What you can do for your country?

What makes us good citizens? It is hard to answer that question because every person can think about different definition of a good citizen. Many can call themselves good citizens just because they work, pay taxes and obey law. But is it enough? Not for everyone. Good citizens do not serve their own interest but rather understand that their deeds affect the world around them. They serve their families, friends and others in need without prejudice and selfishness. They care about the condition of their community, country and the world.

For me actions of a good citizen include protection of the country, education and community service.

All citizens should in same ways help to protect the country they are living in. Be ready at any moment to gave up their lives to protect the land where their ancestors lived and where future generations will come into being. But it does not have to be a military protection, but also protection from violence, robbery and other types of crime.

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Be ready to help the police to stop criminals, and create save environment for young people.

Education is another powerful tool to build citizenship values. Through interacting with friends and teachers from kindergarten through university, one can strengthen such virtues as love, care, responsibility, honesty and devotion. One can also accumulate a wealth of knowledge that can help one carry out social, political, economic responsibilities. Education also opens access to new information technologies, technologies that can expand one`s knowledge of people in other parts of the world.

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As one becomes aware of less advantaged people, one can better appreciate and preserve what one has. One might learn from some good examples to effect changes for the better.

Finally community service where some can help to improve the community they are living in; community, the smallest part of the country. Improving community helps to improve the whole country. And we can do it in many ways. Some help members of the community for reasons other than personal gain. Some participate in block watches, others staff help hotlines. Some attend city council meetings, while still others volunteer to help paint houses or pick up trash. Each of these is the example of the work of citizens who care about their country.

We can truly say that good citizens are like small flames combined to make a bright light, light of better future. A swallow may not make a summer; however, individual citizens, joining efforts - whether in a recycling center, a kitchen, a Mathematics lab, or a primary classroom-can build a strong community and country.

Benefit to Home Country

A relatively little number of disease and conditions represent a large share of health burden, and the majority of them can be avoided and treated with low cost interventions. Nevertheless Maldives have a scarcity of doctors, nursed and allied health workers, and much of the population lives a significant range from a tertiary health care facility. So, access to medical care is a consistent difficulty for a significant part of the population. Really few healthcare suppliers are trained particularly in community health and security, despite the existence of numerous strong medical programs within the nation. Male' Health Service Corporation Ltd (MHSC/MALDIVES) is the first health corporation formed in April 2010. MHSC was formed to provide healthcare requirements within the nation. (Roughly sixty percent of the population) However maternity care is one of the primary leading forefronts (www.mhsc.com.mv). Absence of competent healthcare professionals and the associated problems in circulation of the needed healthcare resources has actually resulted in most of births happening in the tertiary medical facility (IGMH). Furthermore caesarean shipment rates are greater in the island health centers due to the lack of experienced based midwives. (www.health.gov.mv) In addition, the vast majority of the population having little or no understanding regarding healthcare issues can be associated to the bad healthcare system in the country. In spite of the troubles in the field, with the acquired understanding and experience, I want to strengthen the maternity care within the nation.

Every woman should have the choice for a planned pregnancy, safe birth and healthy newborns. To deliver a maternity service that enables women to have a positive birth experience and gives midwives the satisfaction of providing quality care, it is important to consider the organizational structures and environment in which it is delivered. The aim of WHO strategy based in Maldives in the year 2005 was safe pregnancy, evaluation of health care workers and development of guidelines for reduction of maternal mortality (www.who.org.mv). Hence, this must be done in conjunction with the appropriate use of healthcare professionals’ skills. Some of the key factors include: improving the environment the care is given, strengthening multidisciplinary partnership. Policy development and strategy making are some other factors to be looked upon. Yet the importance of healthcare management in an organization is realized when the organization is fully staffed and is financially sound to invest in advanced equipments. A basic concept in health care management is to provide affordable health care services to an average person. For example to pay for health visits, drugs, caring of the elderly etc. My aim is to strengthen the midwives in the country. To enroll skilled based professionals in giving care to the pregnant women in a financially feasible budget, while educating the community respectively. To conclude I believe the organization will benefit as I believe myself worthy candidate for the health care management program.

Borders Between Countries Should be Banned

In current years, people talk about lots of concerns in the world. Among them is borders between nations are reason of decrease the world economy. Nevertheless, there are numerous political reasons which prevent abolishment of borders. This essay will attempt to describe why borders between countries should be banned.

There are several reasons that borders between countries ought to be banned. To start with, they impede trades in between nations because, countries use various commercial laws. Secondly, borders avoid free movement of capitals in the world. For example, international business must take permission from a country to transfer their capital to another country. Lastly, human capitals are restricted totally free motion between countries. For example, workers in low-income nations can not operate in developed nations without work visa. All of these can be factors why borders between countries should be banned.

On the other hand, there are opponents who said that borders between countries should be remained because, they have political differences. In addition, some said that borders help to protect a homeland from enemies. It means clear borders can be help any country if has a war. Finally, there are some countries which have special region such as Makah in Saudi Arabia cannot non-Muslim visit this region. All of these can be a reason for borders between countries.

In conclusion, it is obvious the borders between countries have substantial reasons. However, the borders impede trade between countries and prevent free movement of human capitals.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of travelers around the world. Without a doubt, there are a number of people discuss the issue that borders between countries should be banned or not. It is an important issue because it concerns economic questions, globalisation and culture. This essay will try to explain why borders between countries

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What you can do for your country?
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