Qualities Good Citizen Should Have

In this day and age, technology is constantly advancing before our eyes. Everything we want is conveniently accessible at our fingertips. Gone are the days where we have to take a trip to the town’s local library to do research; all the information we need is on the internet. Having everything available in an instant is beneficial. However, it is causing us to be consumed by smart devices. An essential quality of a good citizen is the ability to unplug from technology.

The ability to disconnect from these timewasters, or smart devices as we call it, directly increases the productivity level within one’s community.

Every citizen in a community has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In order to protect these unalienable rights, a citizen must contribute to their community by fulfilling their civic duties. Unplugging provides citizens with an increased amount of free time to participate in and improve their communities. As a result, a citizen will become more appreciative of their surroundings and take interest in public affairs.

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Unplugging allows citizens to fully participate in their communities by voicing their opinions and voting. Even if they are not directly ameliorating their community, their small contributions accumulate towards a greater impact.

A good citizen respects individual differences and ways of life different from their own. Excessive engagement with technology severely affects social skills crucial to one’s future success. Therefore, unplugging improves social skills since it prompts collaboration between citizens. Without relying on social media, citizens will improve their interpersonal communication skills by engaging in face-to-face conversations.

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As a result of communicating with new individuals, a citizen may become more courteous. Righteous qualities such as courtesy correlates with the essential quality a citizen needs: moral courage.

A good citizen is someone who is helpful. There is no denying that a good citizen is selfless and positively influences their community. The act of volunteering and putting one’s skills to use to make a difference for the people around them is vital to a community’s stability. Unplugging from technology may improve a citizen’s overall quality of life. Technology cannot replace the satisfied feeling one gets from helping others.

A good citizen uses their knowledge to thoroughly understand their community. With the time saved from disengaging in technology, a citizen may discover new things about themselves and improve intellectually. By unplugging, they are eliminating the reliance of internet search engines. For the first time, they might actually have to be resourceful and find a traditional solution to their problems instead of asking Siri. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment, right? Actually, no. Their newfound knowledge enables them to benefit their community effectively.

A good citizen respects and obeys the laws and does not want to harm others. They are responsible and self-disciplined. Now more than ever, advancing technology can get citizens in trouble with the law. According to a poll conducted by The American Automobile Association, 94% of teen drivers acknowledged the risks of texting while driving, yet 35% admitted to doing it regardless (Texting While Driving Archives). This endangers other citizens and puts their lives at risk. Unplugging will increase a citizen’s attentiveness to their surroundings. As a result, they are more inclined to obey the laws since they are not distracted by their phone. By being able to unplug, they are making the conscious decision to not jeopardize their life and the lives of those around them.

Ultimately, a good citizen is a good human being. They put others first, take accountability for their actions, and is sober-minded. They should be selfless, unprejudiced, and honestly work to benefit their community for the common good. They must understand that their actions not only affect themselves, but their community as a whole. If a citizen embodies these qualities, they are making their community better, and aiding in the pursuit of happiness. A happy community shapes and nurtures its citizens wellbeing.

All in all, a citizen’s ability to unplug and disconnect from technology is essential to their community. With the time saved from not scrolling through their feed, they are putting their skills to use to benefit others. The key to doing this effectively is by doing it earnestly. Announcing good deeds diminishes their quality. Change starts with one. If we the people are to truly benefit our community, we have to do what is morally and legally right.

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