A Reflection of My Contribution as a Good Citizen

What does it mean to be a “good citizen”? A good citizen is someone who obeys the laws of their country, contributes to society, and participates in public affairs with wisdom. A good citizen will bring positive ideas and experiences to their community.

They will be humble, charismatic, selfless, and generous. In order to be exactly defined as a good citizen, that would require one to participate in community service. Through participating in community service, it shows that the individual is willing to dedicate personal time in order to provide and give back to their community. Admirable forms of community service are acts like tutoring young children, feeding the homeless, or picking up trash around the town, etc.

By being a good citizen that will ensure that your community remains good and intact as well. I have contributed to my community through helping the homeless, spending time with the elderly, and providing internships for certain companies. The specific service learning experience I participated in this learning period was volunteering at the YWCA.

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I got helped spread their message, educate about resources, and even interact with some of the women and children they shelter/help. This was a valuable experience to me because it gave me the advantage of having better interpersonal skills. Perhaps if I enter this type of environment when going into the workforce, I will be able to carry this newly found skill set with me.

I have learned to be more diligent, have better time management, and increase my social skills through volunteering at YWCA.

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I used to be a procrastinator and an introvert, but after the past few weeks working here – that changed. This has taught me a lot of responsibility and work ethic which has matured me as a person, and grown my attributes. These new qualities I have inherited will definitely come in handy for whatever career path I choose. I believe it is more qualifying for any job when a person has proper work ethic. Anyone who needs to gain that type of opportunity should intern or volunteer somewhere they can be an apprentice. I have learned not only new personal skill set characteristics, but now I also know how to interact with real victims of adversity. I did choose an experience most people would not have for volunteering – but I believe in doing acts of value. Not to say that, other community service has no value, but this is what made the most sense for myself.

I felt that I initially killed two birds with one stone after leaving here. I gave them a service they needed and in return, I gained an experience that will value for me from a personal and work perspective. Especially, because I most likely will enter another volunteer experience during college, this was the most beneficial. I felt this gave me the proper preparation and attitude for future community services. This is definitely far from the end for me and community service. Although I do plan to try to do a similar experience again – the possibilities do not just stop there. I would love to give back to my community by volunteering at an animal shelter or doing makeup for a charity event, because makeup is something that I am passionate about. I believe if it were not for this volunteer experience I would not be the same person. The main thing I took away from all this was a new maturity level. I think, talk, and see differently because of this opportunity. Without community service, a community would be lifeless – the people would be lifeless. There would be no positivity or light at the end of the tunnel. Community service keeps us entire and keeps our general public in thoughtfulness.

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