Sleep Essay Topics

Insomnia: The Rush to Sleep

Abstract This paper addresses insomnia by examining general views of the writer’s interests in the subject, an analysis of the disorder, symptoms, current diagnostic/study techniques, clinical psychologists’ causes and how the disorder is treated. As an individual who values and appreciates a good night sleep, insomnia, which occurs more often in women and in the… View Article

Child Development Article Review

This article is about studying children’s sleep patterns to see if sleep disorders may be a direct correlation to behavior problems within children. Could sleep issues be the cause for such issues like ADHD and other behavior related illnesses including psychiatric disorders? According to John Bates, Richard Viken, Douglas Alexander, Jennifer Beyers, and Lesley Stockton,… View Article

How Lack of Sleep Effects Young Adults

Many people feel that sleep is a part of our lives that can be given up on to meet the burdens of a busy schedule. However, lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents, irritability and symptoms of depression as well as impairing memory and cognitive function. When a young adult is growing up they… View Article

Experimental Research

I have chosen to describe the study to be performed by the pharmaceutical company that wants to test a new sleep aid. Before they engage in human studies the researchers must determine what they want to prove exactly. Since the goal of the drug is to promote better sleep habits, the hypothesis for this study… View Article

Tools That Monitor Truck Drivers

How to Monitor Truck Drivers Trucks and drivers represent a considerable cost for firms, therefore, a firm should use tools to monitor the behavior of its truck driver to ensure that 1- Drivers are following regulations to minimize risks and cost. 2- Reduces or eliminates fatigue-related injuries and fatalities. 3- Reduces accidents and equipment damage…. View Article

Scary Stories

What I’m about to tell you happened only for about an hour I would have to say. After describing the events to a friend he had persuaded me to write about it on this website: nopulse. Here others had posted scary stories that had happened to them and you could comment. I’n my case I… View Article

Time machine

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space, generally using a theoretical invention, namely a time machine. It has a commonly recognized place in philosophy and fiction, but has a very limited application in real world physics, such as in… View Article

How to Sleep Well

In order to sleep well we should follow three reasons. First of all, don’t eat or drink a lot before bedtime. If you drink too much liquid before sleeping, you’ll wake up repeatedly in the night for trips to the bathroom or cause you to wake up repeatedly. Don’t eat spicy or fatty foods because… View Article

Psychology – Sleeping Disorder

A sleeping disorder that was discussed in Module 7 was Narcolepsy. Many people around the world are affected by this disorder a person with such disorder may go an entire day feeling the urge to sleep and always feeling fatigued. Narcolepsy is defined as a “Chronic disorder that is marked by excessive sleepiness, usually in… View Article

Nightmare: A Negative Dream

Most of the people of today are contented to say that nightmares are “only dreams” which they mean, it is just imaginary and of no consequence. They’re not worried or anything because dreams are just dreams and it won’t happen in real life. To others, it has been the result of the visitation of the… View Article

Touched: Sleep and Childlike Things

As I sat in my living room patiently, I attempted to gather up the nerve to tell my story to my parents who were clueless to what happened to me the night before. My hands shook and became wet to the touch with sweat. The room felt ice cold but my face felt like fire… View Article

Persuasive Speech on Sleeping Habits

Are you tired and having trouble paying attention in class? Focusing on tasks at hand? Or just completely being overall unproductive? The average college student is deprived at least two full hours asleep each night according to “College Tidbits” a website designed to promote healthy lifestyles and productivity in daily college life. These results were… View Article

Sleep Theories

Most people think that when we sleep, we can shut down our mind. However, with the power of advanced technique, scientist made a careful observation of human brain waves, body temperature, heart rate, breathing, and other physical functions. They received a new light on sleep. Our brain and body actually are active during sleep, sometimes… View Article

Dreams and Nightmares: Big Parts of Our Lives?

Everyone sleeps. Humans, dogs, primates, rats, and the rest of earth’s inhabitants all experience the relaxing and necessary state of sleep. It appears to just be an unconscious state essential for survival; however, much more is going on than meets the eye. Sleep is accompanied by dreams, a term associated with adventures, experiences, and conflicts,… View Article

Psychological Effects one can have due to Sleep Deprivation

According to Kozier et Al. (2002), sleep is the state of being conscious wherein there is a decrease of perception, and reaction to the environment of an individual (p. 953). Sleep exerts physiologic effects on both the nervous systems and other body structures and also it restores normal levels of activity and balance among parts… View Article

Personal Essay for English Class

Sometimes you have to go through a personal experience in order to fully understand something, rather than hear it from others. Ever since I was a little girl being up late and nightlife always fascinated me. I used to think that being up after a certain time meant that special occurrences would happen. Some of… View Article

A Day Alone in My House

It was a dark and stormy night. I was alone at home and about to go to bed, when I saw a scary shadow figure at my window. “Who’s there” I shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning followed by thundershower. I saw a lion’s face followed by a scary thunderous roar at the… View Article

Rip Van Winkle Character

Rip Van Winkle is a very intriguing character because he is very hard working in the village for other people but doesn’t care about his work that needs to be done first. Due to his laziness in character, he doesn’t look after his family neither caring nor loving his own children. However he is a… View Article

Scene in a Flood Affected Area

Flood is one of the highly devastating natural calamities. It is a regular phenomenon in India. Every year thousands of lives are lost in flood. Lakhs of people are rendered homeless. Property worth cores of rupees is washed away. Every year government spends hundreds of cores of rupees to rehabilitate the flood victims. Thus, flood… View Article

Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs

Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, suffer from sleep deprivation. There are a lot of different reasons that people lose sleep that include not feeling tired, or because of their jobs, life issues, and etc. Many people believe that 8 hours of sleep is required for a person to function right during the… View Article

Sleeping and Dreaming and Theories of Sleep

There are four different stages of sleep and they are number from one to four. Stage one EEG is the only stage that has a different reaction when we are first falling asleep and then when we return to this stage after falling asleep. When falling asleep stage one is called initial stage one EEG… View Article

Stress Student

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter According to the Student Living Report 2002, an ongoing survey of student experiences carried out by MORI for the UNITE Group, more than half of students (53%) said they had become more stressed since starting university. B. Relevance Stress is what you feel when you react to pressure, either from… View Article

Activity of Living: Sleep and Rest

Activities of living are to do with things, as humans, we do every day to survive. In Roper, Logan and Tierney there are twelve model activities that are essential to living and these are maintaining a safe environment, communicating, breathing, eating and drinking, eliminating, personal cleansing and dressing, controlling body temperature, mobilising, working and playing,… View Article

The Genetic Predisposition for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is the single most common form of human behavior and you will spend a third of your life doing it. Sleep is an active state, generated with the brain, not a mere absence of consciousness (Martin 463). The dictionary defines sleep as “The natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the… View Article

Sleep Disorders

Nightmares are bad dreams occurring during REM sleep. Children experience nightmares more than adults because they spend most of their sleep in REM sleep. Nightmares can be physical such as sleeping in an uncomfortable position, having a fever, or psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, and ingestion of drugs used in pain killers such as… View Article

I Never Looked Back Again

Suddenly, my dreams are interrupted by someone shaking me. Half asleep, my 8-year-old self can barely make out the words Mama is saying in my direction and I groggily sit up whilst trying to make head or tail of the situation. She tells me to wear some warm clothes and soon after I do so,… View Article

College Life

Wow! The first week of college was a breeze. All my professors seemed so nice. Class never lasted longer than thirty minutes. I did not have to carry any books to class for that whole week. Finding classes was some what tough, even though my classes are around the same area. I did not have… View Article

The Moment That I Will Never Forget

The moment that I will never forget The scorching sun was beating against my olive, gold skin as a drop of sweat trickled down my face, slowly and gradually. The glorious scenery dazzled, the cool, summer breeze blew through my lush brown locks. Deep blue ocean tide’s lapped against my feet like a soft tender… View Article

Narrative essay: Moving on

It was the day of my graduation and the alarm clocks, spread across the dorm room, awoke me from my sleep. I rolled over to the other side of my twin sized bed to get a glance out the window. The suns radiance became too strong for my sleepy eyes. Ring! Ring! Ring! Anna’s alarm… View Article

Sleep and Time

Reasons why I should not fall asleep on duty. If I was to get called to a traffic accident or a domestic dispute I would not be able to respond because I would be asleep. Therefore I would not be able to complete my duties as a military police officer. Being a military police officer… View Article