The Importance and Role of Philanthropy to the Humane Society

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Understanding Philanthropy: Its Meaning and Mission applied to The Humane Society The Humane Society is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect animals all around the world. They have teams that work to protect wildlife, domestic animals, and farm animals.

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They work to protect both land animals, like wolves and elephants, and water animals like whales and dolphins, as well as domesticated animals, like dogs, cats, and smaller animals like aquarium fish and hamsters. In order to rescue and protect as many animals as possible, they attack large industries such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, the wildlife trade, and other large industries.

They utilize more volunteers than paid employees to do this work and advocate for changes in public policy to protect the animals they serve.

Of the five roles of philanthropy defined by Payton and Moody, The Humane Society definitely provides services. “Service role: Providing Services (especially when other sectors fail to provide them) and meeting needs” (p.

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34). They offer a vast array of services that include animal rescue teams, disaster preparedness, veterinarian services, sanctuaries and animal care centers, and humane wildlife services. The Humane Society also advocates for the animals they serve. Payton and Moody (2008) describe the advocacy role as "advocating for reform, for particular interests, for particular populations, or for particular views of the public good” (p.34).They advocate for changing public policies to stop puppy mills, to end cruelty, neglect, and animal fighting, to end experimentation on animals, and to protect wildlife and farm animals. One way they do this is through signed petitions.

Volunteers play a significant role within The Humane Society. As Leroux and Feeney (2015) note, "one of the most distinguishing features of the nonprofit sector is its reliance on voluntary resources” (p.24). The humane society provides many volunteer opportunities and utilizes volunteers for care centers and for rescue response teams. The Humane Society also offers internships in some locations. In 2014 they utilized 1,520 volunteers while only employing 528 people. Their volunteer and internships programs run state by state. If you would like to volunteer you can apply online at Through this link you can select your state and browse the available volunteer positions near you.

The Humane Society has a 2014 IRS Form 990 that includes all their taxable income and expenses. It does not however list tax exempt expenses. In 2014, they received most of their funding from donations and grants (over 124 million) while their total incoming revenue was around 135 million. Of that, their taxable expenses included 128 million on employee salaries and benefits, fundraising expenses, and grants, leaving about 7 million for them to spend on animal care.

As a nonprofit, The Humane Society, works to protect all animals by attacking large industries like puppy mills and the wildlife trade. They engage in services and advocacy through rescue teams and with animals care centers which are run state by state and locally. They provide care for both wild animals (aquatic and land) and domestic animals, like dogs and cats. In addition to their protective services, they also advocate to change policy to protect the animals they serve. They use many more volunteers than paid employees and spend much of their revenue on employee salaries and benefits, fundraising, and grants all the animals that crawl over the earth', but what this Bible verse does not say is that humans have free will over the matter of having a right to a baby, suggesting that people do not, because 'having a baby' was not included in the long list of resources that humanity has 'dominion' over.


Updated: Feb 27, 2022
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