The Importance Of Respect For Our Society

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Respect:” a deep feeling of admiration for someone elicited by their abilities qualities or achievements.” Respect is important because without it nothing would get done unless it seriously benefits the person. Look at teachers. Without respect they might only have one person turning in their work. Without respect there would be anarchy in the classroom. Without respect there would be not laws or no one would follow them. Can society function without respect? Respect is something that seems more and more these days to be disregarded .

From children being mean to each other to our politicians acting like children, there is a lot of disrespect going on. 

Look at our government right now; the Democrats don’t like the Republicans and vice versa. This has led to arguments and nothing getting passed. We see that not that the lack of respect is affecting our politicians and their ability to do their job. Democrats and Republicans we see the reason nothing is getting done is they don’t want to agree with each other.

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Now we have people not even cooperating with each other just because they don’t like their political party. If this is affecting our politicians who should be good role models to the next generation will soon believe this to be the norm. Today we are losing more and more of our respect. 

Countries are using fear and weapons instead of politics and diplomacy. More and more national leaders are finding it easier and easier to trash each other and be rude to each other just because they can and no one will stop them.

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Look back to 1962 the Cold War; Soviet Russia set up nuclear missiles in Cuba giving them first strike capabilities. Our President at the time was John F. Kennedy, President Kennedy gathered his advisers sent a letter to the leader of Soviet Russia at the time Nikita Khrushchev. From there they created a quarantine around Cuba and sent ships away to deal with this, eventually Cuba got rid of the missiles and the county went back to its normal day to day occurrences. Kennedy used diplomacy, strength and cool-headedness to diffuse a dangerous situation. 

President Donald Trump is faced with a similar situation today with North Korea. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has made threats to the United States, and has continued the testing of nuclear weapons. President Trump in response to the continuation of nuclear weapons testing had decided to test our weapons and insult Kim Jong un. He has made threats of quote “fire and fury” and instead of diffusing the situation he has escalated it. Respect is important to society so much so people will go to the extremes to earn it. Respect is a silent way of saying we value something. Without respect people would not have any standard of money trade would be difficult and people would likely be in isolated groups rather than cities and countries. 

Respect is fundamental in groups without it trust becomes an issue. Respect and trust are a big way people interact. Respect provides a basis on why someone is needed. Respect and reputation are tied as well people who are respectful tend to have a good reputation and having a good reputation is a good thing to respect. Respect is a big thing in the workplace, without it things won’t accomplished he right way. We all are wired to be selfish. The reason behind this is we all have the instinct to take care of ourselves before others. Without respect people will want to do things their way instead of the right way, and learning the right way becomes very hard. To answer the question can society function without respect we can’t. Respect is crucial in the society and without it society falls apart. Respect is unspoken for the most part and it means we value whoever or whatever it is. I think we need to take care of each other and teach respect. respect is fundamental in our life so we need to hold onto it and let it grow.  

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