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How the Joker Became Batman’s Ultimate Villain?
Words • 417
Pages • 2
The Joker is an iconic villain who is featured in DC comics alongside his nemesis, Batman. Joker has a psychotic reputation unlike any other. There is something about his character that draws viewers to love him, along with being completely fearful of him too. Joker qualifies for one of the most terrifying villains with his crazy schemes, sociopathic tendencies, and his frighting appearance. The Joker began his life as a criminal by pitting low-level criminals against each other in elaborate…...
What Makes Thanos a Great Villain?
Words • 994
Pages • 4
Not all villains are purely, irrevocably, and inherently evil. More than not, villains are written as insufferable characters with little to no hope for redemption. Although, upon realizing the unfortunate situation that made them become that way, one can’t help but feel sympathetic. In fact, if oneself was put in these so-called “villains” shoes, many of these characters in pop culture would not be looked at as completely evil. For example, the main villain of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers:…...
Natural SelectionVillains
Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents Article Analysis?
Words • 924
Pages • 4
Isabel Fattal, a copy editor to The Atlantic who wrote “Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents,” was discussing and going over why cartoon villains in America always tend to have a foreign accent. Fattal published her article on January 4th, 2018. In her article, Fattal is wanting to convince her audience that every parent should come to the agreement to make their children become more aware of what they’re watching and become what Fattal calls it, “media-literate viewers.”…...
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Lady Macbeth Is Essentially the Villain in Macbeth
Words • 763
Pages • 4
In this essay, I will be exploring how Lady Macbeth is the true villain of the play. I will focus on how Shakespeare presents her at the start of the play, how she reacts to Duncan’s murder, and how she appears towards the end of the play. Lady Macbeth is a threatening, horrible, and evil character at the start of the play. Lady Macbeth desperately pushes Macbeth to get rid of King Duncan and to take the throne. Lady Macbeth…...
Macbeth: Is Lady Macbeth a Villain or a Victim?
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Lady Macbeth is presented by Shakespeare as a powerful dominant character, wanting to be Queen of Scotland, possessing the ambitions of a man but born into a female body. At the time, a prime example of a traditional society female was Lady MacDuff who bore a male heir and was a loving wife but never asked for anything more. Her first entrance is marked by a soliloquy in blank verse with strong iambic pentameters using the language of the witches…...
Heroes and Villains: The Contradictions
Words • 937
Pages • 4
Heroes and villains share many similar qualities but their overall actions are what causes them to be different. Heroes are most likely to see the morally right in a situation and act based upon what they see wrong, villains are the ones who cause the situations that the heroes have to act upon. Section 1: Characteristics that both heroes and villains share and why heroes take action on issues the villains create. Villains may seem to be the opposite of…...
Shylock The Paradox Villain And Victim English Literature Essay
Words • 868
Pages • 4
In `` The Merchant of Venice '' , Shakespeare portrays Shylock as a self-contradictory character since he is a selfish, heartless, and money-grubbing stereotyped Jew of the clip who experiences persecution by the Venetian citizens. Although Shylock is represented as a cruel and unusual monster there is concluding to his maliciousness due to the fortunes he 's been dealt with by populating in an antisemitism community. The transition, `` I have possessed your grace of what I purpose, '' (…...
EnglishLiteratureShylock Victim Or VillainThe Merchant of VeniceVillains
How does Shakespeare reveal Iago’s villainy throughout ‘Othello’?
Words • 1161
Pages • 5
Othello is considered a typical Shakespeare tragedy because of the elements that make up a Shakespearean tragedy are included within Othello. These elements include the presence of supernatural elements or madness, a tragic hero of a high social status and a new order moving in after the old one is thrown down. It also includes the element of chance, the tragic hero has a fatal flaw that brings about the downfall and most of the main characters, apart from the…...
DramaOthelloOthello And IagoPlaysShakespeareTragedy
How Do Scott Fitzgerald and Hunter S. Thompson portray the villain in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘the Great Gatsby’?
Words • 3008
Pages • 13
In The Great Gatsby and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Scott Fitzgerald and Hunter S. Thompson use a villain as contrast to represent the ugly side of 'the American Dream'. The two novels are set in different time periods and so the severity of each character's actions and the effect they have differ in relation to the environment they are in. However in both there is a consistent theme of greed and self indulgence which is portrayed as a…...
American DreamF Scott FitzgeraldFearThe Great GatsbyVillains
Othello – Iago, victim or villain
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
When you study a play, you need to be able to see it from two different perspectives simultaneously. You need to be able to imagine and experience the text line by line, sharing the thoughts and feelings of the characters as they go through the events of the play, but at the same time you need to look down at the play as a whole and see the patterns of characters and relationships. Iago is a fascinating and complex character…...
OthelloOthello And IagoVillains
Is Medea a villain or a victim?
Words • 920
Pages • 4
In the Medea, Euripides balances the reaction of moral repellence at the isolated act of Medea’s infanticide with an examination of her motives in an attempt at justification, forcing the audience to re-examine their own conceptions of morality through the lens of Medea’s actions. The antithesis formed between the gravity of Jason’s offences and the abhorrence of Medea’s reaction is the main criterion by which to judge the weight of each character’s wrongdoing. Every offence committed in the play both…...
Is Stanley Kowalski a Tragic Villain
Words • 1846
Pages • 8
Is Stanley Kowalski simply a tragic villain? A Streetcar Named Desire, written by Tennessee Williams in 1947 is a play that is perceived with the variance between a man and his sister-in-law. Stanley Kowalski immediately captures the attention of the audience through Williams’ excellent portrayal of the intensely strong willed character, furthermore Williams forms Stanley into an exceedingly masculine character who will always have his way or no way and makes his opinions vey clear to those around him “why…...
A Streetcar Named DesireVillains
Heroes Villains
Words • 1063
Pages • 5
Frankenstein is a gothic novel which was published in the 19th century, and was written by Mary Shelley. In the 19th century the most popular types of novels were horror. This novel was an early example of a thriller. One of the main reasons why Mary Shelley wrote a book about science, horror and suffering was because she knew that people in the 19th century were interested in all of these aspects. The novel also deals with issues of good…...
FrankensteinHeroMy heroesVillains
Can Heathcliff Be a Stereotypical Villain Character
Words • 863
Pages • 4
What is a stereotypical villain? Well for me a stereotypical villain is normally a man who is bad mannered and generally evil to his surrounding people. You hardly ever see a female villain because women are seen in the stereotypical eye as being weak and mild and they always need men to save them. For instance in a child's story book a damsel in distress would be saved by a knight in shining armour after being captured by some evil…...
CharacterVillainsWuthering Heights
Villain Study Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen
Words • 1845
Pages • 8
Background Once Upon a Time is a fairy-tale drama television series that broadcasted on ABC that takes place in many realms such as the Enchanted Forest, Storybrooke (the Land Without Magic), Wonderland and more. Regina Mills, infamously known as the Evil Queen in ABC's Once Upon a Time, was corrupted by power and revenge. When Regina was younger, she had a great love for horses and that's where she met Daniel, the stable boy, the man she loved and dreamt…...
Snow WhiteVillains
Why Joseph Stalin is a Villain?
Words • 1140
Pages • 5
A cold blooded murderer, an unfair ruler, who is the first person that comes to mind when you think about this Hitler? Well, what about Joseph Stalin a violent man who sent more Russians to their death than Hitler did with Jews. Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem. The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic. These are both quotes said by Joseph Stalin these quotes do…...
Joseph StalinVillains
Shylock: Victim or Villain?
Words • 1444
Pages • 6
'The Merchant of Venice' is a play composed by William Shakespeare between 1594-1597, it is stated to be his most suspenseful comedy. It's rumoured that sources of inspiration for this play are a story called 'The Simpleton by Giovanni Fiorentino and Christopher Marlowe's play, 'The Jew of Malta' in 1589. Although, 'The Merchant of Venice' was composed during Elizabeth Is reign as Queen, there is no evidence it was carried out up until the reign of James I, when it…...
Shylock Victim Or VillainVillains
Who is the Greater Villain Macbeth Or Lady Macbeth?
Words • 1670
Pages • 7
Assignment Details: - Compare the characters of Macbeth and lady Macbeth and say who for dramatic purposes is the greater villain. I believe that Macbeth is the great villain but Lady Macbeth is greater than he. This is because she is pure evil and very persuasive as she is able to influence and force Macbeth into killing his friend and King Duncan. In order for the prophecies made by the three weird sisters in the beginning of the play (when…...
Macbeth – Victim or Villain?
Words • 1293
Pages • 6
As the scenes of 'Macbeth', is slowly scene by scene revealed to the audience; Shakespeare wittily shows Macbeth's personality as two different characters, the victim,to Lady Macbeth and the witches and as the villain, througout the play; but with both characters clearley portrayed so that one from the audience may say Macbeth is a victim to greater powers; Lady Macbeth, the witches and his own greed, wheras another may say Macbeth is a villain, who was happy of committing all…...
Is Iago The Perfect Villain?
Words • 3474
Pages • 14
Few Shakespearian villains radiate evilness and jealously quite as much as Iago, the unbeknown nemesis of the play's title character, Othello. In other plays written by the bard of Avon the villains can come across as one-dimensional- weak, personified by a flaw in their genetic make-up or unattainable ambition yet Iago is a far more complex and compelling character. True, he has the power to both betray and murder those he once worked alongside, but Iago isn't the complete cold-blooded…...
Bloody Bawdy Villain!
Words • 861
Pages • 4
Is there anything more to say about Claudius's role and characterization in the play? Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era. It is widely believed to be one of his greatest plays, although not everybody agrees, T. S. Eliot calls it an 'artistic failure' and contrasts the play to that of Mona Lisa, claiming that Hamlet is the "Mona Lisa of literature. " Nevertheless, Hamlet has been debated over the centuries by the greatest scholars of the…...
Claudius, hateful villain or good king?
Words • 1086
Pages • 5
"Claudius makes a good king. He is a careful ruler and a loving husband, providing stability for both his country and wife. " "Murderer of the rightful king, Claudius is the play's hateful, lying villain. " What justification is there in the text to support these two views? What is your opinion of the way Shakespeare presents Claudius? Claudius is capable of becoming an effective king. However his choice to exploit his newly found power for personal gain contradicts the…...
Andrew Carnegie – Villain or Hero?
Words • 589
Pages • 3
Andrew Carnegie once said, "No man can become rich without enriching others." The U.S. was between wars, inventions, technology, and also successful movements with one another. As business offered the best chances, certain people became well known, due to what they created. For example, Thomas Edison; who invented the light bulb had become “famous” along with other well known people. The "king of steel," Andrew Carnegie; was a true hero known to mankind. Andrew Carnegie was born in November 1835,…...
Andrew CarnegieHeroVillains
Machiavelli: Hero or Villain?
Words • 885
Pages • 4
Writing one of the most acclaimed books of all time must not have been easy; not one bit. Stating that, the fact that Frederick Douglas, among many others, is capable of criticizing Machiavelli and his genius work on The Prince, really infuriates me. Unconsciously, Niccolo Machiavelli became one of the first and most important philosophical leaders of all time after writing The Prince. Although The Prince is considered one of the greatest pieces of political theory in history, it is…...
HeroMachiavelliPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyVillains
Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain
Words • 1614
Pages • 7
It would helpful to identify who is Oliver Cromwell before affirming whether he is a hero or villain. Citing some popular thoughts about Oliver Cromwell, Peter Gaunt cited, “…Contrary to the popular fancy, it becomes apparent that this Oliver was not a man of falsehood, but truths…An earnest man, I apprehend, may gather from those words of Oliver’s, were there even no other evidence, that the character of Oliver…is much the reverse of that mad jumble of hypocrisies, etc. ,…...
Why People Love the Villain: A Synthesis Essay?
Words • 1836
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Synthesis essays
The Joker, Batman's nemesis, is far from a golden example of good. In reality, he's more of a madman out to see the world burn as he triggers chaos, which he calls "justice". And although he is wicked and madness incarnate, there's still a place for him in people's minds under the classification of amazing. From the show Supernatural, the fallen angel, Lucifer delights in torturing, killing and inducing the armageddon. Nonetheless, he's a major character and has a precious…...
Dark KnightPsychologyVillains
Two Villainous Characters Khattam-Shu and IT
Words • 338
Pages • 2
Two villainous characters of two different children novels with the genre of science fiction appear evilly as expected. Their manifestation signifies those of the dark force which seems to be wicked all throughout the story. These two are Khattam Shu of the novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories, and IT in the novel A Wrinkle in Time. Khattam-Shud is the leader and cult master who is also known as the Prince of Silence and the Foe of Speech. Her…...
A Wrinkle in TimeCharacterVillains
Lady Macbeth Is the Real Villain of Macbeth
Words • 882
Pages • 4
Shakespeare’s Macbeth explores the notion of villains through its key characters and throughout the play the audience is left wondering who is actually the ‘real’ villain. Lady Macbeth seems to portray certain characteristics of a villain and appears to have evil intentions and Macbeth is also perceived as a villain due to his violent rampage. Nevertheless, both Macbeth and his wife have a conscience and they realize what they’ve done wrong. With this considered, it is ultimately the witches who…...
Literary Villain Characters Iago and Krogstad
Words • 736
Pages • 3
In “Othello” and “A Doll House”, the two plays resulted in destruction of two families due to one’s jealousy and revenge. The antagonist in “Othello” is Iago who served as Othello ancient in the play was against him from the start. Iago had several motives for plotting against Othello, because they did not give him the rank of Lieutenant and he did not approve of the marriage between Othello and Desdemona. In “A Doll House”, Krogstad was an employee of…...
Napoleon Bonaparte – Hero or Villain?
Words • 2456
Pages • 10
Some men are born heroes while others earn the title after their death. Either way, a hero’s life and his achievements are cemented in the history of the world and become timeless. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is known today as one of the most intelligent and skilled leaders to have ever lived. He is also known as a controversial figure, his reputation however is disputable as many criticize him for being brutal, selfish and delusional. A deeper study of his life…...
Robespierre: Hero or Villain?
Words • 774
Pages • 4
Maximilien Robespierre has constantly been known to be controversial and misinterpreted. He was the face of the French Transformation. In accordance with the Jacobins, they controlled the time referred to as the Reign of Fear, due to their influence in the accumulation of murders of those opposed to the revolution. Reign of Terror was a symbolic time period within the French Revolution that included corruption of power and impact and mass executions. With Robespierre at the leading edge, he turned…...
Muhammad Ali: Hero or Villain?
Words • 2440
Pages • 10
Muhammad Ali will be remembered long after his death. Considered by many to be the greatest boxer ever to step in the squared circle, Ali was blessed with the speed, power and stamina to become the world's heavyweight champion. Ali was also no stranger to controversy throughout his career as many have praised him for his actions whilst many have criticised and condemned him. Ali, even over twenty years after his retirement from the sport that gave him fame, he…...
HeroMuhammad AliVillains
Wuthering Heights Character Heathcliff is Victim or Villain
Words • 527
Pages • 3
Although Heathcliff was a victim several times within Wuthering Heights, does this justify his immoral actions that hurt those around him? It is true that Catherine is extremely selfish, but she never intentionally or deliberately planned to hurt anyone in this novel. Heathcliff's manipulative and vengeful actions are truly those of a villain. Heathcliff as a Victim Nelly's unwillingness to acknowledge Heathcliff's presence to Catherine in a crucial time allowed him to overhear the hurtful things that she was saying.…...
CharacterVictimVillainsWuthering Heights
Miss Havisham…A Victim or a Villain?
Words • 444
Pages • 2
Was Miss Havisham a victim or a villain? This extremely eccentric character is absolutely essential to the plot of Great Expectations, for with malice intended, she greatly alters the paths of Pip's and Estella's lives, and with obsessive behavior destroys her own life. Miss Havisham was heir to a fortune that had been gained by successful industry rather than noble birth. Miss Havisham's suitor, Compeyson, was, by social classification, beneath her. The fact that he jilted her and was of…...
Heroes and villains essay
Words • 424
Pages • 2
In today's society, one does not need to wear a cape or be able to fly to be a hero. Someone does not need to wear black and have an evil laugh to be a villain either. Today, an ordinary, everyday person can be transformed into a hero or villain almost instantly. A catalyst is definitely needed to perform this transformation. An event usually has to pull out the heroic traits of a person. For instance a person who witnesses…...
How Is Curley’s Wife Presented – Victim or Villain?
Words • 2168
Pages • 9
Curley’s wife is the only women at the ranch in Of Mice and Men. She is generally portrayed as a young, lonely, bored and childish girl. “Baloney!” is her ‘word.’ This single word shows that she thinks she is a movie star. No one really talks like this. All the way through the book, it is evident this is how she sees her life; unreal, like a movie and dramatic. Curley’s wife is talked about before she is seen in…...
Lady Macbeth is the real villain of the play do you agree?
Words • 609
Pages • 3
In ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’, Shakespeare portrays many negative themes through the acts of Lady Macbeth which show the audience that she is a real villain of this play. She holds a malicious agenda and many evil tendencies which separate her from the average individual, but this was only after interpreting the witched prophase. Thus, not only making her the only guilty villain in the play. Lady Macbeth is no more than an incarnation of evil. All of the acts…...
Christopher Columbus; Hero or Villain
Words • 1751
Pages • 8
In 1492, Christopher Columbus, discovered America. More than 500 years later Columbus Day is a national holiday. Statues are up, even in Pueblo, and thanks are given for what he has done for us. We learn about him in grade school and we are told of his brave adventures. However twenty years later in my first history class another picture is being painted of Columbus; not from my History book, but from my teacher. I thought it was interesting to…...
Christopher ColumbusColumbus DayHeroVillains
Character Daisy Buchanan is Victim or Villain
Words • 1301
Pages • 6
In Fitzgerald’s novel there is typically more focus on Nick Carraway, the narrator and James Gatsby, who the novel is named after, rather than the secondary characters. However, Daisy is in some way important, because she is what steers the novels course of action due to Gatsby’s love for her. Daisy is what influences his lifestyle and eventually his death. Some people say that Daisy is a victim of both Tom Buchanan and James Gatsby, but this interpretation of her…...
Heroes and Villains in Postmodernism
Words • 4651
Pages • 19
Postmodernism is a creative movement that is said to have originated in the 1950s. As the name suggests, it is the successor of modernism, and the development of postmodernism is visible in not only literature, but also other creative disciplines such as architecture, music, fashion, film and painting. Postmodernism was created as a reaction to its predecessor, and its “rational, scientific, and historical aspects”. This results in postmodernism being self-conscious, ironic, and experimental, concerned with the instability and unreliability of…...
HeroModernismSocial Commentary ExamplesVillains
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How the Joker Became Batman’s Ultimate Villain?
...Joker only cares about himself and how he can selfishly succeed in life, no one else. His reputation is one of a sinister devil but his unpredictable nature and dark humor draw viewers into his character. It is a perfect nemesis to have against Batma...
What Makes Thanos a Great Villain?
...In Avengers: Infinity War, where Tony and Thanos finally come face to face, we begin to realize both of them have a similar motive but went along different paths in opposite directions, they both felt and took on the responsibility of saving the univ...
Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents Article Analysis?
...A highlighted part that I believe where Fattal lacks is the explanation to the readers as to why we should care whether we use foreign language accents to portray and describe villains in TV shows or films. Fattal mentions numerous facts and evidence...
How does Shakespeare reveal Iago’s villainy throughout ‘Othello’?
...This signifies the power change that occurs in this scene when Iago was a loyal servant with his superior to an evil, back-stabbing friend telling 'what he thinks'. Of course the audience knows what Iago 'thinks' may be what he thinks but are essenti...
How Do Scott Fitzgerald and Hunter S. Thompson portray the villain in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘the Great Gatsby’?
...Thompson involves us in the heart of the action and by instinct we make less harsh judgements of ourselves. I think Fitzgerald is more successful in portraying the traditional stereotype of a villain in Tom Buchanan; someone who deliberately commits ...
Why Joseph Stalin is a Villain?
...The only thing that had defeated the Germans was the cold weather, not Stalin's army or Stalin's plans. And if it was not for the weather and if Germany had proper form of clothes and transportation they would have pushed farther east in the Soviet U...
Who is the Greater Villain Macbeth Or Lady Macbeth?
...The dagger that he used to kill Duncan haunted him before the job was done; he couldn't cope with having Banquo killed. Macbeth is definitely too weak to murder unless he is coerced into doing it. Moreover the man was too weak to say no to his villai...
Why People Love the Villain: A Synthesis Essay?
...I’m an agent of chaos”(Dark Knight). When it all boils down to it, try as we might not to like the bad guy, we just can't help it. They're truly fascinating. We love villains because in a twisted way, they mirror ourselves and we can relate to th...
How Is Curley’s Wife Presented – Victim or Villain?
...I feel that her victim qualities outweigh her villain qualities. Yes she always found others to blame, found the bad in people, and criticised everyone in sight. She was lonely, and her mistakes in life backfired on her. I think that the part of the ...

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