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Lack of Respect for Nurses

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (300 words)
Categories: Career,Nurses,Nursing,Occupations,Respect
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Lack of Respect for Nurses

According to a journal of Palliative Medicine “The basis of a professional relationship associates trust, respect, commitment , truthfulness, and compliance to the expertise of a fellow worker” (Paul Rousseau of Palliative Medicine, 2004, p.753). All of us need to respect each other because to earn respect you must show respect. According to a nurse practitioner Olivia (Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 2007) “A lack of respect can create a barrier to effective collaboration, showing respect would be giving remarks about one’s educational background, showing respect toward other health professionals, or not expressing feelings of being superior to the nurse practitioner.

This has the potential to affect NP’s motivation toward quality of care and possibly job satisfaction” (p.548)

The data collected by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2012) confirmed that nursing represents the nation’s largest healthcare profession with more than 3.1 million nurses and 2.6 million licensed RNs. Nursing can be a satisfying profession; however, nurses continue to experience lack of respect from their patients, doctors, administrators, and even from their coworkers.

Due to the increase number of nurses, many hospitals can’t hire more nurses resulting to unemployment.

Because of that it decreases the rate of taking Nursing course in college. Some people says Why do you take up Nursing?, you can’t get job when you graduate or you will end up working on a Call center. They don’t know that nursing students study hard, practice a lot to improve skills and other things that other people can’t do. Respect is the word that is missing here, respect for the people who chose nursing and the profession that nursing students are proud of.

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