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The Troubled Life of Timothy Treadwell
Words • 1566
Pages • 7
There is a difference between domestic animals and wild animals. Domestic animals can be trained to live within the human world to where we have come to love and accept them as family pets. On the other hand, wild animals are animals that we cannot tame, hence the term wild. Mother Nature holds thousands of different species of wild animals that humans have come to accept as untamable. Still, there is a small portion of those who believe that wild…...
Domestic AnimalsLife
Domestic Animal Abuse
Words • 2445
Pages • 10
Domestic animal abuse is a difficult topic to separate from the agendas of those who would prevent it. The reports are certainly horrible enough on their own: a husband and wife are arrested for shipping 182 animals—mostly collies--in a tractor-trailer truck, a house is found filled with filthy, dying cats, dogs, and birds; hundreds of dogs die annually from being left unattended in the cars during the summer heat. Of course, animals do not need to die en masse for…...
Animal AbuseCrueltyDomestic Animals
Should Animals be used for experiments?
Words • 542
Pages • 3
One of the most discussed subjects of our times is whether we ought to use animals for ex-periments or not. The fascinating point that constantly shows up is what else exists rather of our dear buddies. Without our laboratory animals; our medications, cosmetics and food would not be checked and might not be safe for our usage and intake. Other opinions are in argumentative essay examples. The procedure of using animals to test safety of food and medicines was practiced…...
Domestic AnimalsExperimentFoodHealth
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Pet Overpopulation
Words • 877
Pages • 4
Family pet overpopulation is a continuous crisis and is a major issue in every neighborhood. Each year thousands of animals need to be euthanized and put to sleep due to the fact that good homes are not discovered for them. Deserted pet dogs and cats are complimentary to stroll the streets where they need to struggle to endure by themselves. The number is roughly; 8 million undesirable animals taken into shelters all across the nation. Unfortunately, majority of them eventually…...
Domestic AnimalsOverpopulationPet
Do Animals Need A Bill of Rights?
Words • 785
Pages • 4
Animals on a daily basis all over the world are being mistreated and abused by many people that do not care for them. There are very few people attempting to protect these animals, whether they are domestic animals, farm animals, or wildlife animals. More attention should be drawn to the treatment of animals because even if we do have laws for animals and for their well being, many people still do not follow these laws. The laws already established for…...
Animal Bill Of RightsBill Of RightsDomestic Animals
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