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The Dangers of Football
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Pages • 7
Football is a very intense game. It’s a very tough and physical sport with a lot of big collisions. With that comes bruises, bumps, blood, broken bones, fractures, and a bunch of other things. People say that if it were an easy sport, everyone would play it. To play football you have to be ready to give and receive hits. Especially big ones. It’s a game of physical and mental toughness. Not only does it consist of mental toughness, but…...
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Correlation Between Concussions and the Sport of Football
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Pages • 4
Football is considered the American pastime and has created a name across the globe. However, this “great” organization has a controversial background. The NFL claimed to not be aware of the distinct correlation between concussions and the sport of football. They related concussions on the same level as “an everyday football injury and mentioned in the same stories as broken bones and pulled muscles”. They feared that the game of football would gain a dangerous reputation would would cause them…...
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How Concussions Affect the Game of Football?
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One team just got blindsided and is now lying on the ground unconscious. He clearly has a concussion, but what will be the effects of that concussion? The impact of concussions and their relationship to playing football has become a major topic of public health concern. Recent studies have attempted to identify the lasting effects of concussions, determine the link between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), ways to adapt the rules of football to limit the number of concussions,…...
ConcussionConcussions In SportsFootballFootball Concussions
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Health Risks and Traumas in Football
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Pages • 2
Football may be the favorite and most popular sport among Americans, but, professional NFL players usually should cope with the physical toll that the game may withstand them. The health risks associated with participation in American football have gotten more attention over the past several years. The focus has been on concussions and also the association of recurrent head trauma with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE often tops the list of football-conscious fear factors. Unfortunately, we do not know much…...
Concussions In SportsFootballFootball Concussions
Football Concussions – Cases
Words • 2696
Pages • 10
Football is America’s most popular sport. Whether it is a child’s Pee Wee football game, or watching an NFL Sunday night game, we Americans cannot get enough of our football. Over two-hundred million independent viewers watch the NFL every year (Easterbrooke). With all this demand for football, it is hard to see the physical toll the game takes on the players that entertain us. There is a seventy-five percent chance that a football player will sustain a concussion during their…...
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How Concussions Affect the Game of Football?
...This can lead to lead to more concussions, brain swelling, permanent brain damage, and even death. Concussions are serious and can be dangerous. The long term effect of repeated concussions can lead to serious health problems, CTE, and even death. Va...

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