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Why Are Animals Used for Testing Medical Products?

Every year more than 100 million animals are being used as lab equipment for numerous research and developments such as medical training, development of new medications or vaccines, cosmetics testing, and many other things that they don’t mention.

Today I will be stating the reasons why animal testing should be banned. One reason why animal testing should be banned is that it is unethical for them to take an animal from its habitat just to end up sacrifice it for some experiment.

Secondly, there are other ways that they could test these products without having to use animals. Lastly, these animals are missed treated and are kept captive in small confinements.

Animal testing is unethical for many reasons one of being that they have to endure this suffering for human convenience. Most of the time what these animals are used as test subjects for medical advancements, cosmetics tastings, and for another product testing. But, for the most part, some of the experiments that they were being used for don’t even make it on the shelves at stores because it didn’t work as they hoped or they just terminated the experiment altogether.

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However, what happens to all the animals that were used for the testing of the medication or product, well they either get put down or are used in other animal experiments but if it was a wild animal that they captured for the experiments than they some time releases it back into the wild, where they may live for a few days if they are able to survive on their own after being in captivity for a long period of time and if they don’t have some sort of abnormality caused by the testing.

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With the technology that we have today, we could find or create an alternative way to test certain medications and products without having to involve animals as test subjects that would work just as well or even better. For example, a company in Michigan called CeeTox created an animal-friendly way to analyze how the medication or product would work for humans, which is called vitro toxicity screening. By using this method to test medications and products it would give scientists better and more accurate results than by using animals, since most of the experiments that were done on animals mostly all failed.” Currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people, based on laboratory and animal studies “said Michael O. Leavitt who is a part of the U.S. Department of health and human services. vitro toxicity screening will also end most of the world’s animal testing.

These animals are also kept in captivity, are isolated from other animals, and are being missed treated in these testing. Most of the medication or products that they are being used for end up leaving them with some type of reaction or sign effects such as: being burned, blinded, poisoned, getting some type of abnormality etc. Why should these animals have to go through such painful experiments and procedures, without even getting some sort of anesthetic to help them with the pain just to help advance science?

Some people think that by using animals such as mice, rabbits, hamsters, and monkeys that it will give us better and accurate results and data since they are the next closes living thing to humans, but the truth is we are not the same. A medical trial that was done to help stop morning sickness for pregnant women caused over 10,000 birth defects, one of them is a disease called Phocomelia, which didn’t allow the limbs of the baby to develop correctly. This pill was tested on animals and worked for them but didn’t work for humans and causes over thousands of fetal deaths and many birth defects worldwide. This proves that what may work for animals might not work for humans.

In conclusion, testing products and medications on animals should be banned since its unethical, the animals that are being tested on are missed treated and kept in captivity, and lastly testing on animals doesn’t always give the right results and data that we need. We are living in a world where technology is used for everything why so, why not start using it more for testing medication and products rather than testing them on animals.

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