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Why Endangered Species Matter?
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Pages • 9
Since 1970 the world has lost 60 percent of its vertebrate species, but there might still be time to save the rest. Scientists estimated that we’re losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate daily. Due to changing environments, habitat destruction, and predators animals are at risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Animal populations are placed below tremendous pressure because of the results of these changes and, in some cases, the populations are decreasing to considerably…...
AgricultureDeforestationEcosystemEndangered Species Of AnimalsExtinctionHunting
Endangered Wild Mammals Species in UAE
Words • 1918
Pages • 8
Introduction The biodiversity is very important on earth. But in current events, many of the animals started to extinct so this report will show some of endangered land mammals species according to CITES and the protected area and because of the importance of the distribution of these animals for preserving them this report will show the distribution of some of the species and the protected area in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. And because of the importance of preserving biodiversity…...
BiodiversityEcologyExtinctionInvasive speciesMammalsUae
Effects of Invasive Mammal Control on Tree Communities
Words • 2432
Pages • 10
Abstract The presence of invasive mammals is known to influence the structure and composition of plant communities, making the effect of mammal control in New Zealand forests a topic of long-enduring interest. We assessed the effects of mammal control on plant communities, by measuring the number of tree species, tree evenness and density in plots with mammal control and without. Our results, generated by ANOVA tests in R, did not indicate significant variance in these three factors between mammal control…...
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Breeds of cattle reared in Trinidad and Tobago
Words • 1357
Pages • 6
Assignment 1 Three major breeds of diary cattle reared in Trinidad and Tobago are: Holstein- the Holstein breed of cattle was originated in Europe. Holsteins are most quickly recognised by their distinctive colour markings (black and white or red and white) and milk production. A mature Holstein cattle weighs roughly 1500lbs and stands roughly at 58" at the shoulder. However, Holstein breeds compared to other breeds are not as resistant to heat and diseases when in agro-ecological areas. Top producing…...
The Harp Seal
Words • 711
Pages • 3
No other seal on earth can truly be represented as the most studied as well as the most exploited as the Harp Seal is. There are number of various products that are derived from this particular seal. This happens to be a major source of business in certain countries. Those such as Norway, Canada, and China rely heavily on the products for a good portion of their import and export income. At this time there is nothing suggesting a slowdown…...
Life of Pi Animals
Words • 278
Pages • 2
Acting and speaking before THINKING, this goes back to a humans’ primitive stage. We are all animals, in the sense that we are mammals. Manifested through our psyche or personality, each animal has a different representation. From personality traits, behavior or even symbolism, animals have the ability to portray these features in humans. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, four distinct animals are manifested in the main character’s (Pi Patel)spirit. These four animals a zebra, which symbolizes the struggle to…...
Life of PiLife of PiMammals
Mammal and Sloths
Words • 334
Pages • 2
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat. The plant gives it a greenish tint that is useful camouflage in the trees of its Central and South American rain forest home. Sloths are identified by the number of long, prominent claws that they have on each front foot. There are both two-toed and three-toed sloths. All sloths are built for life in the treetops. They spend nearly all of their time aloft,…...
Pythons Overtake Everglades
Words • 283
Pages • 2
Snakes have made their presence known to residents in Southwest Florida. That is because in this region’s the swamplands called the Everglades, the Burmese pythons have taken over the area. With their ferocious appetites, the snakes have begun to gobble alligators, birds, raccoons, opossums and many more animals. Officials think that the pythons were first released into the Everglades between 15 and 30 years ago. Since then, the snakes have gotten comfortable in their new home where they slither through…...
Australia’s Unique Flora and Fauna
Words • 872
Pages • 4
Australia has over 1 million different native species. Australia’s unique variety of plants and wildlife has evolved as a result of our countries unique conditions. This is a result of Australia’s geographical isolation. From deserts to rainforests, mountains and plains; this environment has created unique animals suited to their environments. As a result: * Australia has 10% of the world’s biodiversity. * Out of 20,000 species of vascular plants 4 in 5 are found only in Australia. * With over…...
The Ecosystem of Big Bend National Park
Words • 486
Pages • 2
Big Bend National Park preserves a portion of the Chihuahuan Desert, an ecosystem that goes largely unprotected in Texas and Mexico. The park encompasses shrublands, grasslands, high-elevation woodlands, and riparian areas. Big Bend National Park Major Biotic Components • Large mammals such as Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Mule Deer and Whitetail deer inhabit Big Bend National Park • Smaller mammals also inhabit the park, such as jackrabbits and approximately 20 different species of Bats to include the endangered Mexican…...
EcologyEcosystemMammalsNational ParkNaturePollution
The Role of Motivation in Classroom Management
Words • 538
Pages • 3
A good and smooth-sailing classroom discussion begins with a creative and powerful motivation. Even if the teaching strategies and educational tools are good, a classroom discussion would not be successful without the aid of a good motivation. Motivation is an integral part of the success of the teaching-learning process inside the classroom (Oelmuller 2007). Through motivation, the students are aroused to listen, participate, discover and learn during the classroom discussion. There are two types of motivation namely intrinsic and extrinsic.…...
ClassroomCuriosityIntrinsic MotivationMammalsManagementMotivation
Logical thinking
Words • 1542
Pages • 7
The first question that must be asked before answering this question is: What exactly is logical thinking? Logical thinking is the process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion. If this definition is strictly followed, logical thinking cannot be affected by any outside influences as long as the premises are truly valid. For example the syllogism: All mammals are warm blooded. Whales are mammals. Whales are warm blooded. is truly logical because the major premise is…...
Compare and Contrast the Processes of Mitosis and Meiosis.
Words • 595
Pages • 3
Many living organisms in the Earth can continue because of the process of producing individuals called reproduction. Both mitosis and meiosis which are nuclear division in mitotic and meiotic cell division respectively play important roles in reproduction. In this essay, the processes of mitosis and meiosis are going to be compared, and the roles and significance of these two processes in the life of flowering plants and mammals are going to be discussed. Both mitosis and meiosis involve the passing…...
Compare And ContrastMammalsMitosis And Meiosis
Fetal pig dissection Theory
Words • 465
Pages • 2
Through the dissection of the fetal pig, we were able to compare and contrast the structure and functions of the organs to those of a human. We dissected the pig and observed all the exterior and interior structures. The fetal pig’s structure was almost identical to the human body. Since humans and pigs are both mammals, it can be very useful to study the fetal pig. We dissected the pig so that we should see the skeletal and organ structures…...
Men and Animals
Words • 482
Pages • 2
What does it mean to be human? Are we animals? Or are we something different? “Animals Like Us” by Hal Herzog talks about the relationship between human and animals. The article inspired me to think about what is it that makes us human. I believe humans are similar to animals in many ways, but also unique because of the complex decisions humans could make. as discussed in Herzog’s article about the many contradicting relationships humans have with animals. Interestingly, human…...
Marine Mammals
Words • 1481
Pages • 6
SeaWorld gives you the opportunity to feed and swim with dolphins, watch jaw-dropping whale and seal shows, pet stingrays, see all types of sharks, exotic fish, and so much more! But my views have recently changed after I saw the tragic death of a Sea World trainer on the news; the cause of death being one of the parks very own orca whales. This horrific news brought me to research why the whale turned on its trainer and the information…...
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Why Endangered Species Matter?
...There is so much that people can do to save these animals and threatened species from extinction, but humans must make those improvements now. So, as individuals think about the gray whale, the wood wolf, the black rhino, it's not just that people sh...

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