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Movement analysis project – The skeletal system
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The human skeleton consists of 206 bones, many of which move or hinge at joints and which, enable the body to achieve a variety of actions, such as running, throwing, striking, pulling and pushing. The human skeleton was created by evolution to perform six functions: I. To provide a lever system against which muscles can pull II. To provide a large surface area for the attachment of muscles III. To protect delicate organs (i.e the cranium protects the brain) IV.…...
AnatomyHuman AnatomySkeletal SystemZoology
Modern Trends in Micro Computed Tomography
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Micro Computer Tomography (µCT) is a sophisticated medical imaging device that allows internal structures of the body to be viewed in 3D . The use of µCT has becomea standard in bone tissue research for diseases such as osteoporosis and scanners are now available for in- vivo and in-vitro resear ch. Although µCT has many strengths such as being nondestructive to tissues, no sample preparation necessary, and providing 3D images with good resolution it has some weaknesses. These include exposing…...
BiologyComputersScienceSkeletal System
Observing of Terrestrisuchus
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The Terrestrisuchus can best be described as a lizard-like land crocodile. It is a tetrapod and a crocodylomorph. They grew to be approximately 0.75 to 1 meter long and had an average weight of 15 kilograms. They were found in the Late Triassic period (Revolvy). The first Terrestrisuchus was found by P. J. Crush in 1984 in Wales (FossilWorks). It had legs that were fairly long and that did not support the body from the sides but underneath. It is…...
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Hassan’s Story
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In which skull bone do metopic sutures occur? Liu and Hassan are surprised to find metopic suture on an adult skull because the metopic suture occurs on an infant skull. Right after birth the left side and right side of the frontal bone are united by the metopic suture, and usually between the ages of six to eight years old this suture should have disappeared. The metopic suture occurs on the frontal bone. C. What delicate skeletal structures are found…...
Skeletal System
Bone Forensic Anthropologists
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How did your findings compare to the rest of your team and to the actual data provided by your teacher? What could account for any variation? Why do you think the pelvis is often the first bone forensic anthropologists look to in determining sex from skeletal remains? The pelvis is the first bone anthropologist look at because a male can not fit a human head through their pelvis. A female (the one that is pregnant) can fit a babies head…...
AnthropologyBiologyScienceSkeletal System
Study of Bone Structure
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The skeletal system is made up of cartilage and bone. Both bone and cartilage are connective tissues, that is, they are composed of cells in a matrix with intracellular fibers. Just imagine connective tissue as a gelatin salad with grapes and coconut. The grapes would represent cells, the gelatin the support material for matrix, and the pieces of coconut the intracellular fibers. By changing the amounts of each ingredient and adding extra substances, we can produce a material that is…...
BiologySkeletal System
A&P 1 chapter 8 study guide
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Pages • 3
1)What is a joint? Functional junctions between bones 2)How are joints classified? Structurally: fibrous, cartilaginous, synovial Functionally: immovable, slightly moveable, freely moveable 3)Describe the 3 types of fibrous joints. •Syndemosis: sheet or bundle of dense connective tissue •Sutures: only between flat bones of skull •Gomphosis: binds teeth to bony sockets 4)What is the function of the fontanels? Allows the skull to slightly change which allows the infant to pass through the birth canal more easily. 5)Describe two types of cartilaginous…...
BiologyScienceSkeletal System
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