The Discovery of Utopian Works

Throughout the discovery of utopian works, human kind didn’t believe in what literature says about them. However, authors like Thomas More, Margaret Cavendish, Tommaso Campanella, and Henry Neville wrote their utopians ‘novels for a specific purpose. They wrote their novels to stimulate the mind of readers so that can learn and imitate Utopian life style. It’s reasonable that people can’t always live in perfect harmony. But, the vision of utopian societies is to address the current realities than the future vision.

The Utopians society edify the social and political life of people that support good leadership, globalization, free trade, equality and democracy as well. Another exemption, the Utopian novels bring back the importance of nature.

Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella wrote the most influential utopian stories, that share the most influential topic, which is the way places were built. They both start by describing the nature that surrounded the place. Some of the building were built in a sophisticated, organized way, and well defended (Thomas More’s Utopia, p.

55-56). Also, they were built in a circular form and surrounded by natural bodies such as rocks and unruffled late that allows ships to go from one place to another. When we try to compare it with our current building, our society’s houses are built in a disorganized way. Most of the time, people destroy the nature to build their own houses. Utopian societies emphasized on the importance of nature and people’s surroundings. The way their castle and places were built made those places to be safe from the enemy because both of the sides were protected.

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No one of the people in the utopian stories were isolated. Even though they come from different cities, they speak the same language and share customs, laws, and institution. The utopian stories support the idea of globalization, that all people are equal regardless of where they came from or what they do. In his novels, Thomas More said that they were fifty-four cities that shared common laws and were not close to each other. Surprisingly, The Us has also fifty-two states that has different laws and constitution even though people speak same language. Nowadays, people who even live next to each other, from the same state or city don’t know each other. They might speak the same language but they mind their own business. Thomas More wrote his novel to emphasize on the importance of society that people should share one common language, laws, and Institution. He brought the idea of globalization brings people together. Utopian societies edify the political and leadership style. In Thomas More Utopia, democracy was the main basis. Every one had a chance to participate in the politics of their place. They had an annual meeting, that three old and three experienced citizens discussed the common problems of their society. Those selected people were chosen and sent by everyone in their cities. There are some countries that have annual meetings but it’s only attended by governors and city leaders. For example, in Rwanda, they have annual meeting that brings leaders together to discuss some citizen’s problems. But citizens do not attend those meetings. Thus, it implies that citizens are not fully participating in the development and politics of their country. Thomas More’ s utopian prevented the inequality of citizen and maintained the political contribution of societies.

The blazing world is considered to be feminist work, that also prevents the inequality of citizens. In 17th Century, women were not given opportunities as men. The new world in the blazing world emphasized on Women’s characters that Thomas More did not include in his novel, where women were supposed to do all house works while their men are sleeping. Tommaso Campanella in the city of sun showed that women and men were same. They wore the same kind of garment, suited for war, shared meal on the same table, and were instructed together for arts. Those two novels revealed that women may achieve success and power. Thus, one can conclude that utopian novels did a great impact in 19h century since women started standing out and started the gender equality movement.

Farming was the source of their income. During that time, Farming was considered as an activity for poor family. Utopia brought a revolution idea to show that agricultural still gives benefits and people can survive by doing that. They emphasized that land should be worked for not owned for nothing. Thus, this novel renovated agricultural importance and some countries continued to do farming. Also, it gave some countries to depend on their agricultural products as the only source of their income. Even though, farming was one the best occupation in More’s utopia, Trade was also taught (Thomas More’s utopia, P.60-61). Both women and men were free to decide between trade, farming, and crafts. But women worked trade that do not require physical strength. Trade required more strength and children were entitled from their father’s assets. Citizens were free to travel from one place to another with a permission. Thus, one person couldn’t trade outside without their magistrate permission. But the whole society sold their surplus abroad. The society looked for the benefit of the whole population because individual market economy was not their purpose. It is similar to common wealth, they lived an independently life and they did not depend on money at all. Today, common wealth is not done by one country, but by many countries who do trade among them and they depend on money. Thus, the trade that was introduced in some More’ Utopia defined common wealth that Is currently used.

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