems. It can be either a problem with a lack of money that will bring you to the friends who are going to get tired of it sooner or later, or alcohol will ruin your healthy relationship with your family and your lovely kids. People…...
Lab Report the Effects of Drugs on Cardiac Physiology
Words • 2246
Pages • 9
The study of cardio physiology was broken up into five distinct parts all centering on the cardiovascular system. The first lab was utilization of the electrocardiogram (ECG). This studied the electrical activities of the heart by placing electrodes on different parts of the skin. This results in a graph on calibrated paper of these activities. These graphs are useful in the diagnosis of heart disease and heart abnormalities. Alongside natural heart abnormalities are those induced by chemical substances. The electrocardiogram…...
Blood PressureCardiovascular SystemDrugsFrog
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