North Korea Essay

Imagine how life would be like if you lived in North Korea. A country so isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. Even after many decades from the war, North Korea and America have never truly been friends. North Korea holds America responsible for dividing their country into North and South. However there are many similarities and differences between America and North Korea.

America is very different from North Korea. While we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights, amendments and basic freedoms, they must follow whatever their leader says with no exceptions.

Even though North Korea has a constitution and amendments, the leader still controls all of the country. American citizens are able to vote for their countries leader unlike North Korea, in which where the son of the leader takes his father’s place with ruling the country. So, only one man rules North Korea and all decisions are made by him. Distinct from North Korea, where people don’t have the due process of law, Americans have the right to try to prove that they are not guilty.

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North Koreans are brought up to love their leader and aren’t allowed to believe in anything else. For them, their leader is the greatest and he is always right.

On the other hand, Americans are allowed to believe in whatever religion they choose is right for them. American citizens are all granted equal protection unlike North Korea where only high-ranking officials are provided with those same basic protections.

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Also, there is no Internet, and cell phones are banned from the country, which block the people from communicating with the rest of the world. Most Americans are provided with basic needs, but in North Korea, a lot of people (child or adult) go blind because they don’t have those basic needs. Lastly, because hospitals and medical care in North Korea is so bad, many people don’t get the treatment that they desperately need. Thankfully, in the U.S., we have good Medicare and trained doctors who are able to cure people every day.

American rights also have many similarities to those of North Korean citizen. Both countries have very strong militaries. We similarly strive to become independent countries. The people in America and North Korea have responsibilities, duties, and limited rights. For example like paying taxes and respecting the leader/president. Even though the strictness of these three elements may change in each country, people in both countries still have to do these things.

Although America is a democratic country and North Korea is a theocracy, they both have a strong government system. North Korea is ruled by Kim Jon Sun, our government has three branches and a president. Citizens of America are required to have a passport to travel to other countries, which is a lot like how North Korean’s are needed to have documentation in order to go to different places in their country.

There are certainly more differences than similarities between America and North Korea. Living in North Korea would most definitely not be easy. So many things are available to us in the U.S. that wouldn’t be available to us in North Korea. American citizens have fair rights and can believe in whatever they want. We are able to travel to other countries and live according to our rules. Over looking all of the pros and cons of both countries, America would undeniably be an easier and more unrestricted country to live in.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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