Corporate Sponsorship Definition

Corporate sponsorship programs have existed and supported schools for decades. And advertisement methods used in these programs are oftentimes criticized. This lead to many people questioning whether corporate sponsorships should be allowed in schools. Amidst the controversy, corporate sponsorships should be allowed because of their overall benefits despite the negative views toward these programs.

Many advertising companies offer to provide funding for materials that schools alone could not afford. These materials can be categorized in the classrooms such as textbooks, computers, and iPads or in other extracurricular activities such as sport equipment.

As a result, schools could have a higher budget that allows students to participate in more variety of activities than before.

In general, the newly equipped materials will significantly boost the quality of education. If parents know that a school is a well-rounded environment where students have the opportunity to explore multiple talents, they would be more confident placing their children in that school. Students themselves would also feel more confident and willing to learn.

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As a high school student myself, a classroom with an interactive Promethean board and up-to-date Lenovo laptops make a lesson faster and oftentimes more engaging to students. Without aid from outside corporations, students from underfunded schools are restricted from having these benefits.

Corporate sponsorships also help students become aware of the market surrounding society. Having more exposure to advertisements around schools will lead to more questions and discussions among students and teachers about how the market functions. As a result, students are able to grasp a wider knowledge about money and the economy.

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Furthermore, advertisements in schools establish a long term connection between businesses and younger generations.

Chick-fil-a, for example, often offers fundraisings to different student classes in Mira Mesa High School in exchange to put its advertisement in the campus. As a result, a large fraction of its purchases were from the students. Not only that, these groups of students are likely to make more purchases in the future. Holistically, corporate partnerships introduce the market economy to the young people, preparing them to become economic participants that benefit the society.

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