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Animal Testing Essay Examples

Essay on Animal Testing

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Speech Animal Testing

Scientists often argue that animal testing is necessary for researching for new viruses. This experiment is usually when scientists purposely give viruses to animals. So, that once there virus is in the system, they can work on the treatment. According to About Animal Testing there are other ways to find cure to viruses. There are new testing methods like vitro testing. Scientists have replicated ...

Animal testing should not be banned

- AIDs research relies heavily on animal testing; other testing techniques aren’t optimized yet stem cells (SC) are a relative new way to perform testing. This will decrease the use of animals in the testing process. Furthermore, SC can show a specific organ’s reaction to a substance. The housing of the animals, feeding, carrying, treatments, controlling the environment, is very expensive oFin...

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Animal Testing Satire Essay

Murnaghan, Ian. "Animal Testing on Cosmetics." AboutAnimaltesting. AboutAnimaltesting, 29 Oct. 2014. Web. 5 Nov. 2014. This article is talking about now Cosmetic animal testing in banned in the UK but still prominent in countries like the United States. It says that there is controversy over this kind of animal testing because animals have to suffer and die just so that humans can be aesthetically...

Persuasive speech: animal testing

See? Animal testing is not benefit for humans, and even, it can harm humans! Everyone! This is not just a simple speech that you can just hear and forget. Well, actually you can, but you should not do. You should be ashamed that you, or your consanguinity is in a big misunderstanding and using animals for humans without guilty. You should be ashamed that humans are wasting innocent lives in ineffe...

Animal Testing Position Paper

Finally, my hope for the use of animals in the classroom is that someday there will be enough technological advances for computer programs that will enable them to simulate a real animal. This actually goes for all animal testing, if we could simulate an animal or human on a computer we would not have to subject anyone to testing. Animals do have the right not to treated inhumanely whether it be i...

Should Animals be used for experiments?

Where would the modern drug industry be, if there was a total ban on animal testing? The only other alternative to using the fast breeding rodent family to study drug toxicology would be healthy human volunteers. If such a process was followed, the drug industry would come to a halt every time there was a human fatality as a result of an early stage pre-clinical toxicology study. This would result...

Animal testing argumentative essay

If we put enough money and resources were into animal-free methods, we could find other solutions !!! They say that there are no other or better alternatives. I can not agree with this. Today we have developed some other methods that can help and are less expensive than animal testing. For example, there are crash dummies that have internal sensors inside them that can be used. We are also able to...

Animal Testing Research Paper

Although there are some positives, the amount of money, time, and animal cruelty is not worth it, considering the results are not always accurate. The amounts of stress they are put through in these labs are enough to kill them without the drugs. The suffering and pain of these innocent animals are not worth making sure our mascara doesn’t make our eyes puffy, or how high of a dosage is safe wi...

Alternatives Of Animal Testing

In silico testing can also make the translation of the collected data safer and more efficient. Experiments that undergo in silico testing can produce results faster as compared to other means which could take a lot of months or even years just for the results to be available (Arora et al., 2011). Eventually, in silico testing is a feasible alternative to animal testing because it considers the an...

Animal Testing Controversy

Opponents would have you believe that it is okay for animals to be tested on so that humans and sometimes animals would suffer less in the future, however, “We should be concerned about how animals are treated in research, and […] eliminate the number of animals who suffers” (ASPCA). Researchers are concerned only with their results and not the harmful process it takes to get them. It is cle...

Should animal testing be banned?

I accept that Scientists typically have used animals for testing purposes because they are considered similar to humans and that in the past animal testing might have been the only possible method. I also acknowledge through the use of animal testing there has been great benefits, but I must also recognise the great mistakes to both humans and animals. Therefore, I feel that in today's society whe...

Animal Testing Should Be Banned

The practice of animal testing should be banned, considering that it is harmful from the ethical, environmental as well as the economical point of view. Making use of alternatives that are available for animal experimentation is therefore, a better choice. It is only by means of a responsible and compassionate behavior towards animals that we can be called true 'human' beings. Progress in medicine...

Is Animal Testing Really Necessary

Scientists are attempting to develop worthy alternatives to testing on animals, but some things are not quite as easy to come up with an alternative. Both sides of the argument have very good points, however, despite the fact that it can be seen as cruel and inhumane to the animals (from a person’s perspective), animal testing is, at this point in time, a necessity. There are many drugs and medi...

Puppy Mills vs Animal Rights

He raided a puppy mill in Buxton, MF, and seized more than 200 dogs. Baker released his findings to the papers. This increased the consumer’s awareness of the dangers of puppy mills. The PETA organization is a big advocate of getting information out about these mills. Many people have gone undercover with video cameras to witness and record these horrible acts. Celebrities are showing their supp...

Animal Testing Essay Introduction

Thus, a human with own ingenuity could long ago reduce the requirement to use animals without harming his/her health and well-being. People’s diseases should be viewed from a common perspective. The study of genuine reasons is more useful and promising that more and more trials on defenseless pets. Numerous investigations of patients in clinics and healthy persons showed an influence of lifestyl...

Final Project: Comprehensive Argument Analysis

This argument uses inductive logic. |10| Does the author use moral reasoning? If not, explain how you determined this. | The author uses moral reasoning in the Research budget paragraphs. The author mentions how large sums of money go in animal experimentation. The author believes it’s wrong because other medical research can lead to medical improvements but don’t because not enough money is...

Cruelty in animal testing

This is no longer the case. As cell culture technology has evolved, it is now possible to maintain in vitro systems for sufficiently longer periods of time—weeks or months. It is not necessary to maintain such cultures for years, as is done with some typical chronic animal tests. Long-term cell and tissue culture techniques can now allow in vitro studies of the effects of chronic, repeated expos...

Animal Testing is Wrong

What I have to wonder is why do we test on animals, or feel the need to have people volunteer for something potential dangerous with its unknown side effects when we have child molesters, rapists, and murderers in prison who are catered to three meals a day? I believe we should enact instead of animal testing, (which has been proven to be highly ineffective) testing on convicted criminals on death...

Animal testing in the United States

And they will probably keep testing on animals until they find the cures for the biggest diseases in the world such as aids, HIV, cancer, and of course, the Ebola virus. Works Cited Baxamusa, B. N. (2012, March 26). Animal Testing Pros and Cons. In Buzzle . Retrieved May 8, 2013, from http://www. buzzle. com/articles/animal-testing-pros-and-cons. html Murnaghan, I. (2011, July). Using Animals for ...

Animal Testing for Medical Purposes

Would you be able to withstand it alone without any medicine? (Transition: You now know that…) III. Conclusion A. Summary: Animal testing is something that can help us greatly. People automatically assume that it is bad, but when it is used in the right situation, it can be really helpful. In the medical field, it has helped many issues such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart disease, diabetes, birth de...

Animal Testing

It might have been plausible to test penicillin directly in humans, but it would have been extremely risky. A substance known to be toxic to bacteria might well be toxic to humans, and it might have been difficult to determine whether it was successful. The real triumph of this research was the use of an in vitro model in the purification of the antibiotic. A Petri dish of bacteria is not very obv...

Animal Experiments Ethics Controversy

I believe that before we find a viable alternative, the majority of people would still support animal experiments. In summary, I would concede that we should protect animals’ rights and welfare, try to reduce or stop animal experiments. Despite that in the present level of technology, the existence of animal experiments for the development of humans is very necessary. Overall, I am convinced tha...

The Speech On Animal Testing Philosophy

With modern technology that we have created these days, animal testing is really an unreliable, unscientific and unnecessary experimentation. Nowadays, we have plenty of alternatives which have a much higher percentage of success than animal testing. Instead of animal testing, we can use human cell culture systems; instead of animal testing, we can use computer mathematical models; instead of anim...

Animal Testing Pros and Cons

Due to the increased usage of animal testing, the issue of animal experimentation is getting highly debated and remains relentless. After examining several points, it has revealed that animal testing should be legalized as it helps in the progress of medicine and health, human life is more valuable than animal life, and helps to learn the outcome of a substance on a living organism. Day by day, an...

Alyssa Miley PHI 130 TH 33012618

Alyssa Miley PHI 130 TH 3:3012/6/18 Why Animal Testing is Beneficial Animal testing saves over 500 thousand lives each year. During animal testing, animals are used to develop treatments for not only human conditions and to understand human biology, but also to develop veterinary treatments for animals and to obtain fundamental knowledge. Although a lot of people view animal testing as morally wro...

Animal testing for products is not only inhumane but also unreliable with

Animal testing for products is not only inhumane but also unreliable with safe alternative methods available. Animals used in testing go thru intense trauma in their very short span of life. Animal research and testing is expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable because animals are never going to be exactly like a human being. These animals are suffering for unnecessary reasons. It has been prove...

Is Animal Testing Ethical?

For everyone that wants a ban on animal testing you should really think twice. Many arguments that have come out about banning this are very short and not much to say and there is a reason for this. Approximately 5 billion animals are consumed as food annually compared to that, only 17-22 million animals are used for in research annually. Anesthesia is used today to numb the body during operations...

Agriculture Scientific Sources

#7 Tertiary resource: How animals have change from then to now. There is a big difference in our animals today. Our mammals have been changing from the beginning of time the dinosaurs were first from there on we got mammals. With the dinosaurs and other large animals, mammals were the only one who grew in size. It was also talking about how the climate change affected the dinosaurs and mammals had...

Animal testing is a completely immoral and cruel act that we humans are committing

Even though there are these discoveries that prove the advantages of animal testing, I still feel that these harmless animals shouldn’t lose their lives. This animal sacrifice seems almost ritualistic. In my opinion, animals should not be killed off or experimented on. If another way is found to experiment without harming any living things, I think that is the best way to determine the level of ...

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