Wild animals in captivity

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Wild animals are kept in captivity for a variety of reasons and in a range of environments, including zoos and circuses, scientific laboratories and also as pets at home. Caring for a captive animal takes time, money and knowledge to provide everything the animal needs, such as food, water and the correct environment, to prevent suffering and ensure good welfare, but many countries treat animals with terrible cruelty. In my opinion no wild animal should be kept in captivity except if an animal is injured or to save a species from extinction.

I believe that caging a wild animal is regrettable. Many zoo exhibit animals like the articles in a shop window but we really don’t know what there is behind this exposition. The owners of the parks often have a poor and disrespectful behavior towards animals. They use them only for an economic profit.

Animals have to live their life in a few square meters, with not enough food, exposed to weather conditions that are unnatural for them.

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Circuses exploit animals making them to perform ridiculous tricks. Bears are humanized, they are forced to wear silly berets and to play horn. Tigers naturally fear fire but they are still forced to jump through fire hoops. Trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, and other painful tools of the trade to force animals to perform. The most part of circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages and because of their forced immobility, they may develop arthritis or other joint problems.

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I find this intolerable As for/ In the matter of scientific experimentation on animals, I believe we should be aware of the cruelty often inflicted in this way. Personally I feel that in some cases this may be useful.

Sometimes experiments may be necessary for the research on cancer and others diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. However I’m greatly against the use of animals to test the efficacy or toxicity of cosmetics or perfumes. The results of the experiments aren’t always reliable. They aren’t able to guarantee that a product will have the same effect on a human being as it does on an animal. In conclusion I would argue that is inacceptable to keep wild animals in captivity or experiment on them, except in very few cases. Discoveries about nature have shown us that animals have feelings. The can feel depression and anxiety.

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Wild animals in captivity

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