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Citizenship Essays

Being a good citizen is a hard process and unfortunately not everyone understands it. We think that we become citizens immediately after being born in some place. Probably on paper, yes, but in real life, you have to deserve this name – a citizen of town (city, village, country). Especially for this reason we made good essay topics for you in order to help with making essay. If you need argumentative essay examples or persuasive essay topics - our topics will be good for this reason too.

    1. Cyberbullying and is it a real problem
    2.Digital citizenship. What is it?
    3.Digital commerce. How it works?
    4.Digital communication and the way to avoid it.
    5.Digital footprint. What is it?
    6.Digital law—plagiarism, copyrights, fair use, public domain.
    7.Digital privacy as important part of nowadays society
    8.Digital rights and responsibilities in 21st century
    9.Digital search/research
    10.Fair use/Public domain
    11.Image copyrights
    12.Internet safety for kids
    14.Online plagiarism
    15. Passwords and are they important?
    16.Social Media as engine of progress
    17.Stranger danger – how to feel unsafe?
    18.Ethnic diversity – how to prevent xenophobia?
    19.Conflicts and what is the reason of their happening
    20.Diverse society as the stimuli for development
    21. Environment nowadays and what causes its ruining
    22.Human rights and how to save them

All those topics are made for you and your improvement. Topics are good for thinking process as they can help you make your own city better. Start from little – from the essay, and continue doing big things.

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