Comparison Between Frog and Nightingale

The comparison between frog and nightingale describes and explains us the human society and leaves a shocking, hard to believe truth about humans. It appears that the nightingale is a talented artist who is hardworking and very obliging while the frog that is her mentor, trains her, organizes her shows and critically reviews her work is a very cunning creature. The frog is money minded, greedy, and of a selfish nature.

Frog is opportunistic which can be seen when he takes advantage over nightingale’s mercenary, simple and innocent nature.

He is blinded in the world of money through his business-minded nature that he fails to see nightingale’s tiredness, exhaustion, poor health which ultimate results in the death of nightingale. This also shows that nightingale is overbearing in nature and doesn’t oppose to the frog’s cruel attitude towards her whereas frog on the other hand is insensitive.

The nightingale’s simple, shy and foolish character turns out to be a problematic thing for her as the frog deceives her.

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problem Besides the poem has a number of references to human emotions like, happiness, awe, appreciation, flattery, criticism, greed and fear which are inculcated by the two central characters, i. e. , the frog and the nightingale.

The poem is thus a powerful example of how people are deceived by others, because of the wrong self-image and lack of moral courage, also depicting the corrupt face of or modern developed society, where greed, fame, and competition take precedence over ethics and values, which tells us that the poem is symbolic of our modern society where the untalented but loud mouthed types like the frog, dominate over the truly gifted like the nightingale, who are often unsure of their talent.

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It also portrays the selfish human nature- when a lesser talent, instead of trying to raise his/her own standard, tries to drag the other down to the base level in order to feel equal to him. It further highlights the commercialism and consumerism prevalent in our society where everything is weighed against monetary benefits.

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