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The University of San Diego hosted a panel of professors as they

Paper type: Essay
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The University of San Diego hosted a panel of professors as they discussed the results of the 2018 Midterm Elections. These speakers included representatives of USD’s Political Science and International Relations Department Even Crawford, PhD, and Casey Dominguez, PhD, as well as San Diego State University professor Benjamin Gonzalez O’Brien, PhD. The seminar consisted of three topics, each handled by one of the participating professors. Dr. Crawford compared voter turnout prior to and after the 2018 midterms. Dr. Dominguez measured the impact of the midterms and how that will affect the future of the presidency.

And Dr. Gonzalez O’Brien focused specifically on how the midterms will affect immigration policy.

One point brought up by Dr. Crawford was the increased turnout of young voters. In fact, turnout for 18 to 29 year olds was estimated to be 31%, the highest it has ever been. As mobile as many youths are, many of them who were voting are enrolled in college and are away from home.

This was also their first opportunity going to the polls and many states have intricate rules about voting, especially for those who had to fill out an absentee ballot. With some of these obstacles intact, what compelled many youths to become registered voters? One may suggest that the increased turnout was to reflect disproval of President Trump and his administrations’ handling of their duties. Another would point to current events such as the Parkland, Florida shooting, thus enticing young voters to make their voices audible. Perhaps the gargantuan push to advertise the midterms raised enough awareness on multiple social media platforms to propel many voters toward the polls. I believe all of these to be valid assumptions as not every individual possesses the same motive for voting. Regardless of one’s beliefs, every American citizen should practice their right to vote as it is their civic duty.

Dr. Dominguez shared the consequential effects of the midterms and how that will affect President Trump’s agenda. What does it mean for the Democrats to hold a majority in the House? By my understanding, the political environment will change due to a shift in power favoring members of the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives. With Nancy Pelosi to be the (likely) Speaker of the House, there will be multiple subpoenas and investigations targeted at the President. In addition, a legislative paralysis may come in affect, leading to a gridlock as bills will find difficulty being passed by both the House and Senate. Perhaps the most interesting argument Dr. Dominguez made was that there is a deeper initiative if House Democrats went ahead with proposing new pieces of legislature, even though it will get turned down by the Senate. Their purpose would be to prove to their base that they will actively oppose Trump. I find this tactic undesirable, mainly because it dissolves any opportunity for bipartisanship. This proves yet another example of the divisive times we live in. Rather than working on a solution that may appease both sides, efforts are made to tear down the other party.

What significance do Republicans have in obtaining a tighter grip of the Senate? With the scope of their power now expanded in the Senate, Republicans will continue to aid Trump in reshaping the federal judiciary. I would argue that this election was the final act to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was targeted with several accusations of rape. Red state Democratic Senators who voted against Kavanaugh’s confirmation lost their position during the midterms. However, Senator Joe Manchin, a Democratic Senator from West Virginia, was reelected strongly in part for supporting the current Justice. Perhaps the much hyped “blue wave” was an exaggeration.

Similar to what Dr. Dominguez was speaking on, Dr. Gonzalez O’Brien also gave implications of the effects on America’s political system changing, however, his topic was more concerned with immigration policy. I though he echoed much of the former when reminding us that Democrats can put a dent in President Trump’s agenda now that they have majority control in Congress yet acknowledging that they don’t have a united vision on immigration. When discussing this issue, each party is pulled further away from each other, forcing moderates to stand firm on either side of the isle. A tribal-like mindset inhibits any cooperation and ultimately leads to nothing getting accomplished.

To close, the political panel offered an informative view regarding the effects of the midterms and how the Trump administration will deliver its agenda for the following two years. While a political party’s possession and loss of power is caught in an endless cycle, a surge in young voter participation remarks a significant change in demographics. Millennials will be considered the largest voting bloc in due time. Choices made by this group of voters may leave a large impact in America’s political realm as their presence will decide the outcome of elections to come.

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