Planned Change at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Planned Change at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority In 2001 (SDCRAA) was created to be implemented in 2003 by the senior director of the aviation division in the port of San Diego, Thella Bowens. She was held responsible for the transition of operations from the airport authority to SDCRAA. Because Bowens had a good experience in the organization, this made her important in providing support to the operation in develops the transition plan as well as dealing with legal and regulatory issues.

The group led by Thella Bowens understood the importance of SDCRAA quickly becoming a separate organization and suggested studying the existing strategic plan to gather the needed resources for this project. Bowens chartered the Airtport Transition Team to ensure the smooth and seamless transfer of operations and public services provided by the airport. In May 2002, seven employees were selected from the Aviation Division to improve members of the Airport Transition Team .The method was to get people with the ability to work within a process yet think outside of the box, to communicate well with others in a team, and influence directors without having formal authority.

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The plan phase also determined the when, where, and how of the plan. A “war room” was established for the team to and serves as a communication hub. The team named themselves the “Metamorphs” and many of its members came from different parts of the organization. SDCRAA had only one worker in 2002 which is Thella Browens she was dealing with regulatory issues at that time such as property transfer and the transitioning of workers.

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She also helped in passing the legislation which insured the employees their jobs. Furthermore, Browens renegotiated the union contract together with working beside an external counsel and state senators. The implementation process required a decision on the best way to bring about the change. The strategic plan evolved during the transition, had two important elements: human resources and communication plans. The human resources plan specified the transition of 145 budgeted Aviation Division employees to 52 vacancies plus the 90 other positions. The airport transition plan contained a special emphasis on the needs of the employee. Bowens included a number of change management education sessions for all employees.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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