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‘Nine politicians sitting on a bench.’ – description of the US Supreme Court
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The decisions of the US Supreme Court can have a significant impact on US society. In fact the Supreme Court only hears cases that it believes are of major constitutional significance. The impact that these decisions have on US society is almost always a divisive issue, and this has led to many people claiming that Supreme Court justices are as much politicians as they are judges. This essay will critically evaluate the view that the US Supreme Court is made…...
Judicial ActivismLawPlessy V FergusonPolitician
The Analysis of the Niagra Movement
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Pages • 5
After reconstruction African American were still trying to recover from the inequality and the lack of education in the southern states. The nadir period was the time were African Americans aimed at eliminating racial discrimination, equal job opportunities, and improving their political power. The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment, reconstruction, plessy vs. Ferguson, and radical republicans were all factors that helped black folks advance in society. Booker T.Washington and W.E.B Dubois were to powerful civil rights activist who had two…...
Human rightsPlessy V FergusonPoliticsRaceRace and EthnicitySocial Issues
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