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The decision made during the Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) Supreme Court case was the Court rejected Plessy’s reasons. Plessy’s arguments were thought the law disgraced the black community. They were not being treated fairly. According to the Court, both black and whites were given separate train cars and were punished fairly. Plessy likely did not agree with this. In response, the Court quarreled to Plessy’s reasons.

While the Court battled it out with Plessy, it heavily stressed the the13th Amendment only referred to slavery and nothing more. It was complicated. The 14th Amendment was supposed to have equal equality of blacks and whites before the law. Nothing was like that, rather only in political and civil rights. If it was something other than that it likely did not help those people.

‘Nine politicians sitting on a bench.’ – description of the US Supreme Court
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The decisions of the US Supreme Court can have a significant impact on US society. In fact the Supreme Court only hears cases that it believes are of major constitutional significance. The impact that these decisions have on US society is almost always a divisive issue, and this has led to many people claiming that Supreme Court justices are as much politicians as they are judges. This essay will critically evaluate the view that the US Supreme Court is made…...
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The Analysis of the Niagra Movement
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After reconstruction African American were still trying to recover from the inequality and the lack of education in the southern states. The nadir period was the time were African Americans aimed at eliminating racial discrimination, equal job opportunities, and improving their political power. The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment, reconstruction, plessy vs. Ferguson, and radical republicans were all factors that helped black folks advance in society. Booker T.Washington and W.E.B Dubois were to powerful civil rights activist who had two…...
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Justice Harlan and Constitution

When ‘separate but equal’ was said, it is referring that both races are segregated, but have guaranteed opportunities for them all. This is implying they may have separate train cars for blacks and whites, but they are all given their own train care and treated fairly. That is what it seemed to some.

Justice Harlan said in his dissent was the constitution could not see colors, it was like it was colorblind. It even does not know how to endure classes amongst its people. In the United States, there are no better or reigning, managing group of people as a rank does not exist. This is in the center of the administration, the government. It was nearly 40 years before Harlan’s dissent became the foundation of the country.

Booker T. Washington’s Teaching

W.E.B. Du Bois felt about the results of Booker T. Washington’s teachings were not too good. He did not like Booker T. Washington’s teachings at all. Booker T. Washington’s teachings would only cause trouble. It would cause further white domination. This was something Du Bois did not want to happen at all.

Both W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T. Washington both had very different viewpoints and teachings. Booker T. Washington was the most prominent black leader. He was also a philosopher and taught self-management, ethnic solidarity, and benevolence. Black people were inspired to endure discrimination for a bit until they were accepted by the whites and be combined into the community. Learning skills in occupations, industrial and farming would help them.

However, W.E.B Du Boise was a lot different. Du Boise was a scholar and a political thinker. He used political action and the civil rights agenda. Using the civil rights agenda helped Du Boise create the NAACP. Changes with socialization were also important. Creating a small group of students who had a college education could work to help change the view about blacks.

Chief Joseph and General Howard

Chief Joseph tells General Howard he ‘will fight no more forever’ because his people are facing many difficulties. Many of these difficulties are leading to their deaths. Children are solidifying till they die, the elderly are vanishing, and many are escaping. When they try to free themselves, they have no food nor anything to keep them warm in the cold.

Escaping the hills does not seem to be working out for Chief Joseph’s tribe as they likely died from starvation or even from the cold. Even chiefs are dying, and many don’t even know where they are at. They are lost.

Seeing all this makes Joseph feel sorry for his people as he cannot do much to help them. Many are also dying, and it makes him sad. Plus, he is tired of fighting, it is only causing him pain. The people he cared for are missing, possibly with the dead. It is in his best interest not to do anything else but surrender to the U.S Army and hope for the best. All hope is lost, and sorrow fills his heart.

‘Gospel of Wealth’ Using Andrew Carnegie’s Philosophy

The ‘Gospel of Wealth’ according to Andrew Carnegie’s philosophy is how wealth contributes to people and without it, there would not be any patrons. These were likely people who sponsored and provides money to artists, writers, or musicians. People benefit from this. The poor can drool on things then and later become a necessary thing that is needed in life. Both parties benefit from this.

However, the real duties of the ‘Gospel of Wealth’ is to set forth an example of courage, not trying to impress people one’s assets or even rank, and spending money on things that you cannot exactly afford. This is to help people less fortunate than the ‘Gospel of Wealth.’ He then creates trust funds and distributes them appropriately to the community. This helps him aid his fellow Christians bringing them higher wisdom, more experience, ability to manage their organization and helping them do better than they could for themselves.

Besides helping the less fortunate, Charities are also to be established. People who are going to improve themselves are worthy of assistance. In a few cases, assistance is necessary. Following examples such as Peter Cooper is a must. He knows the greatest ways in helping the community out such as helping to build parks, libraries, and other recreations to help the less fortunate.

Doing these helps relieve the rich and poor problem. Laws requiring things to be handed out, and money having to be collected. Being independent will still stay there. The rich will help the poor out and help build a better foundation within the community. People will become better thinkers and those people are worthy of receiving some of their wealth. The best way to solve this is through obedience to the true gospel concerning wealth.

Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis takes us to the slums to get a better look at how the homeless and poor lived in tenements. The conditions were poor. People living here cleaned daily but were still in filthy rags. Finding clean rags was scarce amongst the poor. Things were difficult for them and Riis wanted everyone to know. He had first-hand experience with this as he came over as an immigrant with only 40 dollars. Once his money ran out, he lived homeless until he got a job as a police reporter.

Going to the slums to take pictures, he came across many different scenes, one where a child who was covered in filthy rags in a hallway under a fire-escape sleeping. Below there were fireman waiting. There tools were not beneficial, rather just wash-tubs, barrels, and broken household items they had. There where the shabby bricks lie the yard for the people. These sights were usually filthy. Children played with pennies in the dark hallways and people had to be careful.

The sinks for the people could be found in the hallway. Keeping them in the hallway made it easy for everyone to access. Things were unsanitary for the poor and the living conditions were terrible.

To show the world what he came across, he tried creating illustrations and writing magazine articles about it. Sadly, it did not leave an impact on people. In 1887 there was a new photographic device. This new camera used a flash to help capture an image. Riis was then able to get the photos he needed to help show people the living conditions. Capturing pictures showed malnourished people, sickly, and people living in horrible conditions in New York City.

Russell Conwell and Christianity

Russel Cornwell said our Christianity duty was to get rich. It is people that work sincerely is teaching the gospel. These men who are rich may be the fair people you find. Most would say the rich are corrupt and shameful, which is why people don’t have any. Which makes your faith simply false believing many men are corrupted.

Most of the rich men are honest. Being honest is why they are wealthy. We should sympathize with God’s poor, those who are the less fortunate and cannot fend for themselves. Cornwell believed people in the United States who was not made poor by his own weakness or from another person. Being poor was not good Cornwell thought.

Social Darwinism

Josiah Strong found comfort in his grand design was that it was God’s will. It was part of the mandate and the main motivation for American’s back in the day. Josiah strong was a minster. He was not just any minister, rather one of the leading advocates of imperialism. One of his believes was The United States was in a race with the other nations to control the world and obtain limited resources.

Obtaining new lands was the destiny of America and was believed to be the top country at the time according to Josiah. He had a strong belief it was God’s will. Not only God’s will but had a lot of faith in him. He believed this was the final chapter in the races and would compete with one another. This was a new history. The people with not a lot of faith would not make it, but truest Christianity would be the highest civilization and travel throughout the world.

Obligations to the Philippines and Albert J. Beveridge?

According to Albert J. Beveridge, we should treat the Philippines like the states of the Union. She should be free since she is part of the USA territory. Any other nation must pay our tax before battling with us. We must treat ourselves with respect, and like we would the states of the Union.

Albert J. Beveridge believed God lead us or it was God’s will that we use military force to show our strength and leadership. We were simply guided by God to our destiny and responsibilities. Our destiny and fate open possibilities to us which shows us our future. Making us need to stand with our administration. This was known as imperialism. We are to be set up as a precedent to the world. Bad influences cannot be known. It is our world responsibility and we cannot abandon it. We will dictate the fate of others and will not retreat from those who fold up our flag. The earth beneath the flag is ours intended for emancipation and civilization.

Language of the Platt Amendment

The language of the Platt Amendment says that the United States of America’s president is entitled to bequeath the management and administration of Cuba to its people. From here on out Cuba was bound by Amendment to the USA. This would affect its connection with the United States. The Platt Amendment stated on article I, Cuba could not enter any treaty or compact with any other foreign governments or powers that may destroy Cuba’s independence. It may also not allow other governments to take control of the island, inhabit it, or for military purposes.

The II article stated Cuba’s administration could not catch any public debt. While III allowed the United States to get involved to sustain Cuba’s freedom, resources, support the government to keep protection for life, and demobilization duties in honors to Cuba. IV articled was anything during military possession from the United States is authorized and approved. During these times everything is protected.

People of Cuba and the United States

While the V article allowed Cuba to perform and stretch the ideas that were created, it also said any deadly dieses must be stopped, making the people of Cuba and the United States protected. VI was much more complex, The Isle of Pines must not be added to the constitution for future change. If Cuba wanted independence, defense, and security for its people it had to sell properties for the United States to use for coal or naval at specific times in accordance to the President.

VII is about the same as VI it makes Cuba sell land for naval and coal to the United States for protection, keep the people safe, and independence. VIII stated the administration of Cuba was required to maintain a firm treaty with the United States. After signing the treaty with the United States, this would drastically change it. The Platt Amendment was a guide for what Cuban people could or could not do.

When Woodrow Wilson takes office for his first time, he says the people’s and government duties are to change the corruption without injuring the good, disinfect, to review, rebuild, to clarify and cultivate our everyday lives without minimizing or sentimentalizing it. The government should first to give word to the community it assists. They should also pass Sanitary laws, labor condition laws, and food safety laws as the people may not be able to decide for themselves.

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