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Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico Review

The three sites I chose were Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico. All 3 sites do not have an owner of the website on their homepage. Politico does not seem to have any bias as they have breaking news from all sides of the political spectrum and it seems like they rely more on the facts of the event then opinion. Politico also has a variety of different stories from multiple authors but that is the norm when dealing with political news.

CNN also seems to have a variety of stories which is usually the case because they are in the middle of the political spectrum and tend to touch on both sides of the story. Breitbart News Network has tons of bias all over the homepage from the trending topics at the top of the page to the stories that they publish.

CNN and Politico tend to focus on every demographic and try to appeal to anybody that wants facts over bias.

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On the other hand, Breitbart News focuses on trying to appeal to white conservatives as they usually publish articles that have a strong conservative bias associated with them.

The purpose of all 3 news sites is to inform the public about what is going on in the world and America. However, Breitbart tries to persuade people into believing some of their stories when sometimes they are just not true. The content on all 3 sites is current and going on in today’s world. Most stories that all 3 of the news networks publish rely on facts but Breitbart relies on opinion the most out of the 3 news networks.

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The design of all 3 news networks webpages are extremely appealing to look out and very easy to navigate which is usually the case because otherwise they would not get much publicity.

My findings of all 3 sites were very similar. CNN uses facts and some opinion-based news to attract the attention of anybody who wants real news stories. CNN’s main objective is to inform the public about what is happening in today’s world and the content on their website is interesting an appealing to look at. Politico is a fact-based news source that uses statistics in some of their news stories to attract the attention of anyone who doesn’t want opinion-based news. Politico’s main objective is to inform the public and has no interest to persuade them in any certain way. Breitbart uses mostly opinion-based news to persuade American’s to sway to a certain political affiliation. All 3 sites seem to be fair, but I would have to read every story to decide on whether it be accurate.

I strongly agree that a free press is essential to a thriving democracy given the state of the media in our country right now. In a CNN article written by Jen Psaki ‘Without free press, democracy dies’, Jen makes very good points about the state of the press in our country today. I agree with her because of the remarks that President Donald Trump has been making about how evil the press is. If we do not have a free press, nobody will know what our government is doing and without them it is preparing us for history to repeat itself. (Psaki, 2017).

Both President Nixon and President Donald Trump are accused of hiding important information. President Nixon hated the press because he was paranoid and that is why he was the leader of the Watergate Scandal. President Trump has constantly spewed off random inaccurate comments about dozens of important issues regarding our country. In a Washington Post article by Robert Samuelson, it is reinforced that President Trump has a hate for the media because he hates being fact-checked as he knows most of the stuff he says is inaccurate. (Samuelson, 2017).

The most important media literacy lessons from this assignment were the importance of a free press, the importance of accurate news that informs the public about what is going on and the importance of Presidents to not attack the media.


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