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Sleep Deprivation: Impact on Cognitive Performance And Memory
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Pages • 3
Sleep loss or what can be called sleep deprivation is an acute or chronic condition of not having enough sleep. This is of a varying range of severity and it affects the cognitive ability of the brain. Memory, on the other hand, is the ability to remember information, experiences, and people as defined by the Cambridge dictionary. The quality of life for a person can be disrupted by a number of reasons for which sleep loss is one. In recent…...
Importance Of SleepMemorySleepSleep DeprivationSleep Disorders
Sleeping Deprivation on College Students
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Pages • 5
Sleeping deprivation occurs when a person does not get enough sleep. Sleep is very important because you need to get enough sleep so that you can be refreshed for the next day. For a person to get enough sleep and function very well, depends on ages. According to experts, lack of sleep in very harmful to your body and sleep gives our body a chance to overcome tiredness and fatigue. According to Kathleen Davies (2018), define sleeping deprivation as normally…...
Being A College StudentNervous SystemSleepSleep Deprivation
The Importance of Sleep for Teenagers
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Pages • 4
“Almost all teenagers, as they reach puberty, become walking zombies because they are getting far too little sleep,” states Cornell University psychologist James B. Maas. Hectic routines, inexperience in managing time and making healthy choices, caffeine intake, technology use, and many other reasons cause many teenagers today to get an unhealthy average of six to seven hours of sleep (Better Health). Since teens are still growing and are more physically active than any other age group, teenagers have high sleep…...
AnxietyImportance Of SleepSleepSleep DeprivationSubstance AbuseTeenager
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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body?
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It is said that you should get at least 7-8 hours a sleep. Your body needs sleep to heal itself and restore its chemical balance. While you sleep your immune system produces protective, infection-fighting substances like cytokines. These substances can kill off bacteria and viruses. They also help you sleep, gives your immune systems more energy to fight of any illnesses. If your body doesn’t get enough sleep it can make you moody, emotional, and quick tempered. Some short term…...
HealthNervous SystemSleepSleep Deprivation
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Words • 575
Pages • 3
Sleep deprivation is a term used to describe a state caused by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation (2006), states that around 87 percent of American high school students are chronically sleep deprived. These students would experience consequences such as difficulties with learning, cognitive skills, academic performance and memory. Sleep deprivation also causes reaction speeds to drop to the same level when driving as it does when affected by alcohol. Some people may…...
HealthInsomniaMedicineNervous SystemSleepSleep Deprivation
Should School Day Start Later?
Words • 634
Pages • 3
Teen drivers have several factors against them when it comes to their risk of car accidents. Some teens drive while talking with friends or texting on their cell phones taking their attention away from the road. Others are not mature enough to make good driving decisions, increasing the risk of accidents. What many people do not know is that sleepiness is a main problem in teen crashes. AAA says that sleepiness is to blame for more than 100,000 crashes per…...
AdolescenceHealthPsychologySleepSleep DeprivationWhy School Should Start Later
Impact of Alarm Clock on Sleep Deprivation
Words • 893
Pages • 4
General Purpose: To inform my audience about why waking up by alarm is bad Specific Purpose: Reason why wake up by alarm is bad. Statement Central Idea: Reason why wake up by alarm is bad because it can affect our mood, lack of sleep and unhealthy habit for your body. Main point: Wake by alarm can affect our mood. Wake by alarm can cause a lack of sleep. Can be unhealthy habit. Wake by alarm can affect our mood Set…...
SleepSleep Deprivation
Sleep Disorders and their Effects
Words • 1835
Pages • 8
Sleep disorders are medical disorders where the sleep patterns of a person is disrupted. A French scientist, Henri Pieron wrote a book entitled “Le problem physiologique du sommeil” which first examined sleep from a physiological perspective. Then, Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman also known as ‘Father of American sleep research’ questioned the regulation of sleep and wake and of circadian rhythms. His work delved into studies of sleep deprivation. Soon after, Kleitman and his student, Dr. Eugene Aserinsky discovered rapid eye movement…...
DisorderInsomniaMeditationSleepSleep DeprivationSleep Disorders
Affect of Sleeping Habits in the Academic Performance of the Students
Words • 2196
Pages • 9
Sleep may be one of the most important factors for student success and often one of the most neglected. Many students will sacrifice sleep in order to work, play, or get school projects completed. However, although most people think they can function well when they don‟t get sleep, the truth is they cannot. Sleep is extremely important for ones mental and physical health. Even though enough sleep is necessary for cognitive function and memory consolidation, it did not seem to…...
AdolescenceHabitMemorySleepSleep Deprivation
Persuasive Speech on Sleeping Habits
Words • 648
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Persuasive essays
Are you tired and having trouble paying attention in class? Focusing on tasks at hand? Or just completely being overall unproductive? The average college student is deprived at least two full hours asleep each night according to “College Tidbits” a website designed to promote healthy lifestyles and productivity in daily college life. These results were pooled from multiple surveys done over hundreds of campuses throughout the United States. Today, I hope to persuade you to fight the statistics and get…...
HabitSleepSleep Deprivation
Sleep Deprivation Problem Solution Speech
Words • 376
Pages • 2
Sleep deprivation is a major problem, especially among us teenagers. We tend to disregard our body's needs in order to stuff for that test tomorrow or to do some other task that we have actually been delaying. I'm guilty of doing this and I make certain some of you are too. However, sleep deprivation impacts us more than we understand. Sleep deprivation typically leads to small repercussions, however the has possible to majorly impact your health. Numerous minor health issues…...
HealthPsychologySleepSleep Deprivation
Informative Speech on Insomnia or Sleep Deprivation
Words • 521
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Informative essays
Thesis: Sleep Deprivation also known as insomnia among all ages can have a major impact on the actions and lives of people of all ages. I. First, what insomnia is and how one gets insomnia. Second, how insomnia affects those diagnosed with it, and surprisingly many other people indirectly. Lastly, the treatments for insomnia Insomnia is the inability to sleep or to stay asleep. Insomnia can be cause by almost anything. Most drugs such as nicotine and alcohol, Medications such…...
InsomniaSleepSleep DeprivationSleep DisordersWeight loss
Everyone should get enough sleep
Words • 366
Pages • 2
Everyone should have enough sleep, but if a man does not have enough rest, his attitude will be affected. Therefore, having enough sleep is very important. There have been examples which show that sleep deprivation is not a positive action for mankind. Sleep deprivation has three effects which could result in negative consequences. One negative effect of sleep deprivation is ramifications on human health. During sleep, the human body recovers its energy and well-being both physically and mentally. It strengthens…...
HealthPsychologySleepSleep Deprivation
Effects of College Stress
Words • 394
Pages • 2
Stress comes from variety of sources and does not seem to impact everyone in the same way. What is stressful to one person may not cause stress for another. In small doses, stress helps you to stay focused, energetic, and alert. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can damage your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and your quality of life. One of the effects of stress would be emotion; a person can suffer from loss of confidence while…...
Fear Of FailureSleep DeprivationStressStress And Its Effects
Be able to work in a person-centred way
Words • 908
Pages • 4
2.1- Work with an individual and others to find out the individual’s history, preferences, wishes and needs I should refer to any previous files held with regards to that person Social workers/agencies/person involved in placing the individual into our care should provide as much background info as possible, (psychical, mental, social and emotional health, medical history, behavioural history, personal interests so forth)- myself and the rest of my staff team should familiarise themselves with these files. A new client will…...
HealthHuman NatureSleep DeprivationWork
Informative speech on sleep
Words • 748
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Informative essays
I. Attention Gainer: “Even though we burn more calories when we stay awake, losing sleep is not a good way to lose weight. The light sleepers ended up eating far more than those who get nine hours of sleep.” According to author Tara Parker-Pope of The New York Times published on March 18, 2013. II. Thematic Statement: Most people don’t think about the long term effects of not getting enough sleep you need to function properly. But if we all…...
PsychologySleepSleep Deprivation
Cause and Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Words • 502
Pages • 3
Cause and Effect Essay There are many people today who figure out there are not enough waking hours in a day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Daily tasks and obligations can take up a lot of time and in order for people to get these things done they cut corners on sleep. One might rationalize that a few hours here and there won’t make any difference, but lack of sleep can make a huge difference on a…...
Cause And EffectMemorySleepSleep Deprivation
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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body?
...As the researcher hands out the questionnaires he/she will inform them what there are doing in the experiment, it will be carefully worded to insure them they have the right to withdraw at any time. Making sure the participants are not in danger duri...

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