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Essay on Biology

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My Memorable Biology Class Experience

...The first major memorable experience in the biology class was studying cell and organizational biology. I found this unit to be very interesting therefore confirming my deep love for biology. More specifically, I was very much fascinated to learn about different biological mechanisms and the interrelationships between different cells in organisms. The other memorable experience in the biology class is getting the chance to carryout research with upperclassmen for their cap...

Wealth Against the Commonwealth

... Social Darwinismrefers to theories which emerged in 1870s. This view supports the biological concepts whereby natural selection takes place and those that are the fittest are able to survive, politically and socially. Liberty or monopoly does not require any form of biological application (Robert, 2000). Liberty provides freedom to everyone while monopoly is for certain selected businesses hence social Darwinism cannot be applicable. However, considering that not all people or busines...

Pros and cons of zoos

...Personally I detest zoos only because I love nature and love to see animals in their natural habitat. It saddens me to see monkeys, seals, bears, etc., caged in or dolphins in what looks like fair-sized pools of water, but, when you consider the vast ocean that they belong to, the pool is but a puddle. If governments of this world are environmentally conscious (and the U.S. and Canada are not) then we wouldn't have to go to zoos to see these animals. It's a far greater thrill to see the real thi...

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SOP for Masters in Microbiology

...Masters in Microbiology will be the step-stone for my ambition to be a discerning microbiologist. With my bachelor's degree in microbiology from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan about to be completed, my dream is to pursue Masters from a renowned university in order to give due prestige to academic achievements. After my 6th semester during summer vacations I did 2 months internship in a microbiology laboratory in a hospital Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar. I learnt; collection of differe...

AIDS Case Study

...There are many different types of maintenance drug therapies to alleviate symptoms, and reduce the rate of progression. Antiretroviral therapy can help stall the progression of the disease, however, discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy may result in viral rebound, immune decomposition, and clinical progression of HIV. Interruption of HAART is not recommended (7). With HAART, patients who have had a positive HIV test have gone as long as 30 years with little to no symptoms and no progression...

To investigate the effect of carbon dioxide concentration on the rate of photosynthesis

...The leaf discs are extracted from the same area as much as possible to minimise inaccuracies caused by differences in chlorophyll density in different areas of the leaf. They are prepared for the experiment by subjecting them to a low-pressure environment so that air will come out of the leaf discs, causing them to sink. In this way, the time taken for them to float back up is measured, because a faster time means that the rate of photosynthesis is faster, so oxygen is produced faster in the lea...



Love should grow up like a wild iris

...The society has always shaped the meaning of love as something so perfect and flawless that all must go through in there lifetime. Is there one universal definition for “true love”? Susan Griffins writing style plays a large factor in portraying the ideal meaning of love versus the truth behind love. Her use of metaphors to describe love is really effective, giving the reader a vivid image whether it was love flourishing wildly in the open or just confined in the walls of a house hidden by a...

Spritual Embryo

...A child goes through the sensitive periods at certain stages in his life; there is a starting point, peak and end to all the sensitive periods. During these sensitive periods the child is able to absorb huge amounts of knowledge without fatigue. The child in a sensitive period will be attracted to and interested in work and movements of that sensitive period, he will focus and be completely absorbed in things of that particular sensitivity excluding everything else in the environment.AS the per...

Paper Chromatography Lab

...7. Pigments separate rather than travel up the paper at the same rate due to their solubility. Pigments that are the most soluble in methanol will travel to the highest levels, almost as high as methanol itself, but pigments that are least soluble in methanol will stay lower down on the filter paper. The pigments will only travel far enough so that they are completely dissolved from the methanol to the filter paper. Therefore, those pigments that are least soluble in methanol, take less time an...

General Psychology

...We construct perceptions drawing both on sensations coming bottom up to the brain and on our experience and expectations, which psychologist call top-down processing. Top-down processing is information processing guided by higher level mental processes, as when we construct perceptions drawing on our experiences and expectations. I also learned that psychophysics is the study of relationships between the physical characteristics of stimuli, such as their intensity and our psychological experien...

GMO Labeling

...Dagoberto, M. (2013, November). An urgent case for GMO labeling | MA Right to Know GMOs. Retrieved February 12, 2014, from http://marighttoknow.com/home/why-label-gmos/an-urgent-case-for-gmo-labeling/ Debate: Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. Should governments require that genetically modified foods be labeled? (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2014, from http://http://dbp.idebate.org/en/index.php/Debate:_Mandatory_labeling_of_genetically_modified_foods/> Labels for GMO Foods Ar...

Differences and Similarities between Respiration and Photosynthesis

...Organelle StructuresThe double-membraned mitochondrion can be loosely described as a large wrinkled bag packed inside of a smaller, unwrinkled bag. The two membranes create distinct compartments within the organelle, and are themselves very different in structure and in function.Two membranes contain and protect the inner parts of the chloroplast. The stroma is an area inside of the chloroplast where reactions occur and starches (sugars) are created. One thylakoid stack is called a granum. The t...

Cat Dissection Lab Report

...Describe how the nervous system works as one of the two major controlling systems in the body. Discuss its means of communication, length of effect, and response time. Outline an example of a feedback mechanism involving the nervous system. (4) Describe the difference between the central and peripheral nervous system in terms of function and structures. Describe the pathway that communication within the nervous system would follow from a receptor to an effector. (4) NOTE: We will not be looking ...

Brain Development

...Although most of the development of the brain during childhood is genetic, it is so important for parents to interact with their children, be patient with them, teach them new things, and set the best example they can for their children so they can become healthy adults. Brain development doesn’t stop after childhood, but continues to develop throughout adulthood. Almost all of the brain development takes place during childhood and the first several years of a person’s life are the most impo...

And The Band Played On

...A character that I did not like so much was Robert Gallo. As an actor I believe Alan Alda was excellent, but the character he portrays makes my blood run cold from the moment he was introduced. Had it not been for him, HIV/AIDS research would have been so much faster, but because Gallo was more concerned about the profits and credit from the discovery of the virus, things were not as quick. Perhaps the reason Gallo cared more for money and was not as passionate about saving these people is becau...

Interaction between Humans and the Environment

...The Industrial Revolution was when the interaction between humans and the environment turned sour due to the exploitation of the environment for natural resources. The Industrial Revolution caused imperialism which was regions being colonized for their natural resources. This was one of the causes of the World Wars, which was the war of attrition – the fight for natural resources. The wars caused a lot of pollution and the war also caused a lot of natural resources to be used to fight it. But ...

And The Band Played On By Randy Shilts

...The bath house owners cared for no one else but themselves and the money they were making. The medical problems they had with finding the AIDS virus also cost many lives. Dr. Gallo and the French battled against each other in order to find the virus when they should have been working together. Also, the grant money the CDC was promised never arrived which could have cost many lives because they might have been able to find it sooner than Dr. Gallo or the French. Ethics, politics, and medical iss...

NFL Concussions and Their Long-Term Effects

...However, the chairman of the committee downplayed all the evidence that was shown to them by Julian Bailes even though the evidence was pretty clear. The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, decided that it was best for the league to conduct its own study about concussions. He released the following statements regarding the evidence being shown to the league by “outside” doctors and researchers, “You have to look at their entire medical history. To look at something that is isolated wit...

Benefits of eating dark chocolate

...Dark chocolate is good for the body. The darker the chocolate is, the less sugar will contain. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate two or three times each week can help lower your blood pressure and it increases blood flow to the brain as well as to the heart, so it can help improve cognitive function. Dark chocolate also helps combat beauty’s public enemy number one: Stress. Less stress hormones mean less collagen breakdown in the skin, so fewer wrinkles. Chocolate can surely provide some...

The Evolution of Dolphins

...Dolphins have evolved to be an important part of a marine ecosystem and are considered a top predator. In captivity “Tank water must be treated or filtered or both to avoid health problems for the animals, although they may still suffer from bacterial and fungal infections that can be deadly”. (Animal welfare institute) In the wild dolphins run in pods of hundreds and can travel up to 100 miles per day. In most cases for captive dolphins they are usually left alone or with one other species ...

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Heart Failure

...If a patient has been diagnosed with heart failure there are some treatments that are involved to keep the syndrome under control. The patient will have medical therapy that involves medications such as an angiotensin- covering enzyme, diuretics to reduce fluid volume overload and venous return, beta- adrenergic blockers to prevent remodeling, any many others. A patient may also have to undergo surgery such as cardiac bypass. There are many life style changes that the patient also has to comply ...

?Keeping Up With the Jones’s

...Calculate the stroke volume of Suzie’s heart, and compare it to that of a normal individual. Her low calcium intake causes weaker heart contractions and that makes her stroke volume way lower than it should be. Why do you think her blood pressure is lower than normal? Does low blood pressure explain any of Suzie’s signs and symptoms that you may have noticed? She has low blood pressure because she is lacking a lot of nutrients, which explains a lot! Why is Suzie’s hematocrit low, and why a...

Facial Kinesics, Oculesics, and Kinesics

...Fisher, J. (2001). Knowing body language saves embarrassment and improves understanding and clarity. Retrieved from http://www.livingbetter.org/livingbetter/articles/bodylanguage.htm Givens, J. (2013). Deception Cue. Retrieved from http://center-for-nonverbal-studies.org/deceive.htm Knapp, M. L., Hall, J. A., & Horgan, T. G. (2014) Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. O’neil, D. (2009). Hidden Aspects of Communication. Retrieved from http://...

Outline Informative Speech

...A. (Subpoint) So far the scientists who studied about Deja vu didn’t found yet the bad impact of deja vu, they said feeling Deja vu is only the fantasy or a uniqueness which we appropriate to feel it. B. (Subpoint) Most people who ever experienced Deja vu they only feel confused, fell like at the strange occasion. But actually nothing happened, they only feel the similar feeling with the current situation. (Internal Summary) According to the research that I found, Deja vu is not giving the bad...

Cardiovascular Disease

...1.Austin, C. J., & Boxerman, S. B. (2008). Information systems for healthcare management (7th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press. 2. Harvey, B.H.,”Technology, Diversity and Work Culture-Key Trends in the Next Millenium,”HR Magazine, 45,(7) ,p.59. 3. Bowen, D.E., and Lawler, E.III.”The Empowerment of Service Worker;”Sloan Management Review, pp.31-39. 4. Williams, S. J., & Torrens, P.R. (2010). Introduction to Health Services. Mason Ohio. Cengage Learning. 5.Marquis, M.S., ...

Age of Responsibility

...Unfortunately for people around twenty-one years old, they usually make bad first impressions on older people because of their age and appearance. A lot of twenty-one year olds are still figuring out who they are so they dress very wildly; most older people don’t consider this and treat them with less respect because of how they dress. A lot of older people also believe they are superior to the younger generations because they have more life experience and are therefore better than everyone yo...

Cow Eye dissection

...After completing this week’s lab, I have collectively and reviewed all aspects of preparing the assigned lab report. My beginning hypothesis was correct in the sense that to fully understand the material within this lab I have to comprehend the cow eye anatomy. I was able to view the external and internal eye anatomy. Most of the outside flesh was soft and slick to the touch. There is definitely a correspondence between the parts in the cow eye and those in a human eye. This lab enabled me to ...

Admitting diagnosis: Egtopic pregnancy

...History: This 35 year old white female Gravida 3 para 10121 had her last menstrual cycle in early January. Prior menstrual cycles had been regular. She reported no contraceptives but not attempting pregnancy. Patient presented to the emergency room complaining of vaginal bleeding with pain in lower pelvic area. ultrasound preformed in the emergency room showed a 13.8 cm left adnexall mass with positive cardiac activity compatible with ectopic pregnancy. Hospital Course: On 3-27-2014 the patient ...

Chinese Giant Salamander

...Threatened by factors such as habitat loss, disease, climate change, pollution, and invasive species and over hunting, this species faces challenges that could draw millions of years of survival to an abrupt close if nothing is done (Thomas, 2010). These species react very quickly to environmental change and are able to give a clear response to this change, whether it’s beneficial or detrimental.Their contribution to both traditional and modern medicine has been invaluable as many species have...

Food Web Case Study

...•I use myself for my last example. I am a human being, located within my own food web. I eat food that come animals. I need the oxygen that omits from trees and plants to survive. I go to work every day to provide for my family so that I can feed them. When I am applying for a job I am in competition with others that are looking to take care of their families, therefore we are in competition with each other. I consume the natural resources that my eco system has to offer. I eat animals that in...

Role Of Education in Sustainable Development

...In a world where the challenge of sustainable development is an imperative, rather than an option, we can not afford to debar people from participating by making them feel failures, whether academic failures as a result of the rigid application of elitist standards, or social or personal failures as a result of inadequate evolutions of both their needs and their potential. Therefore, I envisage that properly resourced and directed education aimed at encouraging the development of sensitivity, aw...

Threats to biodiversity hotspots

...The destruction of mangroves means the benefits of them cannot be used for example they cannot effectively act as a buffer, which would normally lessen the danger of hazards such as hurricanes and cyclones. It is questionable whether the typhoon in 2001’s devastating effects could have been lessened if mangroves were better intact. A knock on effect of this is the coastline will erode quicker due to having no barrier, the wearing away of the land and taking of sediments/rocks along with means ...

Expert Hair Testimony

...Hello ladies and gentlemen of the jury my name is Brittany Marroquin. I am a hair analysis expert. I am here today to determine whether or not the suspects are responsible for the crime that has been committed. I have here the lab results depicting the crime scene. The trace evidence (small but measurable amounts of physical or biological material found at a crime scene) found at the crime scene was the killers hair, and the victim’s own hair to exclude any hair samples found similar to the vi...

The Importance of Food Labeling

...Clark, Marler: “A million Pounds of E. Coli Tainted Meat Recalled”. E. Coli Blog. 06 August 2006. Web. 13 April 2011. Food Inc. Dir. Robert Kenner: Magnola, 2009 DVD. “Food Irradiation.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 11 October 2005. Web. 23 March 2011. “Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies”. Organic Consumers Association. May 2007. Web. 20 April 2011. Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: Science and Regulation. The National Academic Pres...

Genetically Modified Organisms

...Though we may not all have the same beliefs, there is one statement that stands out and should be remembered by us all: “God didn’t make a mistake, no matter how much we’ll strive or boast, trying to transform ourselves in creators, we can’t arrange things better than the way He did” (Sandu, 2010). There is so much technology that serves many outcomes to our people, our society, our environment, and our future. All in all, it’s important to always keep, not one’s, but everybody’s...

Physiological Disorders

...The mammogram missed part of the breast and it needs to be retakes so that the whole breast can be seen. Although mammography is the most effective and reliable way of detecting breast cancer early, it is not always perfect. A breast cancer may not be detected by mammogram because some cancers are very difficult to see on the x-ray and the person reading the x-ray may miss the cancer. This will happen very rarely no matter how experienced the person reading the x-ray is. So, to reduce the risk o...

Informal Lab Report

...Sample discussion: The student performed the sheep eye dissection by following the standard procedure outlined in the Carolina guide. This dissection required proper safety equipment and attention to detail when making the initial incision through the sclera in order to maintain the choroid and retinal areas within the eye. The student used dissection scissors to remove the outer muscles and expose the location of the optic nerve within the adipose protective tissue associated with the posterior...

Positive and Negative Impact of Genetically Modified Food

...In recent years health professionals have become alarmed by the increasing number of bacterial strains that are showing resistance to antibiotics. Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics by creating antibiotic resistance genes through natural mutation. Biotechnologists use antibiotic resistance genes as selectable markers when inserting new genes into plants. In the early stages of the process scientists do not know if the target plant will incorporate the new gene into its genome. By attachi...

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