Should Wild Animals Be Pets At Home?

Many people have questioned whether they would ever consider to buy a wildlife animal as a pet. Although owning a wildlife animal would seem out of this world, it’s not worth risking the lives of these poor animals who are meant to be out in the wild. Wildlife animals are not as domesticated as dogs. They have wildlife instincts even when they are in captivity; this is very dangerous for us humans who would own one of these exotic animals.

By owning a wildlife animal it’s hard to have all of the resources to make sure this pet lives a healthy, happy, and safe life. These wildlife animals as well can bring in diseases that can be transferred from animal to human, and they can be deadly.

Wildlife animals could possibly drive their owner crazy since these animals have wildlife instincts. Wildlife animals such as tigers, chimpanzees, and bears are all animals that are very difficult to be tamed.

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These animals have not evolved how most dogs have and its much more complicated to train one of these exotic animals rather than a new puppy. In the article “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?” Mia Lewis states that domestication is not something that happens in one or two generations: it takes hundreds or thousands of years. That for say, we would not see these animals changing their way of being anytime soon.

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Having to take care of a wildlife animal is not easy. Many of these wildlife animals need a large space of land where they could play, run, and sleep; changing their lifestyle could possibly harm them.

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It’s not easy finding a home where a tiger or bear could possibly live in. Most owners of wildlife animals built their own backyard, which costs a lot of money. Having to buy your wildlife animal food could cost you a ton of money as well. Most of these animals are either herbivores or carnivores so having to always be buying the plants or type of animals they eat could cost you a lot. Since these animals are very exotic, vet bills will be very costly too. Meeting the needs of these animals is not easy and in the article “Do you Really Want a Baby Tiger?” informs the reader that the majority of exotic animals will last almost a whole human beings lifetime. Many of these exotic pets carry diseases that could harm their owner or people around them.

The disease itself could spread out and cause serious injuries to the human population. Vaccines for these animals could be very costly and if anyone could not pay for the care for their exotic pet, they should not have one in the first place. What the article “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?” informs us about owners not being able to sustain these exotic pets is that owners who find their fully-grown pets unmanageable sometimes release them. This is very dangerous for the public and the environment. Although it would be exciting and fun to have an exotic pet, before purchasing one people should consider these factors and make sure they could give these wildlife animals the exact life it deserves to live in order to be healthy, happy, and safe. Make the right decision before we eliminate many species and have more animals become extinct. No one should be taking in a wildlife animal if they cannot afford it.

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