The Best Bird Pets For Kids and What Makes Them Great Pets

Kids of all ages are often amazed by the different animals that they encounter in public that sometimes they end up wanting to own one. But as we all know, owning a pet is not an easy task as it requires the time and effort to care for them, according to Pet Story News. First, you’ve got to find out if your kid is really serious about taking care of a pet. Once you’ve learned that their intentions are true, then you can probably allow them to experience being a parent by getting them their first pet.

If you’re wondering what kind of pet to get them, it would be wise to get them a bird. Birds often stay inside their cages and are considered some of the easiest pets that you can get for little kids. To help you decide on which pet to get, here are the best birds for little ones.


This bird, which is also known as the Budgie according to an article by Pets Lady, is a great pet for children who are older.

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They may look smaller than the regular parrot, but parakeets are smart and surprisingly have a large vocabulary that will entertain anyone, especially the kids. Their size should be considered in maintaining them because they are more delicate than the bigger birds. Your kids have to know that parakeets shouldn’t be grabbed because it can hurt them. As per Pets Lady, they are perfect for a cage that can be placed inside your kid’s room, given that they receive proper care and attention.

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Diamond Dove

The Australian dove is considered as one of the smallest breeds of pigeons according to Pet Story News, which makes them easy to care for. They are usually kept free and are also perfect as pets if cared for in pairs. What makes them perfect for kids is their capability to keep themselves busy in their cage, even if they are the active type of pigeons. Although it must be known that they should come in pairs because as per Pet Story News, Diamond Doves hate being alone.


According to Spruce Pets, the cockatiel is one of the largest of the best birds for kids. They can learn tricks, which is why they are best for older children who can teach them how to whistle, do cute tricks, and even talk. The cockatiel requires a basic diet but take note that an all seed diet can be dangerous for them as well. Some of the tasks that you can assign your kids are cleaning the water bowl, cleaning the cage, and changing the water daily of their pet cockatiel.

Meyer’s Parrot

If you’re looking for a quiet bird breed then Meyer’s Parrot is a must, according to Pets Lady. They are calm, steady, and can maintain a loving relationship with different people. Despite their timid character, Meyer’s Parrot is still acrobatic and affectionate and don’t often bite, making them ideal for little kids.  The small African birds are perfect for small houses or apartments, as shared by an article by Pet Story News.


The beautiful and easy-to-care-for finches are at Spruce Pets’ list of the best birds for kids. They require minimal interaction and shouldn’t be taken out of their cage, which makes them ideal for little kids. Finches provide soothing music through their soft chirps and chatter, which kids will love, as per Spruce Pets. If you’re getting them as a pet, you have to inform your kids that finches are very delicate birds that require gentle care and should come in pairs because they don’t usually care for human interaction. The charming bird is perfect for any home and requires less maintenance compared to other birds.


This breed is one of the favorite breeds of bird pets in Spanish and English courts back in the 17th century, according to Pet Story News. They came from Canary Island, hence the name that was given to them. The Canaries are famous for their voice which is perfect for singing, making them the perfect entertainer in any home. Aside from their beautiful voice, canaries are interesting, cute, and don’t require much tending.


The Pionus is one of the most underrated parrots that are very sweet, rarely bite, and are fairly quiet, as per Pets Lady. This breed is perfect for kids because of their soft and kind character that won’t scare your little ones. According to Pets Lady, the Pionus can live up to 40 years, which is why it is good to have them while your kids are still young. Children can learn to nurture a lasting relationship that they will cherish as they grow up. As per Pets Lady, this breed is less likely to bond with just one person unlike other breeds of birds.

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The Best Bird Pets For Kids and What Makes Them Great Pets

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