How High School Sports Have Impacted My Life?

Participating in high school sports has been a positive and rewarding experience. There are so many benefits to being involved in sports. I have played baseball, basketball and golf and each one of these sports has taught me something about life, the world and myself in general. For example, when I played baseball, I learned the importance of teamwork. Baseball is a team sport and team members must learn to work together and support each other.

Although I only played pitcher, I was part of the team and it felt good to belong.

I was committed to doing my best and making my team proud. Basketball has been an equally rewarding sport. I was the captain of my basketball team and this experience helped me to develop my leadership skills. As the team captain I had to set a good example for the team members. It was important for me to maintain a positive attitude and try to keep the team motivated.

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I had to do my best so that the team members would also try their best.

The leadership skills that I develop from being the captain of my basketball team will help me in my future career. I learned how to be responsible and how to make decisions and theses skills will always be useful. In addition, I also played golf. Although golf is not a team sport, it is beneficial to everyone who plays. Golf taught me to be able to focus for long periods of time. Golf also requires a lot of practice, so I had to be diligent with practice, and I became a more patient person because of golf.

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Golf is more than just a sport. It helps to improve thinking skills and the ability to plan. When playing golf I had to think carefully and be able to concentrate with people watching me. I had to make sure that I did not get distracted. Even though golf is a competition, many times I felt like I was only competing with myself. I mean, I just though about what I was trying to accomplish instead of worrying about what the other players were doing.

The game of golf is like real life because we have to think about what we want as individuals and learn to focus on our lives. Sports have impacted my life in many positive ways. I learned self-discipline and the importance of making an effort. This has also helped me with my studies. I am an honor student and sports contributed to my ability to discipline myself and stay focused when studying. Sports have also helped me to stay in shape and exercise regularly. For all of these reasons I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in sports.

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How High School Sports Have Impacted My Life?

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