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Is Donald Trump fit for the presidency or should he be removed from power? Since becoming president, Donald Trump has managed to make himself known to everyone. Though he is disliked by many, he has won the hearts of millions of Americans who support him. Is he the ignorant man people paint him as or is he the victim of ‘fake news’? The many arguments both supporting and criticising him must be explored to fully understand the man in the oval office.

How Donald Trump Leveraged Social Media?
Words • 868
Pages • 4
I would like to relate the Presidential Elections of 2016 to the introduction that we reviewed in class with the Lippmann article on the Island. My essay is geared toward the media being one-sided most of the time without publishing the truth to the publics. During the Presidential elections of 2016 the mass media favored Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump due to the biased attitude Trump had in most of his news publications. More than 200 newspapers favored Clinton…...
Donald TrumpGovernmentPresidentSocial Media
Public Attitudes towards Donald Trump
Words • 681
Pages • 3
When asked to describe President Donald J. Trump in one word, the public responded with “arrogant”, “idiotic”, “egotistical”, “smart”, “racist”, “great”, “narcissistic”, “strong”, “incompetent” and “ignorant”. While there are plenty of people who may in fact like Donald Trump, there are also just as many people who dislike him. Donald Trump’s views on topics such as immigration laws, sexual assault accusations and gun control have greatly influenced the way people feel about him. Since his 2015 campaign, Donald Trump has…...
Donald TrumpGovernmentPresident
An Analysis of A Modest Proposal and President Trump
Words • 1404
Pages • 6
Underprivileged children, families, and the elderly are being treated like they are taking from the world and giving nothing in return. A Modest Proposal and the current events going on with Trump are extremely similar. In a modest proposal, Swift argues that the problem of poverty in Ireland can best be remedied by selling the children of the poor as food for the wealthy. Trump wants to set many cuts on programs helping the poor, underprivileged, and needy children as…...
A Modest ProposalDonald Trump
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Donald Trump: a Successful Failure
Words • 1118
Pages • 5
Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, has immorally misused campaign and charity funds, making him liable to legal consequence. Trump has more than likely violated campaign finance laws that are potentially punishable under the law. Trump is perhaps one of the worst examples of how a president should responsibly use money, no decent president should be as fraudulent and feckless as Trump has been concerning this matter, and there are numerous conceivable consequences under the law in…...
Donald TrumpGovernmentPresident
President Trump’s Views On Abortion
Words • 410
Pages • 2
When I think of President Trump, the phrase fence rider comes to mind. Fence rider as defined in the urban dictionary is (“Someone who will say anything to avoid rocking the boat. They will go against their own morals and standards to make statements to please others. They shouldn't be trusted and confiding in them isn't a good idea. They are liked by many due to the fact they always have good things to say, but are not trusted by…...
AbortionDonald Trump
The Inclusion of Transgender Women in the Miss Universe
Words • 515
Pages • 3
In a beauty-pageant-crazy country like the Philippines, the annual Miss Universe pageantry is a most-awaited event for many Filipinos. It is that time when many Filipino people gravitate towards their TV sets with their eyes wide open as though entranced on the pageant events as they unfold. Probably next to boxing, the Miss Universe pageant is the most-widely watched worldwide event in the Philippines. As evidence of the country’s penchant for this event, the country has fared quite well as…...
Donald TrumpTransgenderUniverseWomen
Why ‘Make America Great Again’ Beat ‘Stronger Together’?
Words • 1007
Pages • 5
Political pundits will, for years to come, dissect how political neophyte Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become our nation’s 45th president. But, as much as we can put politics aside, it’s clear one decision each campaign made certainly helped the winner and hurt the loser -- the slogans.Trump v. Clinton was also “Make America Great Again” v. “Stronger Together,” and, no matter where your political views sit, a week after this stunning upset victory, it’s clear Trump’s slogan…...
Donald TrumpHillary ClintonWhy America Is Great
Mark Cuban: I’d ‘Rather Lose Every Penny’ Than Have Trump as President
Words • 317
Pages • 2
Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban'doesn't care if his staunch anti-Donald Trump stance costs him every penny he has. Cuban, the'owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC's 'Shark Tank, in an interview this week that helping ensure Trump does not win the presidency might cost him some fans. And he's fine with that. When it's all said and done, I'd rather lose every penny than have Trump as president because I care more about the future of my family,…...
Donald TrumpPresident
Dummy Corporation
Words • 3185
Pages • 13
An informal guide for a person wanting to open a dummy corporation, all the tricks of the trade.Setting up a Dummy Corporation... How to get anything you ever wanted for free... The "system" is a series of checks and balances. It's an insiders club and unless you know the rules or are willing to break them, you'll probably never have a pot to piss in. Not.... Where does it say, we have to put up with, read about or watch…...
CorporationDonald Trump
Development and success of Donald Trump
Words • 1650
Pages • 7
An entrepreneur is one who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying significant opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. (zimmerer, 2008) The underlying concept of motivation is some driving force within individuals by which they attempt to achieve some goal in order to fulfill some need or expectation. People's behaviour is determined by what motivates them. Their performance is a product of…...
DevelopmentDonald TrumpEntrepreneurshipSuccessTheory
Choosing a Great Leader: Ungku Abdul Aziz
Words • 737
Pages • 3
It was not a quick decision for us to choose the right personality to be discussed in the Leadership Analysis. There are a whole lot of lists that we could choose for in the World’s greatest leader. The list ranging from Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Donald Trump, Hosni Mubarak, and maybe from a different point of view, Adolph Hitler. From local point of view there is also Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad whom is considered as a world greatest leader as…...
Donald TrumpGreat LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our Country
Climate Change Communication
Words • 242
Pages • 1
Some people stay unconvinced that people are causing global warming or that it is occurring. In a survey from Pew Research Center in 2016, 20 percent of Americans said there’s no strong confirmation of climate change. According to James Hensen, a climate scientist at Columbia University in New York City "It's difficult to make people understand how urgent this is when you look outside and the weather seems pretty normal.' 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is…...
Climate ChangeCommunicationDonald Trump
Trump Administration and the Media
Words • 2519
Pages • 11
Fake News It is almost impossible to watch television, listen to the radio, or scroll through social media without being subject to the mounting tension between the Trump Administration and the media. Trump insistently refers to media as "fake news" and "enemy of the people" (Wise). The media consistently criticizes Trump's and his administration's actions and policies. This research paper will review the impact that the animosity between the Trump administration and the U.S. press has had on recent national…...
AdministrationDonald TrumpGovernment
Migration from Mexico to the USA
Words • 1330
Pages • 6
"Look at Mexico. We need to make the government better and end the corruption. If people have a better life in their country, they won't come over here"(Garza,Tony). It's needless to say that the government needs to change. People are going to be looking for asylum because it isn't safe for them in their own country or they are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. In a recent tweet, President Donald Trump attempts to portray…...
ChildDonald TrumpIllegal ImmigrationImmigrationMexicoMigration
Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico Review
Words • 723
Pages • 3
The three sites I chose were Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico. All 3 sites do not have an owner of the website on their homepage. Politico does not seem to have any bias as they have breaking news from all sides of the political spectrum and it seems like they rely more on the facts of the event then opinion. Politico also has a variety of different stories from multiple authors but that is the norm when dealing with…...
BiasDonald TrumpNetworkNewsNews MediaPolitics
The American Thinker: Online Magazine
Words • 1340
Pages • 6
The American Thinker is an online magazine with information regarding important issues to the Americans. This institute is conservative; with limitless topics involving American politics, national security, economics, business, medicine, etc. The American Thinker is a private website that allows visitors to donate and become an ad-free member. The information encountered on the American Thinker is divided into tabs. This includes a home tab, a tab explaining the American Thinkers purpose, a search tab, a tab for a member to…...
AmericaDonald TrumpGovernmentMagazineMoneyWebsite
The Brave Mexican
Words • 1631
Pages • 7
Warning: This story includes violent actions. "Oh no, please don't take me back can I please stay here with mi familia in Texas," Bert said. "Well, I'm sorry it's against the laws that Donald Trump set. I never put these rules," the FBI told Bert. "Fine then, by when do I have to go back by to M?xico?" he asked the FBI. "You have 6 hours to start leaving if not you will be slayed by zombies that the president…...
Donald TrumpOther
Cultural Marketing Essay
Words • 651
Pages • 3
Since the 2016 presidential election resulted in Donald Trump's presidency, the world has changed. From international politics to domestic consumerism, America's current president has impacted the ways populations behave in response to political issues, and Hispanics are no different. Perhaps the most prominent issue for the Hispanic population in the United States, a population of 58.9 million people (United States Census Bureau, 2017), is that of immigration reform. Immigration reform is a term that references the changing or restructuring of…...
ConsumerismDonald TrumpIllegal ImmigrationImmigrationMarketing
Media bias in politics
Words • 2380
Pages • 10
In this rapidly changing world where there are no corners for unknown beings to hide, mass media has been an essential factor in day to day life. It has captured a major part of human life where it cannot be deprived of. Mass media can be defined as the mass conversation including a huge number of people. Prints, recordings, cinema, radio, internet and television are some major devices of mass media. Mass media plays a major role in many activities…...
Bill ClintonDonald TrumpHillary ClintonMedia And PoliticsMedia Bias
The University of San Diego hosted a panel of professors as they
Words • 809
Pages • 4
The University of San Diego hosted a panel of professors as they discussed the results of the 2018 Midterm Elections. These speakers included representatives of USD's Political Science and International Relations Department Even Crawford, PhD, and Casey Dominguez, PhD, as well as San Diego State University professor Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, PhD. The seminar consisted of three topics, each handled by one of the participating professors. Dr. Crawford compared voter turnout prior to and after the 2018 midterms. Dr. Dominguez measured…...
DemocracyDonald TrumpGovernmentImmigrationUniversity
For my observation I decided to watch a program on Fox News
Words • 499
Pages • 2
For my observation I decided to watch a program on Fox News and also a program on MSNBC to compare and contrast the messages based on political affiliation. I chose programs that were on during the day because they are less opinion oriented and more geared towards sharing the story of what has happened today. That does not mean that personal opinions or the opinion of the network does not show up during the day, in fact the way the…...
Donald TrumpNews
Americas Border Wall
Words • 745
Pages • 3
Nikolos11YO LiteracyEO6: argumentative writing5/10/19America's Border WallThe history of the wall which divides the United States and Mexico is quite major. The wall was created in 1848, but back then there was only a barbed wire that kept the Mexican cattle away from American crops. "After some time, George W. Bush, Obama and President Clinton started building a more sizable wall. Combined they are responsible for 97% of the wall (Jean Guerrero 2017)."The wall should not be built because of the…...
AmericaDonald TrumpMexico
United States in An Economy Partnership
Words • 1599
Pages • 7
United states has been in an economy partnership with many foreign countries over years. Our top 3 trade partners are China, Canada, and Mexico. Over past years our economy has dropped and we started to drift into a lot of dept. Past two years it has improved and we are finally back in the game and making profits. Overall relationships with these economy giants are great, until it comes to crime, illegal immigration and drug smuggling. United States president came…...
Donald TrumpGovernmentImmigrationMexicoState
The Ugly Truth: Body Image and the Media
Words • 1896
Pages • 8
Body image, is very subjective and a perception one has in regards to appearance. Many people regard body image differently, and is something most people have dealt with one way or another. We all hold a mental image in our minds of how we should look. It is an idea that can take hold of a person and control their lives. The media uses body image to sell products, gain subscribers, and get one to read an article. Even though…...
Body ImageDonald TrumpFake NewsSocial Media
Task 1 off of is a transcript of Donald Trump’s speech
Words • 1112
Pages • 5
Rationale: The text type I based this written task 1 off of is a transcript of Donald Trump's speech on Wednesday 29th March 2017 that he gave as a representative on the Women Empowerment Panel with his daughter Ivanka. The course outcome this written task aims to meet is to 'Analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts.' I will by showing this through the creative form of an opinion column about the irony of Donald…...
Donald TrumpIrony
Donald Trump’s Solution to the Immigration Problems
Words • 925
Pages • 4
Using more intelligence such as federal agents and troopers, is a way that all of this effort can stop certain crimes, immigration, closed down of the border such as other problems. Enforcing several agencies to add more federal agents to the U.S border patrols will more than likely help in immigration problems. President Donald Trump as well Senators and other important people have been struggling and having problems with all this migrant caravan crisis in our border. President Donald Trump…...
Donald TrumpImmigration
Negative Impacts of Donald Trump’s Wall
Words • 2524
Pages • 11
The Negative Repercussions of a “Yuge” Wall in America: U.S-Mexico BorderIncreasing border security has been an ongoing discussion in the United States for many decades, particularly in recent months since the 2016 election year. The elected president, Donald Trump, used this matter to garner supporters during his campaigning, and since elected, has still been a proponent with constructing a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. There is a notion from this perspective that with a higher and stronger border,…...
Donald TrumpIllegal ImmigrationImmigration
Is Donald Trump Making America Great Again?
Words • 936
Pages • 4
“Would you feel safe knowing your rights could be revoked at any moment? This insecurity is currently being caused by the destructive personality of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. As the leader of the free world many important global issues rest on the shoulders of this malicious figure. Imagine a world where your children can’t travel by car or nor can a sustainable number of crops be grown to feed the population. This is what the…...
Donald TrumpTaxWhy America Is Great
Foreign Policy Challenges for Donald Trump
Words • 1732
Pages • 7
Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America has been handed down numerous formidable foreign policy challenges ranging from areas in the Middle East throughout East Asia. Trump had even tweeted that “THE WORK BEGINS!” on January 23, despite any of his top foreign policy positions, at the time, yet to be filled (Trump). According to the White House website, Trump will implement an “American first foreign policy focused on American interests and American national security”…...
Donald TrumpForeign Policy
What Does It Mean To Control Your Own Destiny?
Words • 382
Pages • 2
William Jennings Bryan, an American politician and orator said that "Fate is not a matter of possibility. It refers option. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be accomplished." My future does not push the hands of my friends and family. My future depends on the options that I make and the effort that I want to invest in whatever I wish to accomplish. I can be whatever I wish to be when…...
ControlDestinyDonald TrumpOprah Winfrey
Arming Teachers
Words • 984
Pages • 4
"The vast majority of teachers want to be armed with textbooks and computers, not guns," said Kenneth S. Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, in response to the national discussion on arming teachers and school staff, and armed volunteers in schools. Trump advises school districts against allowing teachers and school staff to be armed. Trump says that while gun control and gun rights advocates typically seize on school proposals to arm teachers to further political agendas, his…...
Donald TrumpInsurancePoliceTeacher
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Attempting to Succeed

Supporters of the president raise the point that he has created many job opportunities for Americans. There has been significant progress made for those who were unemployed as many jobs have arisen since Trump was elected. “The Bureau of Labor and Statistics released their August report on Friday, which showed the economy gained 130,000 jobs in August with the overall unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7%” This is a significant number of jobs which have been gained in only a short period of time. Trump has made unemployment one of his main priorities and it appears that this has been working. This will help many Americans who may have struggled to find employment before. Therefore, the view that Donald Trump is attempting to succeed in some areas to make America a better place to live can be viewed as a valid argument against impeachment. Trump has also increased the income of low-paid workers in America. “The Census Bureau says that median household income rose 0.9% in 2018 to an inflation-adjusted $63,179 from $62,626 in 2017. The poverty rate fell to 11.8%, the lowest annual level since 2001.” That improvement reflects increased income over the past several years for many workers in low-wage jobs.

Opinion of Department of Commerce

This serves as further proof that since Trump was elected, there have been significant improvements in the opportunities for Americans regarding work which provides evidence to oppose impeachment.

Furthermore, those who support Trump claim that the US economy has grown since Donald Trump was elected. There has been an increase in the economy of America which creates a better living standard for Americans. “The latest figures, released by the US Department of Commerce, show that the economy grew at an annual rate of 3.2% in the third quarter of 2017.” This illustrates that in the first year of his presidency, there was a significant increase in the economy of America. Since the economy is stronger, Americans will have a better standard of living and the country will be doing better economically than it has been in the past, especially after the recession which struck the US in 2007. Consequently, the opinion that Donald Trump and the laws he has passed are positively affecting the economy is a reasonable opinion against impeachment. The American president has paved the way for a period of economic certainty in America. “The current economic expansion in the U.S. is the longest uninterrupted period of growth in its modern recorded history.” Shown here is that since Donald Trump has been in office, there has been a period of stability and growth in the economy which has not been seen for a long time and that this will have had a positive impact on the American people. This demonstrates further that there is a clear link between the start of Donald Trump’s presidency and the steadiness of economic growth within the US which provides evidence to disagree with impeachment.

“Hoax” Invented by China

Those criticise Trump raise the point that he withdrew from the Paris agreement and he does not believe in climate change. The president does not believe climate change is real despite the overwhelming evidence and has introduced policies that damage the planet. “Carbon emissions rose sharply last year, increasing 3.4%, according to new estimates from the economic firm Rhodium Group. That year’s jump in emissions is the biggest since the bounce back from the recession in 2010. It is the second-largest gain in more than two decades.” This shows that Donald Trump does not care what effect his actions have on others and that he is putting peoples lives at risk by passing laws that increase the carbon emissions in America. He is not putting the American people first and is instead of passing laws which benefit the large corporations responsible for the majority of carbon emissions in America.

Consequently, the opinion that Donald Trump is selfish and irresponsible in the area of climate change is a valid argument as to why he should be impeached. The President has made false claims regarding climate change. “President Trump has falsely called climate change a “hoax” invented by China, incorrectly suggested that wind turbines cause cancer and dismissed a landmark scientific report produced by the federal government’s scientists.” Shown here is that Trump is irresponsible enough to claim false truths within a public speech which many across the world with hear and is feeding the American public lies regarding Climate Change. This provides another example of his irresponsible behaviour regarding climate change and gives justification to support impeachment.

Furthermore, those who dislike Trump criticise his sexist comments about women. Many statements regarding women that Donald Trump has said have been very offensive and degrading to women. “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

Discrimination Against Women

This displays his derogatory view of women and his desire to assert his dominance over them. Though he works with women daily and has seen that they are equal to men, he still produces these statements which can offend. Therefore, the opinion that Donald Trump is sexist is a valid reason for impeachment. Donald Trump insulted his presidential rival, Hilary Clinton. ‘Does she look presidential, fellas? Give me a break.” This shows that he does not believe that Hilary should be allowed to be president simply because of her looks. This further proves that he discriminates against women by appearance this would provide reason to support his impeachment.

To conclude on whether ‘Donald Trump should be impeached?’, I believe that he should be. Though he has made good progress regarding the unemployment rate and economy in America, this does not change that he refuses to believe in climate change, a danger that is facing the entirety of the human race and that he treats women disrespectfully and views their looks as more of a deciding factor of whether they should be in places of power, regardless of their ideas.

FAQ about Donald Trump

How Donald Trump Leveraged Social Media?
...Motivational principles encourage followers to buy in to a vision of the future that is high-minded and that taps into these followers’ best instincts (Burns, 1978). As this article clearly highlights leadership has taken a different role than ever...
Why ‘Make America Great Again’ Beat ‘Stronger Together’?
...The hashtag battle was the one fight in the war that Hillary Clinton could have won, because “Make America Great Again” was not a great social slogan. It was shortened to #MAGA, and that had a kind of foreign feel to it. Still, it worked ...
What Does It Mean To Control Your Own Destiny?
...It took them years of hard work and determination to master their skills, build a good reputation and attain their status. They believe in the importance of education, focus on their goals in life and made an effort to succeed. My future may be uniqu...

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