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America Was Not Destined to Move West
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America used Manifest Destiny as a way to justify genocide with the fact that they had more land. To the people who supported Manifest Destiny, everything was all right as long as they had more land. During the Indian Removal Act, the white settlers took land that was rightfully the Native Americans. The Native Americans then took a trail, nicknamed The Trail of Tears. On The Trail of Tears, twenty-five percent of the Indians who took the trail passed away.…...
AmericaIndian Removal ActManifest DestinySlaveryTrail of Tears
The American Tyrant
Words • 1228
Pages • 5
Andrew Jackson was and is one of the most loved presidents of all time to some. Some consider him one of the greatest men in U.S. history. He made connections with many people just because American’s knew he understood them. Some might see our seventh president as a real war hero, when as a matter of fact Andrew Jackson’s presidency was more like a dictatorship in more ways than one. Although Jackson entered the white house with promises of “a…...
AmericaAndrew JacksonGovernmentIndian Removal ActSocial Issues
What is Manifest Destiny?
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Pages • 7
This event is an idea or belief from around 1845 that America had the liberty and liability to spread or expand across the rest of the North American continent or modern-day United States (TeachTCI). This event is what the past United States thought while trying to obtain the rest of what is now called the modern-day United States of America. Little did the people know, or maybe the people of the old United States did know, and just didn’t care,…...
Indian Removal ActManifest DestinyRamanujanTrail of Tears
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The Trail of Tears: The Cherokee
Words • 1909
Pages • 8
The Cherokee is a large native american thriving tribe that was located in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. This tribe was forced out of its land and into another region, because of greedy people, who wanted more money, land for themselves and land for their gardens. The government, is Andrew Jackson, tried to get the land because it was land that he needed. He needed this land because he felt it would affect on increasing of white population and give him…...
HeroIndian Removal ActTrail of Tears
The Presidency of Andrew Jackson
Words • 570
Pages • 3
"I've got big shoes to fill. This is my chance to do something. I have to seize the moment," - Andrew Jackson. And so he did with the opportunity he made for himself to do his very best to take on presidency. Many people only know Andrew Jackson to be the president on the twenty dollar bill, but many don't know a lot about what he did to contribute to as our seventh president. We have had presidents in the…...
Andrew JacksonDemocracyIndian Removal ActSlavery
America’s Most Shameful Moment
Words • 349
Pages • 2
America's Most Shameful Moment President Jackson ordered Indian removal despite the Constitution, and this was very controversial between the Native Americans, general public, and law makers. Andrew Jackson most certainly did not have the right to order the removal of the Native Americans. Beside from ethics, his own government branch of the Supreme Court declared it illegal. John Marshall decided that the Cherokees had their own nation, and it would be wrong for the United States to claim the land…...
AmericaAndrew JacksonIndian Removal Act
Unit 2: US History H
Words • 3150
Pages • 13
Which of these statements BEST explains" Jacksonian Democracy "? The presidency of Andrew Jackson is frequently referred to as" Jacksonian Democracy." You can describe it as a federal government led by a strong president and that challenged the other Branches. You may likewise hear it called "democracy for the commoner," considering that Jackson- a man of humble background- attempted to spread the right to vote to more people than ever previously, despite their wealth. "Jeffersonian Democracy," connected with Thomas Jefferson,…...
HatchetHistoryIndian Removal ActOregon Trail
The Trail Of Tears
Words • 864
Pages • 4
                                                           Introduction             The tribe of the Cherokee stayed at east of the Mississippi. Between 1815 and 1830, these tribes tried to live in peace beside the Americans. Some Indians tried to live like the settlers. Many Potawatomi in Indiana and Ohio had converted to the Catholic faith. They lived as farmers and fur traders. Some Choctaw in Mississippi also became Christians. They sent their children to a government-run school called the Choctaw Academy (Lowman, 1992).                                                          The…...
Indian Removal ActTrail of Tears
Andrew Jackson: Democratic President or Dictator?
Words • 1339
Pages • 6
According to his enemies, Andrew Jackson behaved more like a dictator/king than a democratic president. Jackson and his followers became the basis of the Democratic-Republican party, later known as the Democratic party. He believed in the spoils system, supported the common man, and equality for all people regardless of their social class. Although he had such positive features, he had some negatives as well. Jackson removed Native Americans from their homeland by signing the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which…...
Andrew JacksonDemocratic PartyIndian Removal ActTrail of Tears
The Five Civilized Tribes and the “Trail of Tears”
Words • 1587
Pages • 7
The Indian Removal Act and the “Trail of Tears” was one of the worst tragedies in American history. It shows that the US government was forcing Native Americans to move from their homelands and endure great hardships of famine, cold and harsh weather, long treks on foot, and unfamiliar places with no regards to their safety, culture, history and wellbeing. Since the settling of North America by European colonists, relations between Native Americans and their increasing neighbors had been a…...
Indian Removal ActTrail of Tears
Culture of Cherokee American Indians
Words • 1632
Pages • 7
Scholars differ on where the Cherokee subculture came from and when they arrived on their traditional lands in the Southeast. The archaeological record of human occupancy of the Southeast goes back to at least 10,000 B. C. (Muller, 1978, p. 283; Canouts and Goodyear, 1985, p. 181), but this does not mean the Cherokees, or even their very distant ancestors, were there that early. Cherokees, as Cherokees, did not exist nearly so far back in time, nor did they necessarily…...
American CultureIndiaIndian Removal ActTrail of Tears
Andrew Jackson Biography
Words • 358
Pages • 2
Andrew Jackson was the first enlightened president, he was a common man and thought of the common people in his presidency. He may have been a terrible person sometimes, but he was a pretty decent president. There are three main reasons why Andrew Jackson was a decent president. There is one social reason why Andrew Jackson was a decent president. Jackson enacted the Indian Removal Act, the Indian Removal Act evicted Native Americans from their homes and their land. Jackson…...
Andrew JacksonBiographyIndian Removal ActReason
Indian Removal Act
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Pages • 3
In 1791, the Cherokee Nation was allocated land in Georgia during a treaty with the U.S. In 1828, whites wanted to reclaim this land not only for settlement purposes, but because of the discovery of gold. President Jackson and the U.S Congress passed a policy of Indian removal for all lands east of the Mississippi River; this was known as The Indian Removal Act of 1830. As Georgia tried to reclaim this land, the Cherokee protested and took their case…...
GeorgiaIndiaIndian Removal ActTrail of Tears
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What is Manifest Destiny?
...The Trail of Tears was an unfair, and cruel way to force people, like the Cherokee, out of their homeland, to travel 1,200 miles away while risking catching diseases and illnesses that so many of the people on the journey died from, against their wil...

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