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Question 1:
List some of the micro operations to be found at Birmingham International Airport.

i) Baggage handling operation
ii) Ground cress loading and unloading operation
iii) Airline ticketing operation
iv) Information dispensing operation
v) Cleaning operation
vi) Customer services operation
vii) Technical maintenance operation
viii) Fire alert operation
Each of these micro operations played a significant role at Birmingham International Airport to improve their business operations.

a) Identify the main transforming and transformed resources. Operations management can defined as a set of components that can related into a set of input become desired output.

Furthermore, this conversion is called the transformation process that is view as the technical core. Basically, the main transforming and transformed resources are baggage handling operation, give some information desk, checking passport control and security checks.Hence, the objective is to produce outputs that important for the customers. This process generates the internal information as a part of feedback process. Furthermore, this significant part is to aim serve with every customer well and keep it to running the process safely on time.

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b) State which is the predominant transformed resources, i.e., customers, materials, or information.  Each state of micro operations has different role that are based on customers, materials or information. There are three micro operations are based on customers at Birmingham International Airport. First, micro operation based on customers is baggage handling operations that do the sorting, checking and dispatching bags to the many departing aircrafts. Second, micro operation based on customers is airline-ticketing operation that deals with lines of passengers, each of who may have different final destination.

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Third, micro operation based on customers is customer services operations that give passengers information from information desk which is always fully manned, dealing with many queries that people want to know if their plane is on time, location and how to work out to get a faster road to their final destination. There are three micro operations are based on materials at Birmingham International Airport. First, micro operation based on material is ground cress loading and unloading operation, such as aircraft or putting meals on board. Second, micro operation based on material is cleaning operation that does the cleaning of aircraft during their brief spell at the air bridge. The only micro operation based on information is information dispensing operation. Its task is to give the passengers who needed of information, who need information about the airline, transportation, lodging, and etc.

c) Describe the output of each micro operation and say who you think its customers are.

The output and customer of micro operation for baggage handling operation is the sending baggages to the cargo and inspected baggages. Therefore, customers are from each departing aircraft that carries their respective baggage. Conversely, the output for the next micro operation, which is loading and unloading from aircraft, is the service to load and unload from the aircraft. Furthermore, customer for loading and unloading on aircraft is the serviced aircraft. Output for micro operation of airline ticketing operation is to provide tickets for passengers with different final destination and the customer for this operation is the airline passenger. The next output for information-dispensing operation is to provide information for people that needed to be helped.

Beside that, customer for information dispensing operation is the people needing the information regarding the airline and its services. Output of micro operation of cleaning operation is to provide a cleaned place with the purpose to give passengers the proper basic services and good image on the airliner. So, the customer for cleaning operation is all the cleaned places. Output for good stocking operation is the checked and stocked goods. The customer is the sufficiently stocked store in Birmingham International Airport.

The output of micro operation of technical maintenance operation is the maintained and repaired airline facility and vehicles at Birmingham International Airport. The customer is the airline facilities and vehicles that required constant maintenance and services. The output for fire alert operation is the fully trained fire crew so that they are alert of any fire accident all the time. Its customer is the airline customers and Birmingham International Airport, of which they are the one benefited from the help of fire crews in case of any mishaps happened.

Question 2:
What would you say are the main problems in designing, planning, controlling and improving an airport?

The main problem in designing is each part of the airport has to be carefully designed to fulfill the job today. The main problems in planning are each part of the operation has to be planned so that it has enough staff, enough stock, enough space, the appropriate passengers, the correct baggage, the right planes, the proper equipment, in the right place at the right time. The staffs involved from the airport, airlines and associated organizations have to undertake all the tasks they have been given so that the operations work smoothly. The manager has to ensure that an airport has the right quantity and quality of employees doing the right things in the right place at the right time and at right cost to the airport. The manager has to make sure that everything goes smoothly all the time according with his or her planned.

The main problem in controlling is managers must control these operations to ensure that all goes to plan and meets the needs of the present customers and upcoming customers. The manager has to monitoring and regulating performance to ensure that it conforms to the plans and goals of the Birmingham International Airport. In controlling, the manager also has to taking the appropriate corrective action to ensure that what is actually happening is in accordance with the expectations of the planning process that does not necessarily involve cracking down on staff who are not performing to the expected standards, but it may also mean reviewing the plans and implementing them where it can be demonstrated that they were defective in same way or that conditions have changed. The main problems in improving are managers have to look to improving what they do and how they do it in order to keep up with the track in this rapidly changing world.

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