Animal Testing and Experimentation

Animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, even pregnant animals are all locked in cages being tortured for their whole life. These animals are burned, starved, injected with drugs, smothered with chemicals, and isolated. Now think of your pets, what if this was your cat, your dog, your bird being tortured, innocent animals are being used and killed to benefit us humans, but is it worth it? Given that animal experimentation results aren’t always reliable, there are viable alternatives, and it is expensive, animal testing should be banned in Australia.

My name is Marissa Leijen, I am an RSPCA Inspector and I am here to demand distributive justice for the animals being used as experimental slaves.

Many of animal tested drugs are failed to be approved with up to 90% disapproved. This is possibly due to it being hard to predict whether it would affect humans the same way as it did on the animals. However, some of the drugs that have been approved for a human trial have failed.

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For example; a 2006 clinical trial for the drug known as TGN-1412 was tested on monkeys with little to none effect on them. When tested on six men the drug caused life threatening side effects including brain swelling and organ failure within 2 hours. This example shows that the results aren’t always reliable because humans and animals are not the same and should use other alternatives to approve drugs.

Regardless of the advanced technologies we have, animal experimentation is still the most common method used around the world to determine the product safety, but there are other reliable tests that can replace the hurting of animals.

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Tests using human cells and tissues have been developed to ensure more reliable, cruelty free results can be found. The Wyss Institute researchers has developed microchips lined with live human cells to mimic a human body reaction, allowing a more sufficient experiment. In addition, a UK- based laboratory, XCellR8, have developed another alternative method for cosmetic testing, using donated skin from plastic surgery patients therefore making the ideal testing method for scientists. These substitutes will benefit both the animals and the economy with the expenses lessening.

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