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Jackie Robinson compared to LeBron James
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There are many different characteristics of basketball that a player needs to be good at the sport. This includes awareness. This characteristic involves a player understanding the game a lot better, this doesn’t mean that the only point is to put the ball in the basket, it is way more than that. Awareness is about knowing where you are meant to be and having good spatial awareness which falls into this characteristic. Another characteristic that basketball players have to have…...
BasketballJackie RobinsonLebron James
Modeling Basketball Free Throws
Words • 9263
Pages • 38
SIAM REVIEW Vol. 47, No. 4, pp. 775–798 c 2005 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Modeling Basketball Free Throws? Joerg M. Gablonsky† Andrew S. I. D. Lang‡ Abstract. This paper presents a mathematical model for basketball free throws. It is intended to be a supplement to an existing calculus course and could easily be used as a basis for a calculus project. Students will learn how to apply calculus to model an interesting real-world problem, from problem identi? cation…...
Kobe MVP Speech
Words • 583
Pages • 3
Hall of Fame consists of legends of the past that will never be forgotten. As the president of the NBA, I would like congratulate Kobe Bryant as he’s been selected into the NBA Hall of Fame. The Black Mamba is one of the deadliest, fastest, and most feared snake in the World today. That was the description of 6’7ft 210lb Kobe Bryant on the court since he joined the league right out of high school. His nickname tells it all…...
BasketballFamous PersonKobe BryantSports
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Evolution of Basketball from 1900 to Present
Words • 1345
Pages • 6
As it is popularly known today, basketball is a sport played by two, five-member teams in which the primary objective is to shoot or throw a ball through a basket or hoop in order to score. The game is played on a standard-sized, rectangular court through which the players run from end-to-end where their respective field goals are situated. Players dribble the ball or pass it on to their teammates in order to advance it nearer to their team’s goal.…...
Watching Chicago Bulls Basketball Game
Words • 495
Pages • 2
A discussion of why the Chicago Bulls are so good Two weeks ago, I was home watching a Chicago Bulls game. I started to analyze why the team had the best record in the league. About nine years ago, the Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan in the third pick of the college draft from North Carolina. A few years later, the Bulls drafted Scottie Pippen from Central Arkansas State and just recently acquired Dennis Rodman from the San Antonio Spurs.…...
BasketballChicagoMichael Jordan
BasketBall Camp
Words • 488
Pages • 2
A creative essay describing a personal experience at basketball camp.It was early June when my parents sent me to basketball camp that was near Detroit. It was a two week long program that was based on fitness, exersise, and how to play better. There was 5 large buildings, There was 4 dormitories, 1 had a cafeterea, and the gym. When I first walked into the dorm where I would get the key to my room and some other stuff, there…...
“Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike
Words • 512
Pages • 3
John Updike's 'Ex-Basketball Player' a poem of five stanzas each containing six lines and written in blank verse, describes the life of Flick Webb, once a high-school basketball star but now, his glorious past several years behind him, a gas-station attendant whose life appears to have reached a dead end. The first stanza begins with brief geographical detail of Flick's hometown, a town never named in the poem but presumably somewhere fairly small and rural (possibly like Updike's own hometown…...
BasketballJohn Updike
compare and contrast essay
Words • 406
Pages • 2
Compare and Contrast Essay:There are a bunch of similarities and differences between Volleyball and Basketball so that's why I decided to do my paper on these sports. Volleyball has a different way of scoring compared to Basketball, the way Volleyball scores is every time the ball hits the floor in bounds that's a point for the team on the other side where the ball hits. And for Basketball, 2 points can be made if you score through the hoop. You…...
BasketballCompare And ContrastVolleyball
Jim Valvano – Man of Many Talents
Words • 941
Pages • 4
Audience Jim Valvano was a man of many talents: a player, coach, broadcaster, a loving father and husband, but above all, he'll be remembered as an inspiration and a fighter. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46, and soon realized how precious life was and the importance cancer research would become CITATION VFo l 1033 (Foundation, n.d.). The ESPY speech he gave in March of 1993 supported that realization. Mr. Valvano was not only addressing only the…...
BasketballFamous PersonJesse OwensSports
The popularity of the basketball shoe The Air Jordan was the result
Words • 1044
Pages • 5
The popularity of the basketball shoe, The Air Jordan, was the result of a successful campaign. Basketball Michael Jordan is a legend. Jordan was a great role model and an even greater athlete. In 1984, the year that Jordan signed the game changing endorsement deal with Nike, Nike was struggling to compete in the shoe industry losing steam from their engine from their angle in the running division, they sorely needed to reinvent themselves and saw some promise in Jordan…...
BasketballMichael JordanPopularity
Glory Road Film Summary and Analysis
Words • 2065
Pages • 9
He had always wanted to coach division one basketball but he encountered some problems early on after taking the job. Being a poor university, Texas Western could not afford a lot of money to recruit players, as basketball was not even the priority sport. Determined to win, Don Haskins did what had never happened in the history of college basketball. He recruited seven black players to add to the five white players the team already had. His recruiting quote that…...
BasketballFilmRacismSocial IssuesViolenceWar
Basketball and Favorite Club
Words • 255
Pages • 2
Club My favorite club is the FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America). It really is a nice experience to help others and give advice. I like being in a club that is dedicated to helping others. We also go on field trips which are pretty fun. It gives us a chance to have a good time with friends. The FCCLA is hands down my favorite club. When we get to help others it really makes me proud. We…...
Seated Basketball Throw
Words • 447
Pages • 2
Syphilis- A bacterial infection which causes a painless ulcer to develop 10-90 days after exposure. You may not be able to see the ulcer. It heals but causes even bigger problems if not fixed early. Stress is actually a state of arousal consisting of a number of body changes. The stress response is also known as the fight or flight response - either we fight the situation or we run away fast! When the problem is over, the body returns to…...
Sports Coaching Logbook
Words • 2871
Pages • 12
Manager In football your game plan backfires when your team goes down a goal, you make a bold decision and change things around to succeed, as Rafa Benitez did in the 3-3 thriller against AC Milan in 2005. In basketball you have an important game tomorrow and your players are looking tired, you put the teams best interests first and end training early so the players can rest up and be fresh. In Tennis you notice your player is losing…...
Basketball is better than football
Words • 403
Pages • 2
The clock runs down and there's the point guard with the ball dribbling up the court there's 10 minutes left on the board and he's stalling then out of now here he passes to the shooting guard 5-4-3-2-1 and he shoots swoosh the ball goes in and they win but one critic in the audience says football is better than basketball. To me basketball is better than football personally because I play it but I'm going to list how it…...
The Last Shot By Darcy Frey
Words • 766
Pages • 4
Growing up in Coney Island seemed to be no easy task. For many, basketball may have been the only way out. For Russell, Tchaka, Stephon, and Cory it was the way out. It was a way for them to escape the rough environment and the poverty stricken streets that they were forced to reside in during their youth. Though each individual had their own destinies, the game of basketball was their release. It kept them from falling victim to the…...
ActivityBasketballEducationHigh schoolHumanSchool
My Life as a Basketball Player
Words • 324
Pages • 2
My lifestyle of basketball part 1 Basketball is not a sport for everyone it takes a lot of dedication, strength, focus ,and teamwork. I have been playing basketball since I was seven years old. The love that I have for the game is indescribable, if by chance I could never play again, my soul would be a hollow lifeless shadow. From the Separating White Line I glance up at the scoreboard; the clock reads 15 seconds left in the fourth…...
Anne: Reaction Paper on Basketball Diaries Movie
Words • 408
Pages • 2
On this story, upon reading the title, I believed it will focus on basketball game and competitions however I believe I am wrong due to the fact that it was truly about a boy who had disappointments and had a hard time to endure. Early in the film, it shows a good relationship of Jim and his buddies and where they studied in a Catholic School and a scholar through playing basketball together. It also demonstrates how smart Jim is…...
Biomechanical Principles In Basketball
Words • 506
Pages • 3
Basketball is a very competitive and popular sport in our society today. The NBA playoffs are going on right now and it has proved to be a very physical and intense post season. This sport takes an extreme amount of talent, coordination, and athletic ability to become a champion. There are a few biomechanical principles that are present during the game of basketball that help these athletes become great. The first biomechanical principle that is present in basketball is Newton’s…...
National Basketball Association and the Woman National Basketball Association
Words • 1076
Pages • 5
We are going to discuss the differences about the National Basketball Association and the Lady National Basketball Association. Due to the fact that right now the popularity on the WNBA is known than the NBA, mainly since of the excitement of the NBA gives the fans is a lot more amusing than the WNBA, obviously since in the NBA have more cash to pay their gamers and to have good place. An interview on ESPN stated that an NBA video…...
Different Levels of Basketball
Words • 1368
Pages • 6
I did my research paper on the difference between high school, college, and professional basketball. My senior project was on a 3rd-6th grade basketball camp. The reason I did my paper on the differences is because it relates to how the different age and ability levels affect the outlook of the sport. As an individual transitions from high school to college and then to a professional level, one may come to realize major and subtle differences in each level that…...
Basketball vs. Volleyball
Words • 936
Pages • 4
Two friends playing different sports argue which sport out of basketball and volleyball is better. Basketball and volleyball are very popular and well known sports that are important icons for entertainment purposes. Both sports were originated during the similar time period between 1891 and 1895. Although basketball and volleyball are excellent pastimes and seem like they have much in common they differ in how the players are positioned in the game, the scoring system, and the length of the game.…...
Chris Herren: Basketball Junkie to Mentor
Words • 969
Pages • 4
With drugs everywhere in this world, Chris Herren became what he never believed he would; a drug addict. Chris grew up in a poor family in Fall River, MA and could have become a NBA star. He was predicted to be the number 1 pick in the NBA draft if he was clean. Now, not even the highs of his NCAA and NBA career will cover up what he has done to his life. The life of Christopher Albert Herren…...
BasketballMentorMy Mentor
Filipino Basketball Player
Words • 432
Pages • 2
Allan Caidic Alan Vito Flores Caidic (born June 15, 1963, Pasig City, Philippines) is a retired professional basketball player from the Philippines and is currently an assistant coach of the Barangay Ginebra Kings in the PBA. He is considered by many to be the greatest shooter the country has ever produced, thus, earning the moniker the "Triggerman" . He played college hoops at the University before joining the Philippine Basketball Association in 1987, where he broke several Philippine and PBA…...
Lab Questions
Words • 626
Pages • 3
1. Number of results for a tiger woods video game Only 1 video game on the second page, results are mostly polo’s or books 2. Ancillary products for my favorite sports team ( Borussia Dortmund) Jerseys, Shorts, and hoodies Lab Assignment #2 1. What selection criteria do you think the company goes through in order to choose which events to sponsor? I think company’s look at how popular the event is not only in the present day but also how…...
The Ex Basketball Player by John Updike
Words • 772
Pages • 4
The poem "The Ex-Basketball Player" by John Updike dramatizes the conflict between dreams and reality in the case of Flick Webb. Flick shows such promise in his teenage years, but he ends up in the pathetic reality of helping out at a garage and playing pinball in a luncheonette. The poem begins with the description of "Pearl Avenue" which "bends with the trolley tracks, and stops, cut off / Before it has a chance to go two blocks..." Pearl Avenue…...
BasketballJohn Updike
The history of basketball
Words • 577
Pages • 3
Basketball is the most popular indoor sport in the world. It is also one of the few sports whose year of birth and originator can be traced back to 100% correctly, a man by the name of Dr. James A. Naismith in the year of 1891. Even though the game was started and grew in the United States, it is now played and watched in more than 150 countries. When Dr. Naismith invented the game basketball, he was a physical…...
Basketball: Then vs. Now
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
The sport of basketball was developed 113 years ago. The first original 13 rules of basketball are much various than the rules today. Not only have the guidelines developed, but likewise the number of gamers, regulation time, and mainly just the characteristics of the video game entirely. After description, you will be able to see how many modifications basketball has actually really undergone to become what it is now. The initial 13 rules of basketball composed by James Naismith are…...
Reaction Paper
Words • 270
Pages • 2
It was an exciting day because of the basketball game held last January 28 2012 in Mapua’s gymnasium. The game was in accordance with the commemoration of the founding anniversary of the institute. It was a fight between the present Mapua basketball players and the ex-cardinals. It was a game between yellow team and red team. The yellow team was composed of Madrid, Palomique, Espinosa, Cinco, Alcantara, and Sta. Maria. The red team who were the Mapua Cardinals include Jimenez,…...
Do you agree the professional athletes such as football player and basketball player deserve high salaries to be paid?
Words • 270
Pages • 2
Undoubtedly, there is a long and tough way towards becoming a great and the famous sports star, not only persistent efforts but also talent are required. Few people on this field could accomplish great things like them. As a reward, they deserve a higher compensation. However, in my opinion, they are paid a crazy amount of salary that is far more than ordinary working people. A lot of money is needed for many purposes, for example, for the aid of…...
How basketball taught me hard work and discipline
Words • 440
Pages • 2
Self-Presentation General purpose: how basketball taught me tough work and discipline Specific function: hard work can assist accomplish anything Thesis declaration through basketball I found out how to strive and discipline myself to accomplish my goals in life My enthusiasm for the basketball began when I was in my 2nd year of high school, basketball not just helped me grow but also taught me a great deal of things that I utilize in my everyday life. My enthusiasm for the…...
BasketballDignity Of Hard WorkDisciplineHard WorkMichael JordanWork Ethic
March Madness for Basketball Lovers
Words • 1387
Pages • 6
March is one of the craziest, fun-filled, exciting months of the year, especially for people who love basketball. St. Patrick’s Day arrives, the warmth is just starting to come back; but that is not the best part, it’s all the March Madness. The NCAA Basketball Tournament brings happiness, laughter and upsets to some people and teams. Every Division 1 Basketball team in the country plays to eventually make it to the Sweet Sixteen on the bracket, in hopes of being…...
Basketball / Football
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
Brown Ball Basketball and Football are two entirely different sports but relate in so many ways. Americans and other countries have the pastimes of both Basketball and Football for many many years with family and friends. They are both competitive, fun team sports with many similarities and differences. But their formation and composition a very similar. Basketball and Footballs have many similarities. They are both a team sport. They both require team work by all players, but the team can…...
Speaking about basketball
Words • 394
Pages • 2
Basketball is my favorite sport, and I am hooked on it. Not only a popular Olympic event, it is also a beneficial daily exercise to help people keep fit and have fun. The graceful basketball games have always been a favorite for the spectators, and they are always a crowd of pleasers. Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in…...
Kobe Bean Bryant “Black Mamba”
Words • 602
Pages • 3
Kobe Bean Bryant nicknamed the “Black Mamba” is a professional basketball play who plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born on August 23, 1978. He was drafted right out of high school to play for the Charlotte Hornets, but soon was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, never playing in Charlotte. Bryant is a five-time champion with the Lakers and a two-time Olympic gold medalist with the USA national team. Bryant was born on August 23 in…...
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