After reconstruction African American were still trying to recover from the inequality and the lack of education in the southern states. The nadir period was the time were African Americans aimed at eliminating racial discrimination, equal job opportunities, and improving their political power. The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment, reconstruction, plessy vs. Ferguson, and radical republicans were all factors that helped black folks advance in society. Booker T.Washington and W.E.B Dubois were to powerful civil rights activist who had two different views on the status of African Americans.

The Declaration of Principles of the Niagara movement and Booker T.Washington’s Atlanta Exposition address that were two documents which explained the views of African Americans in the states. This paper will argue that the Atlanta exposition Address was a way to keep peace between the white and black race and that the Niagara Movement was a prime example of principles blacks work so hard to achieve.

In the Atlanta Exposition Address Booker T Washington stated that African Americans should deal with accommodation and work on their industrial education.

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Also he stated that black folks should work and submit to white political power and eventually you will receive a basic education in a moment of time .He also proved us with a fact that states “We have proven our loyalty to you in the past” .This statement basically explains how African Americans were trusted to take care of the elderly and children .Africans took care of whites from birth to death.

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Sitting by a elder beside when death has struck. The loyalty of blacks should never be factors because they have been loyal for decade’s .Booker also argue that during reconstruction the advancement of blacks struck way to fast. You can’t expect to get the things you want immadiately you have to start from the bottom to get to the top .Meaning if you adjust to industrial education then you can receive basic education.

It is important to stay humble, loyal, and to contribute to the south industries stated Washington. In the Declaration of Niagara Movement the idea of the African American race to have equal education, political power, brotherhood and no racial discrimination was the main ideas .W.E.B Dubois stated that the black race should not submit to inequality and should protest for equal rights. Suffrage economic opportunity ,Civil liberty duties and education are all issues African Americans wanted and felt they had worked so hard and fought in wars for .Dubois states that to be racial prejudice hurts brotherhood and to segregate black men is unchristian and disgraceful. The bible talks about how you should be kind to your neighbor and be kind to others. When white folks so called they Christians the way they treated blacks was unchristian like and it made them question their relationship with god.

Booker T .Washington wrote the Atlanta Exposition Address to explain industrial education as a representative of the Negro race during the nadir period. He approaches the southern whites as someone who wants a friendship between the two races .In the address Booker gave a great description of industrial education in relations to African Americans. When he uses the term us he is referring to the white and black race as a whole. When using me he refers to his own race .W.E.B Dubois Declaration of Principles was addressed to the members of the conference known as the Niagara Movement, Which assembled in an annual meeting in buffalo New York. His declaration was to end racial discrimination and to crown brotherhood .It was important for Dubois to let his people understand that accommodation and racial segregation was not something they were going to settle for .How can you fight for your countries when you don’t have rights in the states.

After reconstruction ended African Americans went back to being segregated all that they had worked so hard for was gone .They lost political power, segregation was enforced, and a wide spread of violence on the black race had occurred .After Andrew Johnson was impeached radical republicans took over .At this time African Americans believed that since they didn’t get what they wanted immadiately they should work on themselves and accept inequality in hopes of a better future. Accommodation was a tragedy used to explain how industrial education was a good way to help blacks grow as a race. During the industrial education the philposher Booker T.Washingtion helped establish Tuskegee University which helped black learn how people how to be barbers, nurses, cooks, hair stylist etc jobs white folks didn’t want.

The Atlanta Exposition Address was a state of address to show the struggle of the race and how blacks are willing adjust to industrial education in hopes of basic education. Even thou a lot of African Americans believed in accommodation it was some felt that accommodation it was some who felt that they deserve rights and quality immediately .The Niagara movement believed in protest and thought inequality was unconstitutional .The Movement believed that the economic life was a big social issues and affect most lower class families .

Not having job avaliblites forced blacks to move up north .As blacks wanted to adjust and move in political powers they still faced segregation and unfair jobs. People of the Niagara movement believed that the United States should aid common school education. That trade school only to keep you in the slavery mind set. Having pride in your nation that all men were created equal and free but still blacks fought in war field and still got hunged by southern states soldiers. It made African Americans feel as if they were still being treated as a second-class citizen and no rights. The Declaration of Pringles was a document that declared to white folks that blacks were tired of inequality and boycotting riots were their only option left.

The Atlanta Exposition Address and The Declaration Of prinples of the Niagara movement where two documents written by to civil rights activist who had two different views of African Americans fate in the states.Accomodation an d boycotting were two stragies presented in the documents. It is important that whites understand that equal rights,education,and jobs were things blacks had the desire to want and was going to gain eventually .This paper argues that the Address document was just a way to keep peace between two races. You can’t keep peace if one race is adjusting to the other .This document argued a good point that you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

During the reconstruction black folks were put in political office and congress .African Americans advanced really quickly in a few years and it was a lot to take in .A Booker T. Washington tragedy was logical but didn’t help blacks with their education, jobs, and civil rights. However the prinples of the Niagara was well written prime example of black people wanted .In the document education ,jobs, freedom ,and civil liberty were discussed and well discussed in the way African Americans wanted .During the nadir period African American were tired of inequality and felts as if they should have a basic education and quality like blacks. This document was a basic outline of what African Americans wanted and how they were no longer accepting inequality.

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