The Importance of Focus in Our Lives in Martial Arts

Martial Arts are forms of self-defense or attack, a form of fitness and also a type of sport. There are several different types of Martial Arts. Such as Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo and the list goes on. But what are their similarities? One of them is that they are not just training for our physical strengths but also to our mind.

Learning about Martial Arts teaches us discipline, perseverance, self-confidence and a good mindset. In everything that we do, we think first of a plan.

We put it on our mind and put our mind it in. Our brain is the most powerful organ of our body. Why? Because it controls what we do. We think what we wanna do and we do it. But why is it that even though we want to achieve something so bad, we still fail to do it? It's because of distractions. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not bad to fail. It’s actually a good proof that you are trying your best.

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However, that shouldn’t mean you’re at your limit. Like what I said, you think what you want and then you do it. Think about reaching that goal and do what it takes to reach it. Like they said, “Fail seven times, and get up eight times.” But we should be careful not to fail ourselves again. You wouldn’t want to start all over again and again. What exactly do we need in order to achieve our goals? We focus, we concentrate.

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Never underestimate the power of concentration. If you have heard of Martial Arts, you have probably heard of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is an iconic Kung Fu expert, even before he was a celebrity. His Martial Arts teacher first taught him how to focus before teaching him all those Kung Fu tips and skills.

Just like in our everyday lives, we’ve got a lot of stuff in our head. But we still need to focus on what’s more important. Priorities first. You achieve what you put your heart and mind into. It’s a matter of mind and body. Martial Arts teaches us how to focus on what we should do in order not to fail. Martial Arts is not just about kicking, punching and defeating your opponent. Martial Arts teaches everyone how to focus on life and in goals.

Does Martial Arts also teach kids how to focus? Yes! In fact, there are several things that Martial Arts helps every kid. Let us give you several reasons why Martial Arts aren’t just for us, adults, but also for kids.

What Martial Arts teaches our kids:

Improves their “Focus skills”

Is it that important? Yes, since like us, they also have their everyday activities and it’s better to teach them while they’re still kids. Focus helps children finish what they started. Pay attention in class and their given tasks.


Discipline is doing what needs to be done even though you don’t want to. It also applies to kids. If they are well-disciplined, they will grow up with good manners.


We all know that exercising is good for the body and yes, to our brain.


Make your child bully-proof. Bullies are everywhere, and you can’t be with your child all the time. Therefore, Martial Arts will help your child defend himself.

Here are some quick tips to help improve their “Focus skills”:

Know their strengths and weaknesses

Don’t focus on just one side. Focus on both and it’ll help them improve their capabilities.

Stay away from any kinds of distractions

You can’t focus if there are distractions. So, put those distractions away from them.


Who said Meditation is just for adults? It’s for everyone!

Don’t make them multitask too often

Multitasking is another enemy when it comes to focusing. Just one task at a time.

Give them small tasks

Don’t give them big tasks that might make them panic to finish it. Let them focus everytime they do something.

Power nap or Short breaks

Give them some rest. Overwork leads to unfocused.

Feed them healthy foods

Good fuel for good performance.

Teach them time management

Time management is not just for adults. Kids should still learn how to spend their time wisely.

Let them play

Playing is not a full distraction for them. They’re kids, they’re supposed to play. Even us, adults play sometimes. Like going for a swim, hiking or reading some books for us not to be stressed out. Let them play some memory games or video games that will boost their focus skills. Just don’t let them play all the time. It might affect their focus in their studies instead.

Martial Arts isn’t about violence. It’s a form of educational exercise. Just like in playing games, once you lose your focus, it’s game over. It’s a waste on how far you’ve gotten in the game. So, remember to stay focused. There will always be distractions but as long as you focus on your goal, you will surely succeed. The plan might change, but never the goal. Don’t focus on being defeated or winning. Focus on giving your best and not giving up.

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Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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