Food Essay Topics

Personal Ethical Dilemma

An international food party was conducted, during my sojourn in Japan as an exchange student. Since, I was the chairperson of the Korean language club; I ventured to prepare cheyookbogeum or Korean food for this party. I endeavored to do so only after consulting with the other members of the club and eliciting their opinion…. View Article

Food security

The role of urban agriculture in food security and healthy nutrition is probably the most important asset. Production of food in cities is in many cases a response of the urban poor to inadequate, unreliable and irregular access to food, and the lack of purchasing power. Urban agriculture, to a large extent, complements rural agriculture… View Article

Food and Street Foods

Bulacan was officially called “Bulacan Province”, is a first class province of the Republic of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon Region (Region 3) in the island of Luzon, North of Manila (the nation’s capital), and part of the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway Super Region. Bulacan pries itself for its rich historical heritage. Bulacan… View Article

Findings of Hoi Tin Tong

Nowadays, about one half of youngsters would eat Chinese herbal food. 70% of them would not buy Chinese herbal food more than 3 times per month since it is not a necessary food. The whole of youngsters would not spend more than $400/month and majority of them would not spend more than $100 per month…. View Article

The !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert

The !Kung Bushmen of Botswana inhabit the semi-arid northwest region of the Kalahari Desert. Their average annual rainfall is poor, only six to nine inches a year. Field work for this article written by Richard B. Lee, was done in the Dobe area, which is a line of eight permanent waterholes. The Dobe area has… View Article

Assignment One

1.) What are some of the hardships faced by indentured servants in Virginia during the early days of the colony? a. Some of the hardships faced by indentured servants was disease such as “scurvy, bloody flux, and diverse other diseases.” Also, they have not much of a variety of food to eat, they eat “peas… View Article

Branch and Palm Trees

It was raining, I didn’t like rain. In fact, I didn’t like any kind of weather. That was why I only left my house when I had to. I was just heading to my bed so I could relax and finish the book that I was currently reading, it was about……wait, I forgot the name…… View Article

Does a condiment belong in a magazine?

A magazine aims to attract a certain type of reader or a reader with a certain interest. Garden and Gun Magazine is about southern culture; our food, our manners, our hospitality, our hobbies, our way of life in general. I do not recommend “The Guiltless Pleasure” for our magazine because it does not have the… View Article

Enact Law of Mandatory Labeling

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)/Genetically Engineered (GE) foods are the result of laboratory processes which artificially insert genes into the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of food crops or animals. There are many arguments both in favor of and against mandatory labeling of GMO/GE foods. Whether or not to require labeling of GMOs or GE foods also involves… View Article

Favorite Food

“so exactly where are we going again?” I asked my dad while pulling out of our driveway. “Just wait I know you’ll love this restaurant,” he announced. He was taking me to Espinoza’s, an authentic Mexican restaurant. There was a large window right beside the door when you pull in, with a big, orange, neon… View Article

Feeding Program Report

CAT’s Feeding Program provides a healthy, fresh and nutritious meal to the kids who were in hunger or else to the areas wherein we can see that the people cannot really accommodate their meals clearly. This program also desires to give free meals to those children who where in the particular place that we are… View Article

Cafeteria Food

Some people think that school cafeterias should be required to provide low-fat and/or vegetarian lunch options to accommodate the government’s nutritional guidelines, but all students do not eat the same. In my essay about cafeteria food, I will explain what students want in their food. I will also share the likes and dislikes in the… View Article

Mapping an Argument

The first article talks about the lack of regulation on the quality and safety of our food supply even though there are health food options, such as fruits and vegetables. Especially, in the federal school lunch programs that have contributed to poor health of our younger citizens. The United States has had one of the… View Article

Hunter-gatherer: Food and Limited Personal Possessions

My people are what you call Hunter-Gatherers. We survive by hunting and gathering our food. We live in what are called “Bands.” These usually consist of 15-20 people, all of which are usually related either by blood or marriage. We don’t have any type of government or hierarchy like other civilizations. Instead we believe we… View Article

Fast Food

Unfortunately as the world goes on improving more and more people are eager to have fast foods. it is now a kind of habit for kids and also adults to spend their money and fre time in fast food restaurants. according to my opinion one of the reasons of eating more fast foods is people… View Article

Jollibee Foods and Corporation

Jollibee Foods and Corporation have a good mission/vision statement because it is possible, reachable and curative. There are lots of people, when they are having difficulties; their hobby is to go to a place where they can eat plenty of foods to avoid thinking about their problems. It may help problematic persons to become happy… View Article

Food Inc

Food Inc. opens in an American supermarket and draws attention to the unnatural nature of year-round tomatoes and boneless meat. It pulls aside the curtain that is concealing the truth about food from the consumer. After the brief intro, the movie shifts its focus to the topic of fast food and its impact on the… View Article

Sushi Rice

History. When most people hear the word, “Sushi”, they immediately think of raw fish. In truth, dishes made with raw fish are called “Sashimi”. What defines Sushi is any dish made with vinegar rice, which may or may not include raw fish. Although in today’s society you will find Sushi served most often in a… View Article

Food in My Family

I come from a very diverse ethnic background, with many variations of what maybe considered cultural foods. I have many fond memories of family reunions and all the interesting dishes my relatives would prepare. Food in my family holds so much meaning; it’s the glue that has held us together for many years even before… View Article

Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a nationwide known eatery that provides premium foods in a sophisticated atmosphere. Panera Bread is in the line of bakery-café. They decided to set themselves apart from eateries such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. The stores are equipped with very intimate settings and Wi-Fi. Panera Bread specializes in a variety fresh… View Article

Do You Prefer to Eat Out or at Home

Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants while others prefer to prepare and eat food at home. I have a predilection of eating food at food stands and restaurants because there is a lot of variety of food, the food is cooked and prepared more professionally and it helps in giving a… View Article

A Flavorful Vegetarian Experience

Consuming a full-on vegetarian meal might not sound appetizing for some of us meat-lovers, but a visit to this all vegetarian restaurant might change your outlook on healthy, humane choices of eating. This essay is based on a restaurant called “Udupi Palace”. It is indeed an Indian cuisine that serves strictly vegetarian dishes and is… View Article

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread, as the title suggests this is not about bread, as I hoped it was. Rather it’s about people earning their bread, their livelihood. The term ‘bread’ is derived from the larger term ‘bread-winner’ as the one who is the primary provider of the household, and the ‘daily bread’ is simply referring their… View Article

Batangas Authentic Food

Introduction Food plays a significant role in people’s lives. These may encompass food as a tool for comfort, reward, as a hobby and also for travel. It has become a defining obsession among the young and urbane, viewing it as a legitimate option for a hobby, a topic of continual discussion and a playground for… View Article

Everyone’s Favorite Food: A History of Burritos

Joy, happiness, satisfaction, these are all words that come to mind when people think of burritos. Burritos are large tacos filled with any filling you may want, wrapped in a delicately made flour tortilla shell. Burritos have a very interesting history, beginning with when it was first made and ending with where it is today…. View Article

Save Money on Foodstuff

In today’s economically stressed world, people are looking for more ways to save some money. Eating even at a moderately priced restaurant can prove to be too expensive for an average family. Apart from that, restaurant food is not healthy too, as they have more fats and salts than home-cooked foods. A multitude of office-goers… View Article

Food Inc

This movie is a documentary of how foods are being produced. Well, actually this shows the state of the food within the United States. The researcher had tried to take a video of almost all of the differences between the production of food from the basic to the technological food industry. As I watched the… View Article

Native Americans in the United States and Thanksgiving

The American image of Thanksgiving is much different from the historical facts. The American vision is a big happy celebration with many people sitting around a long, wooden table. This, sadly, is not historically accurate at all. In this essay I will explain the current American’s Thanksgiving story as well as the historically accurate version…. View Article

Food Poisoning

Introduction: Every year millions of people suffer from food poisoning due to uncontrolled application of agricultural chemicals, environmental contamination, use of illegal additives , microbiological hazards and others but as a result of increasing awareness of consumers and their demands to provide them with safe, wholesome and high quality food have force many food premises… View Article

Food Safety Act

Food safety regulations places an obligation on food business operators to ensure that all their activities are carried out in a hygienic way and make it an offence to supply food which is unsafe or harmful to human health, this applies to all premises that provide food whether money is exchanged or not. The food… View Article