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Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, it belong to southern Africa. This country is a green gem in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is very charming. It has wood carvings, strange animals, and lots of sapphires.

Wood carving is a sign and symbol of this country and the nation’s culture and history (Heale, Abdul, 2008). There are known locally as the “holy wood”, this kind of wood is hard and heavy, and the texture is black and white (Ashamu et, al.

2005). Lots of people like buying some wood carvings, when they go back.

Because of its unique history, Madagascar has lots of variety of unusual species (Vences et, al. 2009). Madagascar has about 200,000 species, but about 150,000 species are unique (Vences et, al. 2009). The star is the lemur. Lemurs are primates,it just found on Madagascar (Black, 2012). Today, about 60 species of lemur lives in Madagascar. Such as Ring-tailed lemur, Aye-aye, and Mouse lemurs (Black, 2012).

Madagascar is not a real gem, but half of the world’s sapphires are producing in Madagascar (Pezzotta, 2001).

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Almost every city has a jewelry market. Some people like buying some gems in Madagascar.

Madagascar is very charming. This country has many wood carvings, strange animals, and lots of gems. So, whatever your interests and wherever you come from, Madagascar has something for you. (228)

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