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Plutarch Fall Of the Roman Republic
Words • 1529
Pages • 6
The Roman Republic began after the overthrow of the last king in 509 BCE. Rome thrived without their Kings as the Senate took control. The Republic expanded to cover all of Italy, Greece, parts of France and Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and more. The powers and responsibilities of the former Roman monarchs were essentially divided between two consuls, an elected office with the power of veto over each other. Approaching the end of the Republic, Rome was already the major…...
RepublicRoman empire
Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?
Words • 2092
Pages • 8
Introduction In August 1914, Germany and her allies plunged into World War 1 with patriotism and bravery, yet they were somewhat uncertain. This uncertainty was justified as they were entering one of the bloodiest wars in history and the fighting was not going to stop until November 1918, when they "withdrew" from the battlefield. With little help form their allies, and their army being split in two on both Eastern and Western fronts, this was a difficult war to fight…...
GermanyGovernmentInternational RelationsNazi GermanyRepublicTreaty of Versailles
Summary of Plato’s ‘The Republic’
Words • 640
Pages • 3
“The Republic” is a work of “Plato” that talks about his “ideal society” (Plato et. al. , 2003, pp. 1 – 496). According to him an “ideal society” is: 1) one that is ordered/structured, just/reasonable, wise/sensible, courageous/spirited, temperate/controlled; 2) a society that is geared towards the well-being of the whole population and not just one class; and last but not least 3) a society that is ruled by the “philosopher-ruler” (Plato et. al. , 2003, pp. 1 – 496). Plato…...
Philosophical TheoriesPlatoRepublicStephen HawkingVirtue
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Southern Europe
Words • 1094
Pages • 4
Introduction We define Southern Europe as Spain, Italy and Greece. These three countries have in common to be relatively young democracies, built on the remains of authoritarian regimes after WW2. They also share a long track record as Mediterranean powers. Can we nevertheless say that the quality of democracy in Southern Europe is poor? Although they have a recent history of political crisis and instability, sometimes aggravated by corruption issues, Spain, Italy and Greece have shown democratic resilience throughout their…...
Republic Book
Words • 1152
Pages • 5
Introduction In book IV Adeimantus wonders that except guardians who have the most power everyone seems happy in the city. According to Socrates in the city there is not such a duty to make rulers or guardians happy in fact their job is to provide justice and make citizen happy and do any necessary thing in order to live in honour and justice. He defines justice and talks about relativeness of wealth or poverty : “Wealth is the parent of…...
JusticePhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyRepublicTruth
Plato: the Republic (Book 1)
Words • 948
Pages • 4
Introduction to Philosophy Plato is one of the many philosophers who have had an influence on the ideas of humane thinking. Born in Athens, believed to be around 428 BC, Plato has expressed various works pertaining to idealism and the theory of forms. Plato has made many allegories and metaphors of life. One of his many famous writings would be included in his collected dialogues. The Republic, Book 1, is a Socratic dialogue written by Plato around his mid-life. The…...
JusticePhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPlatoRepublicSocrates
National assembly
Words • 762
Pages • 3
"In the 5th Republic, parliament has become powerless. " Discuss. The Birth of the 5th Republic was a typically French affair with a radical complete overhaul of the political system. This change was created by General Charles de Gaulle. The French Parliament is set out in article 24 of the 5th Republic constitution of the 4th October 1958 and is made up primarily of the National Assembly which is directly elected and consist of 577 deputies who are elected for…...
Equality, Civil Rights and Republicanism
Words • 778
Pages • 3
A radical ideology for the 18th century, republicanism rejected the need for a monarchy and proposed an elective system of government. From philosophical perspective, the republican thought was based on the idea of the citizens’ social cohesion and dedication to the public good. In a republic, order could be established only if citizens acted morally and virtuously and were ready to give up their personal desires to the common welfare. Republicans also believed that human beings had natural affection for…...
CitizenshipCivil RightsConstitutionEqualityGovernmentRepublic
Trip to Czech Republic
Words • 3308
Pages • 13
It seemed like a good idea to ease her into the trip, so we went to Vienna first for three days. She has always wanted to see my place there and meet my friends and I also thought it would be a good way to get her used to the time change and have her not be tired for her first meeting with the family in Brno. She enjoyed Vienna but I think she had some anxiety about the Brno…...
People’s Republic Of China PRC also named China is a country in
Words • 1308
Pages • 5
People's Republic Of China (PRC) also named China is a country in East Asia with a population of around 1.404 billion. They are also known as the world's most populous country. The capital of China is in Beijing. Occupying nearly the entire East Asian landmass, it occupies approximately one-fourteenth of the land area of Earth. Among the major countries of the world, China is surpassed in area by only Russia and Canada, and it is almost as large as the…...
The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
Words • 1403
Pages • 6
The country was among the birthplaces of mankind and is located at the heart of ancient civilizations. Furthermore the country is known to be among the most progressive and secular Islamic societies. Aside from having been the first Muslim country to have operas, theater plays, and a democratic republic, Azerbaijan today is among the Muslim countries where support for secularism and tolerance is the highest. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic and secular republic in the Muslim world, was…...
The Origin of Civil Society: Foundation and Development
Words • 1806
Pages • 7
Civil society is defined as the composition of the total voluntary civic and social organizations and institutions. This will form the basis of a functioning society to the forced-back structures of a state and commercial institutions. Examples of that constitutes the civil society are registered charities, non governmental organizations, different organization of women and many others (Center for Civil Society).             Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that civil society had the foundation that came from an arrangement of a contract concerning rights…...
Understanding the Challenges of Glaucon and Adeimantus in Plato’s Republic
Words • 2419
Pages • 9
A significantly large aspect of Plato’s dialogue entitled Republic is the discussion of the concept of justice. On a preliminary note, the significance of such a concept makes itself manifest in our deepest questions concerning the many aspects of the political order and political life. In the Republic, Socrates’ interlocutors Glaucon and Adeimantus, challenge the view that it is always more preferable for an individual to be just than unjust. At this early part of the paper, it is an…...
Taliban vs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
Afghanistan is a mountainous land-locked country, which is one of the central Asian countries. In addition, it is an Islamic country that Islam religion has played a significant role in governing it. In Afghanistan Many governments had been changed in past several decades. For instance, the Kingdom of Amanullah Khan, the Kingdom of Mohammad Nadir Shah, Mohammad Zahir Shah, The Communist Regimes, the Islamic State of Afghanistan, Taliban Regime, Interim Government, Transitional Government, and the Islamic Republic Governments. As most…...
Plato’s Objection to Poetry
Words • 3979
Pages • 15
He was the first systemic critic who inquired into the nature of imaginative literature and put forward theories which are both illuminating and provocative. He was himself a great poet and his dialogues are full of his gifted dramatic quality. His Dialogues are the classic works of the world literature having dramatic, lyrical and fictional elements. According to him all arts are imitative or mimetic in nature. He wrote in The Republic that ‘ideas are the ultimate reality’. Things are…...
Napoleon Bonaparte: a True Tyrant
Words • 1036
Pages • 4
Ideals of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution were both rooted from the desire to abolish absolute authority, ensure the natural rights of men, and develop a stable government. Napoleon Bonaparte, a prominent military general and French Emperor, strived for these political ideologies, but was corrupt in his way of approaching them. He was strictly egotistical and selfish; these characteristics served only as a catalyst to his abolition. Mohandas Gandhi, a pacifistic revolutionary that led India’s emancipation, stated that “power…...
FranceFreedom Of SpeechFrench RevolutionNapoleonRepublic
Republic Act
Words • 1034
Pages • 4
SECTION II: POLICY It is the policy of the state, consistent with the Constitution to promote the general welfare, to safeguard the interest of the in and out of school youth and the entire young populace. For this purpose, the government shall institute a balance policy whereby the use of technology such as internet café’s videogame shops and the likes, be regulated in order to promote education and preserve the culture of Filipinos and at the same time ensure that…...
Reflection Paper on “The Republic” by Plato
Words • 976
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Greek philosopher, Plato, is considered to be one of the most influential people in Western Philosophy. The fact that he was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle leaves no questions about his competence. One of his fundamental works is the “Republic”. Even though it was written in 380 BC, Plato’s and Socrates’s thoughts are still relevant in twenty first century. This paper will evaluate the quote from the “Republic” and provide a summary of a quote; provide…...
The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Nepal was declared Federal Democratic Republic country on 15th Jestha, 2065 B. S. After the mass movement II, the autocratic monarchy has been removed from Nepal. The new concept of new Nepal is to divide the country into different autonomous states with their own power and to be controlled by the central government. Everyone believes that this system will lead Nepal towards the path of development and success. This division of state will encourage decentralization of power and facility. The…...
Republic Acts 9163 & 7077
Words • 466
Pages • 2
1. Research on R.A. 7077 It is an act providing for the development, administration, organization, training, maintenance and utilization of the Citizen Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and for other purposes. This may also include civil police officers when needed to maintain law and order. It is known as the Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act. Republic Act 7077 mandated the creation of the Reserve Commands in all the major service levels of the armed forces, namely the Philippine Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM), the Philippine Air Force Reserve Command…...
Why the Weimar Republic Failed?
Words • 10618
Pages • 39
Abstract: What led to the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich continues to be an important question for students of history and politics. In this research project I will discuss how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were able to take power in Germany and replace the Weimar Republic. Much of the scholarship on the fall of Weimar Republic highlights the flaws with the German democratic government. I examine voting patterns and changing voter…...
GovernmentNazi GermanyRepublic
Human Nature and the Goodness of a Person in Plato’s Republic I
Words • 1290
Pages • 5
Hailed as Plato’s greatest masterpiece, the Republic is considered one of the best guides of ethics and politics not only in a5th century Greece but in modern and contemporary times. Just like in the Dialogues, throughout all the sections or books of the Republic, the main character is Plato’s mentor, Socrates, whose conversations with prominent Greek personalities on the subjects of ethics and politics the former documents. Book One is particularly important as it opens the series of dialogues that…...
Human NatureJusticePlatoRepublicSocrates
Compare/Contrast essay on Republicans and Democrats
Words • 708
Pages • 3
Anti-slavery individuals who believed that the government should grant western lands to settlers free of charge founded the Republican Party in the 1850's. The first official meeting was held on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. The republicans became a national party in 1856. Abraham Lincoln was the first republican president. A few credits to the republican party include: the signing of the emancipation proclamation by President Lincoln, the 13th amendment which outlawed slavery, the 14th amendment which Guaranteed rights…...
John P Roche-The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action
Words • 1079
Pages • 4
John P. Roche published a Thesis “The Founding Fathers a Reform Caucus in Action” where managed to dwell upon the significance of the contribution made by the builders of a country. He characterizes them as great contributors. Apart from that, the author claims that the creation of the constitution was a natural and entirely democracy connected process, which equally contributed to the creation of state, economy, and politics. He calls a target reader to give the Founders acknowledgements for the…...
CitizenshipFounding FathersLawRepublicRightsThomas Jefferson
Roman Republic and Brutus
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Caesar`s saying really helps sum up Brutus’s character in Julius Caesar. Brutus was thought to not be a problem for Caesar and to be his right-hand man due to his dignity and devotion to him; however his qualities are exactly why it is such a disaster. What Brutus did was a huge surprise considering his traits. Caesar’s surprise was so huge; he could only whisper the three last few words, but Brutus also showed honor; and patriotism which also made…...
Julius CaesarPatriotismRepublic
Plato’s View of Justice in the Republic
Words • 2951
Pages • 11
Having lived an extraordinarily long life (for his time), with no consistent doctrine of belief, it has become customary to divide Plato's writings chronologically into three periods, Early, Middle and Late. The Republic, a collection of ten books, is thought to have been written after Phaedo during the 'middle-period' of Plato's life. It is during this period that Plato's philosophy becomes his own rather than a commentary on Socrates beliefs and sayings. It is important to remember that Plato's time…...
Short Speech on the Republic Day Celebration
Words • 932
Pages • 4
The Republic Day is also celebrated as a National Festival like Independence day. The significance of this day is that a pledge was taken on 26th January, 1930 on the bank of river Ravi to attain ‘Swaraj’ was fulfilled on this day in the year 1950. India became a sovereign, democratic republic. On this day all Government offices, factories insti­tutions and shops and establishments remain closed. This day is celebrated throughout the country. People assemble at one place and offer…...
RepublicRepublic Day Celebration
Federalists vs Democratic Republicans Essay
Words • 887
Pages • 4
From the beginning of the formation of a republic in the United States, many people feared the creation of factious voting blocks which would impose the will of a vocal minority on the majority of the people. Despite steps to avoid this, two political parties did form after George Washington stated that he would not seek another term and it became unclear who would be the next president. These parties were the Federalist Party, led by Alexander Hamilton, and the…...
RepublicThe Federalist Papers
Aguinaldo in Organizing a Republic in Biak-na-Bato
Words • 3087
Pages • 12
Abolition of the government’s power to banish Filipinos Equality for all before the law. A charter based on the Cuban Constitution was also drafted by Felix Ferrer and Isabelo Artacho. It was signed on November 1, 1897. The Biak-na-Bato Constitution provided for the establishment of a Supreme council that would serve as the highest governing body of the Republic. It also outlined certain basic human rights, such as freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to education.…...
PhilippinesRepublicSpanish American War
Democratic and Republican Main Constituencies and the Current Trends
Words • 1271
Pages • 5
The 2 excellent political celebrations are among the significant political systems that were not envisaged by the starting for dads. The 2 features that were constituted included constitutional frameworks that encouraged the 2 celebration advancements. The Electoral College, which was at least customized by the twelve amendments along with the single member district which, while not mandated constitutionally has been the rule rather than exception as from back 1970s. This tended to funnel the political leader into two major celebrations,…...
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Why the Weimar Republic Failed?
...Pridham, G. (1973). Hitler's Rise to Power. New York: Harper & Row, Publishers. Riel, A. V., & Schram, A. (1993, March). Weimar Economic Decline, Nazi Economic Recovery, and the Stabilization of Political Dictatorship. The Journal of Economic...

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