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History and Developing of Fencing
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Sword Fights were once a matter of life or death. This sport started changing from military training to a sport in the 14th or 15th century. Italy and Germany claimed it’s origins. German fencing masters were the first guilds in the 15th century. Guilds are various medieval associations, as of merchants, artisans organized to maintain standards and to protect the interest of its members, and that sometimes creates a local governing body. Fencing is one of the four sports to…...
Why More People Should Try Fencing?
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Pages • 11
The lights are bright, the room is filled with noise from over a thousand competitors, parents running around trying to figure out where their fencer needs to be, and coaches giving the final pep talks. Your nerves set in a week before you arrived and have been on overdrive since last night. Pools are called and strips are assigned, you gather your weapons and mask and make your way over to your area. Your name is called to fence first,…...
Border-Fencing-a Needed Necessity Or a Wanted Necessity
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Many people don’t believe that Border-Fencing is needed, while others do feel it is necessary that Border-Fencing be put in place. Border-Fencing is needed due to all the jobs being taken by illegal immigrants. Building the fence would help keep illegal immigrants out and would create jobs.The southern border of the United States is shared with Mexico and spans almost 2,000 miles. In 2011, at a debate over immigration, one Republican presidential candidate signed a pledge to build double fencing…...
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Why More People Should Try Fencing?
...These touchés could be the difference between winning or losing that bout, so it is extremely important to have the confidence to stand up for yourself. Confidence can also affect how you do against another competitor. If you are confident in your s...

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