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Developing Life Skills Through Sports
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Pages • 3
The sport , that magical word we have been taught during our childhood , that activity which we should keep and make it as a part of our daily habits, the sport is the reason for a healthy life, pyhisically and mentally. and in my short life experience I agree with that completely, but what about that psychological impact which no body was talking about , sport split into two types. The collaboration sport and the individual sport, the variance…...
EducationImportance Of Sports In LifeLife SkillsPsychology
Sports Life in College
Words • 1779
Pages • 8
Gurnaz Singh Cavanagh Whitley June 11, 2019 College life, a period in our life, where we come to know what hidden potential we have or what more we could look forward to explore, what interest in a particular field we have and so on Along with exploring for more potential, we might face some challenges that we are not aware of, some of them as listed by (Martin, Nelson and Gallucci,2016, P.568) are "dealing with being away from the social…...
College LifeGamblingImportance Of Sports In Life
How High School Sports Have Impacted My Life?
Words • 461
Pages • 2
Participating in high school sports has been a positive and rewarding experience. There are so many benefits to being involved in sports. I have played baseball, basketball and golf and each one of these sports has taught me something about life, the world and myself in general. For example, when I played baseball, I learned the importance of teamwork. Baseball is a team sport and team members must learn to work together and support each other. Although I only played…...
CommunicationGolfHigh schoolImportance Of Sports In LifeSports And Games In SchoolTeam
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Discus Throw
Words • 1873
Pages • 8
1. Discus is a complex sport that requires skill and a lot of training. The discus is held in the dominant hand putting the first knuckles of your fingers around the edge. Your hand must be spread wide but not strained. You must orient your wrist so your index finger is directly in line with your forearm. You must then align yourself with the target area, either at your left shoulder or behind you. Most professionals face away from the…...
ActivityExerciseHealthImportance Of Sports In LifePhysical ActivityPhysical Education
Sport in Our Life
Words • 322
Pages • 2
Millions of people all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport is very important in our life. There are many proverbs about sports and health. For example: « Health is above wealth » and « A healthy mind in a healthy body ». Sport is popular with children and grown-ups because it helps us to keep fit, look slim, be cheerful, active and disciplined. It makes our body flexible and increases blood circulation. There is a great…...
Importance Of Sports In LifeSports
How sports influenced my life?
Words • 432
Pages • 2
I have been participating in sports ever since I was four. Athletics has always been a very big part of my life, and that is the way I love it. I play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse for my school, as well as playing travel soccer for the LIJSL. I also enjoy playing softball, football, tennis and any other sport. Partaking in athletics has had an extremely positive influence on my life and my development as a person. For one…...
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Competitive Sport teach us about life
Words • 1503
Pages • 7
Competitive Sport an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment and victory. As the report of the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003) indicated that there are around 8000 kinds of sport in the whole world. By this, football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball are good examples for expressing more understanding on competitive sport. In each sports, even though leading to play not only by different ways or structures but also…...
Importance Of Sports In Life
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How High School Sports Have Impacted My Life?
...The game of golf is like real life because we have to think about what we want as individuals and learn to focus on our lives. Sports have impacted my life in many positive ways. I learned self-discipline and the importance of making an effort. This ...
How sports influenced my life?
...In conclusion, I feel that playing sports has not only helped me to become a better person, but it has also helped me to excel in other areas. I think that athletics is a very important part of my life and I encourage many others to participate too....

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