Corporate Sponsorship in Education

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Although ephemeral, our high school years are the most important. Our grades and education can determine what colleges accept us, and sports scholarships can also play a major role. However, if schools don’t have the necessary funding to support students education and sporting programs, it poses a major problem for college acceptance. High school Corporate sponsorship solves this unnecessary conflict. Corporate sponsors give funding to improve school and sports facilities. Admittedly, some people are concerned that corporate funding may defile students education through biased material.

This concern is grandly grotesque for corporate funding does not interfere with students education, but in fact offers them a better education through up-date-materials and facilities.

High school corporate sponsorships have a variety of positive effects on high school students education and sports opportunities. With sporting brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor, schools are given funding for uniforms, new fields, gyms, and other sports facilities. This helps better sporting programs, making it more likely for students to be offered sports scholarships for college.

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Also certain advertising companies offer schools funding for new materials like textbooks, computers, iPads, and smart boards, in return for advertisement.

These new and up-to-date materials help improve students education and interests them in what being taught. Also this school funding limits budget and teacher cuts, allowing for smaller class sizes and extracurricular programs like art and music. These changes offer students a well rounded education which many colleges are interested in. Being a high school student, I offer an empirical opinion that having funding for sports gives me a better opportunity to succeed and having up-to-date school materials keeps me interested in learning and I often pay more attention in class.

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Although corporate sponsorship offers many great opportunities, some gibe at the thought. A small percentage of people are concerned that corporate sponsorship may interfere with students learning, stating that the corporation may include biased material in the books they’re funding for, ergo polluting students education with false material. However, these concerns are chaff, and I elucidate that there is no need for concern.

Corporate sponsors have little influence in educational information, but in fact make educational information more current and available through their funding. Corporate sponsors can impact students nation and worldwide with the funding opportunities they offer. Many remain uneducated about its positive effects and how largely this could impact students like me. High school student have a better chance at a brighter future if only we were given the opportunity to succeed, and that involves the right facilities; the answer is corporate sponsorship.

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Corporate Sponsorship in Education

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